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On September 7, 2022 at 15:15

Absolutely civilized Cairo. So boss Turin talk to Gazzetta dello sport Fourth place for grenades and not only: “My 17th year as president started off well, I am really happy because I appreciate a team so much on the ball. Starting well is a huge source of satisfaction, now we have to keep going and always stay on the right track. But I have no doubts about That it will be like this because our coach is a guarantee, he never gives up: we are in good hands.”

take off – “I’m happy. Getting ten points after the first five games means being a champion at a good start and that you put in a really good performance. We had three deserved wins, there was an important draw against Lazio, we lost in Atalanta, among other things after we played a game.” Excellent. In Bergamo, at the end of the game I congratulated the coach and the players. The team gives very positive signals. It’s a nice start. But… Now let’s not get excited, let’s keep our feet on the ground. We are doing well, which of course makes me very happy. Can’t Denying that the players selected in the summer show abilities, some score goals, others go in very well: the whole team is giving good results. But let’s not forget that the tournament has just begun, we are on the fifth day and there are thirty-three others: so we must have Pleasant in all assessments.”

jorek – “I heard him after Lecce. He’s fine, he’s at home, he’s very happy and handsome too. Despite everything, he’s very focused on the team. He had a little problem that had to be handled very carefully. I advised him to be very careful, because these things It must be followed and well taken care of. I see him in San Siro? The doctors will say I don’t know. I can tell you that even staying at home he always puts his soul in it, puts his heart in it. He is a great personality and a great coach. His hand is very clear in the team: he has done a job Great this year, he has continued to fall and his results can be seen very well.”

What affects – “A lot of things, but it is very important that any player who starts working with him grows in a short time. The second youngest team in the first division? I am happy. We built a team like this on purpose because it is important to give Juric a mixture of experienced players He has a great influence on the elderly, but he is really amazing on the young. For example, in Bergamo, Demba Sic played a great match, he immediately showed all his potential. “

Ilkhan – “He had a good start. Despite his young age, he took initiatives by showing courage. I even saw him giving signals to his teammates, as if he wanted to lead them: it is a sign of a strong character.”

VLASIC E RADONJIC – “Vlasic is doing well. Not only for the three goals in the last three games. He makes a contribution of solidity, balance and great quality: he is very strong. In addition to Radonjic, another player of quality: he is a great find. It is not just the two, I admire everyone Against Lecce, for example, Lazaro played a great match with some of his interesting plays.”

barn – “He’s good too, he has great physical strength. He used to play Ajax one way, while we play differently here. He’s growing well, also thanks to his great learning speed: give him time, he’s only been with Juric for twenty days.”

good morning – “He has given all the important shows. Buongiorno is our pride, having grown up with us since we were young. He is a strong-willed, determined, and well mannered boy. He is wonderful.”

look – “I liked him a lot with Lecce. At a certain point he put the team on his shoulders. Unfortunately, sometimes things happen, but the important thing is to give the appropriate weight to each episode. Then try to solve it in a collaborative and positive way. Renew? We do it first, then we say “.