Lanuvio (Rome): Rugby Sports Facility – Sports and Facilities

The restructuring and development of the Lucio Orlacchio sports facility in Campolleone in the municipality of Lanuvio, south of Rome, was necessary to address the shortcomings discovered after more than 30 years of its use by sports clubs, before today’s football and rugby.

Beside the main rugby stadium, there are other municipality-owned sports and accommodation facilities, such as a five-a-side soccer field with artificial turf, a second multi-purpose concrete court, an indoor bowling center and a covered multi-purpose facility with a large kitchen and used as a center for the elderly, that can accommodate up to 200 people For the most diverse activities, from sports dancing to various social and cultural activities.

Currently, amateur sports associations that use the facility count about 120 registered youth athletes in various youth category tournaments and about 40 major athletes.

Once renovated, the “Lucio Orlacchio” sports stadium is one of the few artificial turf rugby grounds in the capital city of Rome. In addition, the restructuring of the stadium also provided for the expansion of the stadium so that there is the possibility of homogenizing the sports complex. Up to the second division of the national championship And perhaps with the characteristics of the stadium, even the Italian league with other minor modifications in terms of hospitality and services to the public.

The aim of the intervention is therefore to restructure and raise the stadium to a standard level with the transformation of the sash using the latest generation of FIR-certified artificial turf nationally and internationally, restructuring and compliance of the entire system Fences, dividers and gates for the tracks of the entire sports facility, renovation and compatibility of the lighting system For lighting towers with the replacement of two towers, from projectors placed on the latter of the low-consumption type and the modification of the power supply network.

rugby artificial turf

The expansion and adaptation of the rugby stadium is designed to cater to the sporting activity of rugby at a regional and national level.

Therefore the sub-foundation was expanded to a depth of 30 cm on the long side to obtain the widening of the playing field for a 4 meter wide strip.

The field’s new geometry included preparing the foundation with new final slopes, which were completed by building a new automated irrigation system for the stadium.

A finishing layer with mill sand dust was applied to the substrate layer and thus primed and on the latter a waterproofing layer of high density polyethylene to make the infrastructure completely waterproof and ensure the disposal of rainwater with horizontal exchange and collect it in the channels for subsequent transportation, through drainpipes, to the collection pit.

In order to reduce the use of energy resources and in general the environmental impact caused by the construction of the work, the artificial turf system was chosen while the improvements were proposed by the contractor. DOMO® DURAFORCE XSL, FIR approved and lab approved to major European quality standards and global rugby regulations. The turf is 60mm high, and the filler consists of 32kg/m2 of silica sand and 10kg/m2 of black SBR rubber.

The system is completed with a prefabricated drain and a performance core layer 20 mm thick, made from recycled materials (see detailed article).