Lazio, new trident with Cancellieri: Sarri’s movement

Rome Desirable choices and forced choices. Sarri will find Lazzari after the break, the first-class extension was confirmed after yesterday’s checks at Paideia Hospital, and he hopes to get it back on appeal, in order to Lazio Spezia (October 2). Mao yesterday you do not have Zani e Pedro. reassure him Consultants. It’s the big news for shooting day. The effects of this news will lead to Hysaj relaunch as owner And the first appearance since the first minute of the former Verona striker.


Sarri will lead the exercises this morning, the departure for Fiumicino will be at 13.45, at 15, a chartered flight will bring Lazio to Denmark. Mao will be assessing everyone’s circumstances during the finishing, and is expected to find Zacani and Pedro on the set. The first is recovery from fatigue in the right adductor. Pedro suffers from the pain and effects of a left ankle sprain which was remedied in a post-inter training. If they are redeemed, they will be included in the called-up team, but they will sit on the bench. Sarri has already had the new Trident in mind and will train it with Felipe Anderson, Immobile and Cancelleri. To avoid risks, Zakani can also be avoided in the race to be ready for Cremona. If Sarri doesn’t want to risk Pedro either, he will turn to him Luke Romero To make a change, the Argentinian has never been used until now. Forward scenarios are announced, in the midfield can touch again the trio that managed to face Feyenoord: Cataldi Vicino Louis Alberto. They combined well, and were also rehearsed yesterday. The three are breathing in the league for different reasons. Ficino and Lewis entered the race, and Cataldi was disqualified. Il Mago is divided: in the league he played twice as a starter (4 substitutes), in Europe he started from the start against Feyenoord. He scored a goal for Holland and Verona. He did two out of every two in four days.


Pending confirmation of Provedel’s ownership also tomorrow, we have to line up the defense. Romagnoli rested against Verona, and it is clear that he will return against Midtjylland. Next to him could be a Gela again, previously used against Feyenoord. Without Lazzari, only this remains Hisage, Marusic and Radu (Kamenovic cannot be used in Europe). He confirmed that Sarri might put the Albanian full back on the right, as happened against the Dutch Marosic to the left. Yesterday, he played some roles, lined up on the right, in different teams. On the left was Rado. The President made his debut against Feyenoord in the final.

the program

It’s a long week for Lazio. The retreat will start today and end on Sunday after that Matches with Cremonese. The team will disembark in Billund (Denmark) in the afternoon, at 5.40pm, arriving at the MCH Arena in Herning by bus. Sarri and a player will speak at the press conference scheduled after 6pm. Tomorrow, after the match (6.45 pm), he will take the Lazio charter to Brescia, and arrival is scheduled for the night, around 2 am. Piacenza, where the headquarters is located. Friday afternoon training is scheduled, and the same will happen on Saturday. It is scheduled to return to Rome on Sunday evening, and the match against Cremonese at 15. Then the first half begins.