Liao e Niang, Sinisa e De Zerbi

“Looking at Liao’s match… Wasn’t Niang better?” I swear I read this in the papers somewhere. But today, several months later, I might hear from the same people: “It’s up to Leo to drag Milan to Europe, he’s the best, all the responsibilities fall on his shoulders.” And in the summer of 2021, I read from my Youtube channel community: “Why did we sell Hauge, if Leao is the one we’re selling it to?”. Today, however, I read: “It’s OK to renew other players, but the player we have to renew at all costs is Leao.” First contempt, then overload. Do you understand what football is? It is a disturbing and wonderful, infinite and unexplored forest, of moods and contrasts. Like when I read in September of last year: “But is Kessie still suitable for this Milan? It doesn’t look like it.” Today, on the other hand, I read: “AC Milan is missing someone like Casey.” No one takes into account what he thought before. Everything is worth it, without any apology, without raising your hand and declaring yourself, sorry for what seemed to me or seemed to us some time ago … Nothing, everything cooked and eaten, all relatives. If you’ll excuse me, it’s all a little fake. Only what can be clicked on is titled, who cares if things are good or not, whether they are true or not. I don’t know what will happen to Leao’s future. I just imagine this is a very complex and sensitive issue. But I also know very well that Milan fans have to be good at not turning it into an obsession. Because otherwise, Rossoneri fans are used as a twitch and it turns out that we always only talk about the renewal of Liao, as it already happened in the second two weeks of August… Only Liao… Just… Understand…? ??

I was upset about the release of Sinisa Mihajlovic. I hope it is because the referee is not considered correct from a technical point of view and from a football point of view. Not for other reasons, right? Because I knew, admired and respected Sinisa, and I do not respect him if you think that he should remain on the seat of Bologna, perhaps unfortunately, only because he is ill. No, Snesa wanted to stay in place and did not accept any kind of alternative offers, from resignation to termination, because he felt able to manage and solve the team’s position even after 3 points in 5 matches. Personally, I had heard Soriano and Arnautovic’s statements in flashes after Spezia Bologna and I understood that something was wrong, in terms of the mood of the locker room. So we have to be calm: the exception of Sinisa from the point of view of football does not seem far-fetched, and only at the level of football does Sinisa deserve to be judged. He only enters into this merit, not into everything else the entire football world continues to follow his story with boundless affection. Bologna wasn’t pissed off and Sinisa had every right to think about his way of running the team consistently. But something in football just happened. Refined and embellished with the sensitivity and refinement of Dejan De Zerbi, another footballer who knows Milanello’s stadiums well, who took everything into account and did not consider himself a man of all seasons when Bologna called him. Friendship and loyalty have a pure meaning in everyday football, De Zerbi editorial.