LIVE MN – SAL-MIL (1-1): Tough match at RedBull Arena, Milan doesn’t go above and beyond

Milan’s first match in the Champions League ended 22/23 in a 1-1 draw against Salzburg at the Red Bull Arena. A tough and real match, the opponents gave a tough time to the team coached by Pioli, who made some space too much and could not find accuracy and clarity in the last metres. On the other hand, the reaction after his own goal in the first half was good, so mental stability is not cause for concern. Football at a high pace and with many confrontations against one of the Austrians did not allow the Rossoneri to express themselves as usual, but in the second half there were many untapped opportunities, for a wrong pass or a missed finale, by Milan: in the last minute Origi peels off a potential ball 2- 1, while Liao takes the post, thanks to the defender’s deflection, in the last action of the match. A real draw, Pioli’s team failed to impose themselves on the opponent on the weaker card but certainly very organized and with a precise identity.

95The match ends here, 1-1 at Red Bull Arena.

94“Milan pole at the last minute! Liao’s cross from the left to come back and Bernardo’s deflection impacted the post, Rossoneri came close to scoring.

93The change to Salzburg: outside the Okafor, inside the Adamu.

92Origi warned against putting pressure on Pavlovic.

91Milan is close to scoring! Theo goes down left and puts in the middle, pulling Origi, spins around the opponent but at the moment of the shot he peels it incredibly well. It looked like a goal scored.

90There will be 4 minutes of recovery.

89‘Ibrahim Diaz is booked for a midfield foul on Gorna-Dauth.

88Madness from Theo making a horizontal pass on the edge of the area: Cisco takes control and tries with the left foot in turn, just out.

84“The great intuition of Origi which gives Ibrahim a great candidate in the region, Kon is very good at predicting the Spaniard in the low exit. Milan are close to double.

80Milan’s last change: knocked out by Saelemaekers, the equalizer, and in Messias.

76Cross the Dest trocar that finds Origi, but the Belgian’s head is too weak for Kohn to worry.

73“A prolonged movement by Milan, with several touches in the opponent’s area, which ends with a shot from the outside by Boubiga: a powerful but inaccurate ball.

71“Diaz throws Leao in the deep, the Portuguese enters the area and tries to repeat the second goal he scored against Inter: closed with an angle.

70“The change to Milan, de Kitellari exits and the entry of Brahim Diaz.

70Dest tries out Origi’s high candidate, takes out the opposing goalkeeper and wipes out.

67Gourna-Douath was booked due to a foul on Theo Hernandez in midfield.

65Changes for Salzburg: outside Fernando and Cameri, inside Cisco and Gorna Douth.

63Pobega prepares well for the score from the edge and leaves a little stifled left: the ball doesn’t go out much.

62“Botta is outside of Seiwald, Maignan good for stretching and swerving to the side.

60Camiri accelerates on the left, dropped by Boubiga: a free kick from a dangerous position for Salzburg. Olmer goes straight into the goal, Origi spits his head and swerves into a corner.

57Triple change of Milan: outside Benasser, Calabria, Giroud and inside Pobiga, Dest and Origi.

56Fernando recovers the ball, directs Tomori, widens and tries to shoot in the area: Mainian blocks on the ground.

53An exciting miss from Salzburg. Okafor jumps from Calabria and widens to the left to put Kijergaard in the middle for Fernardo: the Brazilian shoots high just a few meters from the Rossoneri’s goal. Pardon Milan.

47Fernando, like Calabria, also feels the blow from the outside: a very big shot.

47Calabria tries to solve from long distances, high ball over the bar.

46Leao immediately tries to bypass the left side, and is stopped at the edge of the area by the Austrian defense, not without difficulty.

46The second half began, the first ball for the Rossoneri.

It was a very intense first forty-five minutes at the Red Bull Arena, a tough match for the Rossoneri. Salzburg, very initiator and fighting from the first minutes and almost surprising the Rossoneri with stifling pressure: As the minutes pass, Milan return to control the match but it is the hosts who take the initiative with Okafor, skilled in dribbling Kalulu in the Mainian region with electricity. However, Pioli’s side responded after about ten minutes to find a well-deserved equalizer with the Saelemaekers: De Ketelaere retreating and necessary to overcome the first pressure, Bennacer advances and expands for Leao. The Portuguese was placed in the middle for the number 56, who did not make a mistake with the left. 1-1 per interval, real score.

46Liao keeps the ball persistently in the area and tries to use an unexpected rubber band instead of De Kettler’s free serve. Missing ball, the first half ends here.

45There will be a minute of healing.

44Unleash the yellow for Calabria that fires off Olmer’s counterattack.

41First change for Salzburg: Solet injured, Bernardo in place.

40′ GOOOOLLL GOOOOOLLL GOOOOLLL OF MILAAANN!! Drawing Alexis Slimckers! A great move from Milan starts with an excellent exit from De Ketelaere’s pressure, Bennacer carries the ball and serves Leao on the left, the Portuguese puts in the middle for Saelemaekers who scores with his left foot! 1-1 at Red Bull Arena!

38Tomori was warned for an interference in the midfield crash on Okafor.

35The first sagasata of Theo match that takes place across the field and close to the area serves Giroud in the race: the central striker does not understand his teammate’s intentions and does not control the ball.

32“Nice transition for Milan moving quickly from left to right: Saelemaekers puts in the zone to enter Calabria, Rossoneri’s number 2 doesn’t get there by a hair.

31“Long pass for Leo, crazy exit for the Salzburg goalkeeper but Solette managed to put a piece on it.

28Salzburg goal, Okafor makes the owners of the land ahead. Erroraccio from Bennacer first, who loses the ball to the limit, then Kalulu, who is tunneled into the area. Face to face with Minnen, the Swiss can do no wrong. 1-0 at Red Bull Arena.

26Milan’s constant movement, which ends with a shot from 25 meters by Tonali: a strong result but very inaccurate.

24A series of Fernando bluffs at the edge of the area, then left right: Mignan swerves blocks without worry.

21Leao tries to break through the area from the left, and Dedić closes it well for a corner. The first flashes of Portuguese. At the appointed time, no corner kick was taken.

20Now the tunes are less intense than they were at first, the two teams catch their breath for a moment. Milan is trying to play the game and maintain possession.

19In the corner, Tomori tries a shot from the outside, a loose ball that takes an odd turn and doesn’t go out: de Kettleri dashes and puts it in the middle from the short side of the area. Giroud, from an excellent position, is waiting for a defender.

17“The free kick hit by Bennacer pushes the defense away. On going Saelemaekers trying to strike from the outside, you have to bend with a key kick.

16Capaldo was booked for intercepting Theo Hernandez on the edge of the penalty area.

15th“Another personal action by Okafor, who points at Tomori and earns a corner kick. The Swiss is certainly the most decorated with the ball so far in Salzburg. Minyan comes out of the corner. Kjaergaard tries from the outside, high.

13“Salzburg is very proactive, between game changes and quick turnarounds. Milan is finishing well at the moment.

9′ A great candidate by De Ketelaere on Giroud’s track sprinted towards goal, but the Frenchman lacks control and blurs the opportunity.

7Giroud recovers the ball from an excellent position, enters the area from the right flank, but instead of sending Liao in the middle, he tries an unexpected conclusion from a tight angle: easy for the goalkeeper.

6“A good move for Milan with De Ketelaere, who holds the ball and serves Saelemaekers on the right: the Belgian puts the Salzburg defense in the middle, turns to the corner. Regarding the developments of the corner ball away, Calabria tries to conclude quickly but shoots with high power.

5“A great pace, with Salzburg pressing on all fronts non-stop.

3Milan responds immediately with an advance from Theo, served well by Tonali: the full-back tries to dribble in the area but is well closed by the opposing defenders. Very loud beats right from the start.

2Another opportunity for Capaldo, who attempted a 16-meter shot after a rebound in the area: the ball flakes off, and the shot ends on the side.

1′ Salzburg straight ahead, with Capaldo hitting his head in the area: a sly path but not finding the door.

1′ Kick-off, AC Milan Champions League kick-off. The first ball played by Salzburg.

– Entry of the two teams into the field: a gray metallic uniform for the hosts, and a Milan jersey.

friends and friends MilanNews.ityou welcome in Red Bull Arena! starts here Champions league 22/23 of Milan: After last year’s training experience, the youth of Mr. Pioli start the new European season on Medan Salzburg With a great desire to perform well and demonstrate their ability to compete even at the highest levels. Stay with us and live our live texts so you don’t miss any excitement from this Champions League match!


Salzburg (4-3-1-2): con; Dedic, Solette; Pavlovich, Olmer; Capaldo, Sewald and Kejjargaard; camera; Okafor, Ferdinand. a dis: Mantl, Walke, Van Der Brempt, Baidoo, Adamu, Simic, Diarra, Gourna-Douath, Sesko, Wober, Bernardo. everybody.: Geisel

Milan (4-2-3-1): Mignan; Calabria, Kalolo; Tomori, Theo Hernandez; Bennacer, Tonali; Saelemaekers, De Ketelaere, Leao; Jerrod. a dis: Mirante, Gangdal, Palo Toure, Dest, Kjair, Gabia, Boubiga, Messias, Brahim Diaz, Origi. everybody.: Pegs.

RuleSrdjan Jovanovic (SRB)

helpers: Uros Stojkovic (SRB), Milan Mihajlovic (SRB)

Fourthly man: Novak Simovic (SRB)

I was: Bastian Dankert (Germany)

AVAR: Benoit Melot (France)