Lazio Report Cards – Decisive build even on the first day. Casal convinces

Lazio vs Hellas Verona 2-0

Providel 6 – In the first half, Verona harassed the opponent without ending dangerously in the mirror. Very close to the break, with a fine shot from Henry that splits the top of the straight. Race more downhill after the break.

Lazare 6.5 – He and Dowig are two TGVs on a collision course: duel at very high speed and intensity. The Scotsman is adventurous and gives some space, when he takes advantage of it he has a very tempting opportunity, however, that does not end properly with Montebow. Forced to lose due to an injury from 76′ Hysaj sv

Patrick 6 – Quietly ruled by seraphic left-of-centre: Hellas, as mentioned, is a tough nut to crack, but in an offensive drop the only worrying element – aside from Henry’s centimeters on high balls – is speed in the length of the lasagna, which is almost always contained without concerns certain.

Casal 6,5 It is the first challenge of the past and it means a lot to him. But freezing feelings is a task any player can do, and they have the advantage of doing so Transformation From the first minutes.

Marosek 6 Terracciano deserves attention despite his young age: he does it without prejudice and discipline. The contribution is good even in the thrust phase: a good shoulder for converging zakani movements.

Milinkovic-Savic 6,5 Little approach naive: misses some initial touches, misses balls that are not of him in low output. He looks distracted, but the flash is enough to draw the soccer ball and send the tees in front of him on the run. Immobile’s help is a succulent icing on his evening cake.

Marc Anthony 5.5 – Some automatism still needs to be accommodated, which is understandable. However, the fact that it lacks some concepts is hidden by the excellent technical characteristics that it has. However, he lost quite a few balls in the low position. from 65′ neighbor 6 – Physical and attentive: good effect.

Basic 6,5 He is almost outwardly when the maneuver is developed on his side. He chats with Zaccagni and Marusic and produces from nothing the most important occasion of the first half with a left-handed torpedo that licks Montipò’s fingers and hits wood. from 54′ Louis Albert 7 – Change the game again: close it with his right on the bell.

Felipe Anderson 6 – Fire: It takes a few minutes to infiltrate the folds of the match, then slightly increases the frequency of the darts on the wing. A precious touch for a great Lazzari race, which he squandered in the area at the end of the first half. from 65′ Registered 6.5 Montipò commits and scores offside. He cared, you see.

Unmoved 7 A little bit of rust may be caused by the expenditure of energy – albeit limited – in the mug. The clearest evidence of this was the chaos of the transition control that would have led him straight to the goal. Her greatness is measured by the fact that she is decisive even on a bad day: relentless in the head who leaves no room for Montepo.

Zakani 6 – His previous challenge too. However, she is not the first, unlike Casale, and therefore the feelings are softened by time and the hardening of Biancoceleste. A pair of stop and go: overwhelming no, in the heart yes. And tonight that’s enough.

Maurizio Sarri 6.5 Luis Alberto from the breakout point in the second half wouldn’t particularly please the Spaniard, but he’s always an annoyance to opposing defences. The Triumph of Patience: Good Signs After Feyenoord.