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19.24 A few minutes ago, this photo is now recurring in the final leg of a major tour. The full Quick Step show, along with winner Remco Evenepoel:

19.22 The group keeps the fugitives under control. The gap is fixed between 10 and 15 seconds.

19.19 It now appears that the platform is largely over and the pace has picked up. Always on top, Blab and Johansen, the group is now pulled by Trek and BikeExchange, and they already work with the runners.

19.17 40 km to the finish.

19.15 lies at the bottom of the Lawson Craddock group. The American, who is often on the run in this Volta city, gets up and gets back into the saddle.

19.14 They try to attack in two divisions, it is Luke Plapp of INEOS and Julius Johansen of Intermarché.

19.12 This pass across the finish line was also valid as an intermediate race. Many of the champions broke out these three weeks, with Enrique Mas passing in front of everyone after trying to reach from Carapaz.

19.09 Let’s take a moment to celebrate Murciano’s extraordinary career: 20 years of professionalism in which he scored 133 victories. One overall in the Vuelta, 12 victories in the Spanish Grand Prix, 4 in the Tour and one in the Giro. 4 Liege-Bastogne Liege, 5 Fritscha Fallon and many other races before the 2018 World Cup crown.

19.06 This is the moment, immortalized by a fan, when Valverde crosses the finish line to greet the audience:

19.04 km 50 by the end of the stage and the Vuelta.

19.02 The embrace of honor for the Iberian phenomenon continues as we enter the capital’s circle.

18.59 Valverde greets the audience and thanks them with applause. Nice pic.

18.56 Alejandro Valverde starts! Their favorite audience filled with applause.

18.55 In less than 10 kilometers there will be a flying finish line for the day.

18.51 Here is Madrid. Let’s now see if anything changes during the race.

18.48 The runners are now close to the center of Madrid.

18.45 60 km to the finish.

18.42 We still travel very quietly.

18.39 after the first hour of the race.

18.36 There is 20 km to reach the finish line in Madrid.

18.33 There is a Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl team to pull the head of the group.

18.30 70 km to the end.

18.27 Remco Evenepoel is now leading the group for more photos.

18.24 The average time so far has been around 30 km/h.

18.20 Who will win today? The main candidates are Danish Mads Pedersen (already the three-stage winner in this edition of the Spanish race), Germany’s Pascal Ackermann and Australia’s Caden Groves.

18.17 In about 33 km there will be a flying finish line in Madrid.

18.14 So far only 17 km have been covered.

18.11 Now it’s the Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl team’s turn. Remco Evenepoel and his companions separate themselves from the main platoon for a photo shoot.

18.09 Movistar is in the back of the group for a souvenir photo with Spaniard Alejandro Valverde, at his last participation in the Vuelta a España.

18.06 For now, all is quiet in the race.

18.03 85 km to the end.

17.59 Dennis gets up and the group joins him.

17.56 after about ten kilometers.

17.53 Try Rohan Dennis’ attack: Aussie from Jumbo-Visma with a margin of 40 inches.

17.50 The speed will obviously change in the final circuit and there will be a battle for the sprint.

17.47 Remco Evenepoel with his team in the upper parts of the group, showing off a sparkling Red Jersey.

17.43 The Vuelta website also states “once no attacks from start”.

17.40 Obviously, as with all final performances, there will not be much pace in this first part which will be devoted more to salutations and festivities.

17.38 The official start was given.

17.35 Departure time:

17.32 Salute Nabali and Valverde:

17.30 A few minutes behind the official start of the race.

17.25 Team standings went to Team Emirates.

17.22 Let’s take a look at the other classifications as well. Richard Carapaz (Inios Grenadiers) took the climbers jersey with yesterday’s win, while Mads Pedersen (Trek-Segafredo) will take the points classification. As for the Evenepoel double: the youth standings also arrived (the jersey that Ayuso wears today, third in the general classification and second in the standings for the under-25s).

17.19 The transition began, Evenpole smiled at Maglia Rossa.

17.16 We remember that this is the last stage on a great lap for two champions like Alejandro Valverde and Vincenzo Nibali who will be stopping the bike at the end of the season.

17.13 Runners who will soon start the short transfer section before the start.

17.10 The official start of today’s leg is scheduled for 17.26.

17.08 Remco Evenepoel can celebrate: The Belgian won the first race of his career and is ready for a rosy future.

17.05 Final podium for the third major round of the season.

17.02 Today we depart from Las Rozas and arrive in Madrid after 96.7 km.

17.00 Good evening and welcome to the live written broadcast of the twenty-first and final stage of the Vuelta a España 2022.

Hello friends of OA Sport, and welcome to the written live broadcast of the 21st and final stage of the Vuelta a España 2022! Today we will start from Las Rozas and reach Madrid after 96.7 km.

We’ll start again from the great victory of Richard Carapaz yesterday. The Ecuadorean took off from INEOS Grenadiers in the run and then achieved his third success in this edition of the Vuelta. On the other hand, in terms of general classification, Nobody succeeded in attacking the Belgian Remco Evenepoel, Which achieved the final victory.

The current fracture will not have any particular bumps inside of it Because of this, the main candidates for stage success will be the last remaining runners in the race. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the Danish Mads Pedersen (already the winner of three stages in this version of the Spanish race), the German Pascal Ackermann and the Australian Caden Groves.

OA Sport will bring you the live written broadcast of the 21st and final stage of the Vuelta a España 2022! Today’s round will start at 17.10 and we’ll keep you updated on the latest developments in the race: Forbidden to miss!

Photo: Eurosport