Live Juventus – Benfica: 1-1 Champions 2022/2023. live the match

  • Where to play the game:

    Venue: Allianz Stadium
    City: Turin
    Capacity: 41,507 spectators20:00

  • Welcome to the live match of the second day of the Champions League group, Juventus and Benfica face off.20:00

  • There is very little time left for Juventus-Benfica. The Bianconeri are chasing the first points in the Champions League.20:01

  • Juventus line-up (3-5-2): Perin – Bremer, Bonucci, Danilo – Cuadrado, McKinney, Paredes, Meretti, Kostik – Milik, Vlahovic.20:03

  • Formazione Benfica (4-2-3-1): Flashodemos – Bah, Antonio Silva, Otamendi, Grimaldo – Fernandez, Florentino – Neres, Rafa Silva, Joao Mario – Goncalo Ramos.20:06

  • Juventus seat: Pensolio, Garovani, Gatti, Rugani, Di Sciglio, Fagioli, Soleil, Di Maria, Kane, Barbieri.20:07

  • Panchina Benfica: Helton, Brooks, Ristic, Gilberto, Aursnes, Draxler, Bernardo, Ciquinho, Goncalves, Musa, Araujo, Pinho.20:08

  • Allegri’s options: directing the tandem of Milek-Vlahovic, Costi and Cuadrado to strangers. Bonucci leads the defense, in the middle space of Meretti. Di Maria starts off the bench.20:09

  • Schmidt’s picks: Goncalo Ramos is the only striker, behind the Neres-Rafa Silva-Joao Mario trio. Fernandez and Florentino in midfield, Bah and Grimaldo full backs.20:09

  • Juventus have won only one of their six matches with Benfica in European competitions.20:10

  • 1 ‘

    The first half of Juventus Benfica. The match will be managed by German referee Zuer.21:01

  • 3′

    Benfica runs forward, Paredes in a slip blocking Rafa Silva’s pass.21:04

  • 4′

    Goal! Juventus 1-0 Benfica! Melek network. Hitting from the free kick Paredes, Milek’s winning header.

    See player profile for Arkadiusz Milik21:06

  • 6′

    Juventus is still in the attack after the advantage net, the penalty of the trocar for the Bianconeri.21:07

  • 8′

    Milik initially favors Vlahovic, Antonio Silva takes the lead but makes a side mistake.21:09

  • 10′

    Juventus is dangerous: Cuadrado’s cross, Kostik’s kicks in the area, a deflection for a corner kick.21:11

  • 13′

    Benfica’s possession of the ball, Bremer expects Joao Mario and interrupts the maneuver.21:14

  • 14′

    Benfica corner chart: Neres cross, Bonucci jumps higher than everyone else.21:15

  • 16′

    The lengthy drafting of the guests, but Juventus does not allow loopholes.21:17

  • 18 ‘

    Merite drops himself in the area after an exchange with Vlahovic, puts in the middle but Milik did not reach the ball.21:20

  • 20′

    Bonucci blocked Rafa Silva’s shot in the area, a corner for Benfica.21:21

  • 21′

    Neres’ cross When developing the corner, Goncalo Ramos points the ball away from the goal.21:22

  • 23 ‘

    Juventus resume, Cuadrado fails to overcome Otamendi.21:24

  • 25 ‘

    Joao Mario tries to send Rafa Silva into the penalty area, but the pass is inaccurate.21:26

  • 26 ‘

    BAH warned against playing wrongly on Miretti.21:26

  • 27′

    Benfica’s first explosion: Neres’ cross deflected by Danilo, with a close-range header from Goncalo Ramos, Perin takes the ball.21:29

  • 28 ‘

    Cuadrado falls inside the area after a conflict with Grimaldo and the referee allows him to play.21:30

  • 29′

    Rafa Silva tries from a distance, but the goal is to be scored.21:31

  • 31 ‘

    Goncalo Ramos in the area touches the ball with his arm and Benfica’s movement fades.21:32

  • 33 ‘

    Joao Mario returns to the right and weakly finishes towards the goal, a shot that saves.21:34

  • 34 ‘

    Cuadrado snatches the ball from Grimaldo, advances, but finds Otamendi’s obstacle.21:36

  • 36′

    Goncalo Ramos goes to the shot from the rim at the end of Coralie’s action, Perrin’s fist is comfortable.21:37

  • 38 ‘

    Paredes attempt from outside the area, Rafa Silva’s slip prevents the score.21:40

  • 39 ‘

    Benfica pole! The counter-attack worked, deduction from the edge of the area by Rafa Silva: The ball was printed on the post to Perin after it was now defeated.21:41

  • 41 ‘

    The control of Var is underway after a friction in the Juventus area between Goncalo Ramos and Meriti.21:42

  • 42 ‘

    Benfica penalty! And the referee, after reviewing the photos, conceded a penalty for a mistake made by Merite on Goncalo Ramos.21:43

  • 42 ‘

    Merretti warned against playing incorrectly on Goncalo Ramos.21:44

  • 43 ‘

    Goal! Juventus 1-1 Benfica! Joao Mario Network. A penalty kick by Joao Mario with a shot in the middle under the bar, did nothing to Perrin.

    See player profile for João Mario21:45

  • 45′

    Joao Mario warned against unorganized behaviour.21:46

  • 45′

    PERIN warns against unregulated behaviour.21:46