Legs ready for the World Championships in Australia

3 days after starting Cycling World Championships in Australia We have already seen several “ready legs” for testing online. Practically all my favorites, and a few as well underdogHe showed excellent condition and managed to win the preparation races.

Matthew van der Pol (Netherlands) He has not won a race for 4 months, from the first stage of the Giro d’Italia. After the great Italian Tour, the Dutchman had only seen himself again in the Tour de France, where he was in no condition at all, tired of the Giro as he himself admitted. After retiring from stage 11, he met again after more than a month in the Belgian second division, until yesterday’s victory in the GP de Wallonie, where he overcame Benyam Jermay (Eritrea) revives a duel belonging to Jiro. MvdP was the winner of the long (200 km) and hilly race repeating well what awaits him in Wollongong, Australia. Van der Poel was supposed to run in support of his teammate Jasper Philipsen, but Dylan Teuns’ attack prompted him to strike back in the first person, leaving his runner in an acceleration and then back to the leading men and continue to the finish line.

A race that showed the excellent condition of a favorite like MvdP, whose main goal was in the world championship at the end of the season, but also showed the excellent condition of Girmay, who comes from a series of excellent results: 4th in the Tour du Doubs (won by the excellent Valentin Madouas), in third place in the Quebec GP, behind Benoît Cosnefroy, (who will miss the World Championships) and Michael MatthewsGreat hope back home.

If Cosnefroy wasn’t present at the World Championships by his choice, it wouldn’t be the same for Dylan Teuns, who was left out of the Belgian selection despite being on the case for life: sixth in Flanders, sixth in Liege, first in Walloon, fifth in the last round of Britain. . However, it is rather understandable that the economy of the Belgian national team is clearly divided into two Wout van Aert e RYMCO EVENBUIL. It is clear that the Belgian national team is the favorite, with the two phenomena leading. The two are clearly reassuring about everything, especially Van Aert, as usual, even if he always spoke explicitly of considering Remco a ‘co-captain’, leaving open the possibility of an attack from afar by the new Vueltaa winner. . The more obscure Remko, who clearly indicates the time of the trial, starts as a favorite, if not as a favorite on a winding track, but has repeatedly stated that “it will depend on how he feels”, regarding his racing behavior in the online race. He does not lack ambition and self-confidence, and at this moment he can also take advantage of the trail of enthusiasm for victory in the Vuelta, which caused an explosion of “symbolic mania” at home. At the same time, another world championship like last year could give the Belgians a nervous breakdown, and certainly crash the national team. In all of this, Van Aert looks the most nervous, as we’ve seen in recent Canadian races, finishing fourth at the Quebec Grand Prix (behind Cosnefroy, Matthews and Girmay) and, unbelievably, finishing second at the Montreal GP behind a mock race. . Tadej Pojar.

The Slovenian superhero is, as usual, very skilled at keeping away from any drama or controversy, with his eternal smile like a boy who has just fallen out of bed, but then always drops an ace leaving everyone speechless. The victory in Montreal (another test session for the world championship, with a difference of 221 km and 4124 meters in height) with a race in which Van Aert did not offer a distance of 1 cm, made him among the favorites. Moreover, with his cunning and innate tactical talent, he would not even need much support, even if Slovenia did not arrive unguarded with Tratnik, Novak and Polanc. And let’s not forget about the stopwatch, as Pogačar is definitely not a secondary character and can, calmly as usual, deliver a powerful blow to the head even in an overwhelming Remco.

Victory is assured also for Italy with the veteran Matthew TrentinThe new winner of the second stage of the Tour of Luxembourg. A sign that the legs of the Italians are ready. The Italian national team, around which there is deep pessimism, especially for the lack of a star equal to the other various phenomena. However, the World Championships are very open races, where experience and a community of intent (not at all obvious) matter a lot, which often come together when you don’t have to work for the star of the moment. Italy has different cards to play, and if they do well it might make the pessimists change their minds.

Pessimism mingled with euphoria for France instead. pessimism of your leader, Julian Alphilippi, Fresh of the Season is the epitome of the cursed rainbow shirt. Since the beginning of the year there has been a constant succession of falls and injuries. He is also seasoned with no complaints whatsoever veiled from his club team. At this point in the season, Alaphilippe can only target the World Championship, whether to understand his season, or because a third title would make him go down in history, on the same stride as Binda, Van Steenbergen, Freire, Merckx and Sagan. France has a good team, also enhanced by Valentine Madwas In the form of life, as he has already shown in Flanders (3) and the Tour de France (10). If Alaphilippe hits the target, the indignation at Quickstep will be hard to avoid, especially after he left his team dry in the Vuelta, in stages and as a winger for Evenepoel, “taking advantage” of a serious injury after all. To retire and prepare for the world championship. The French might remain in Lombardy as a test of compensation. The sweat that is actually missing from his large palms.

The various other riders who can hit on the right day, play cunning and take advantage of the friction between flocks, should not be underestimated. From Nelson Paulis for USA (end up in hospital due to fall in Montreal GP) to Magnus Cort for Denmark until Ethan Hayter and Fred Wright from the United Kingdom. All wheels are fast and comfortable on a tough track like the Wollongong track.

As for the women’s field, as usual, on the earth Of the narrower candidates. On a track as demanding as the Australian one, it would be difficult to face the overwhelming force of the Dutch. The Holland They can count on 90 pieces for attacks from afar (Van Vleuten, Van Dijk) and for potential enemy finishes (Vollering, Vos).

If there is a national team that can worry the Dutch, it is there‘Italia, with Longo Borghini and Balsamo in the lead. In general, a high-level national team. Too bad the absence of Marta Cavalli.

The fight in the time trial is more limited, as the only person who seems to be able to fight Van Dyck and Van Vleuten is Switzerland. Marilyn Rosser.