LIVE MN – Sampdoria – Milan (1-2): Giroud does not miss a penalty kick!!

72 & # 39; Mancino Gabbiadini from the Edge, Minnian Blocks.

70′ Change in Milan: outside De Ketelaere, inside Bennacer.


66 ‘Penalty in favor of AC Milan!

65′ Velar is reserved.

65′ VAR! On the Giro’s header there is a deflector in Villar’s hand.

63′ Corner to Milan: Tonali cross, Giroud header from a very good position turns poorly.

62 & # 39; Theo Hernandez straight off the edge, lifted Odero over the bar.

58′ A change in Milan: Messias outside and Tomori inside.

56′ Sampdoria goal. Ogero’s cross for Djuresic’s head, who expects Minyan and equalizes the result. 1-1.

54 & # 39; Cross by Theo, Bobiga turns his head but the epilogue ends at the bottom.

53′ Sgambata by Theo, Ferrari blocks and book.

52 & # 39; Messias tries to power, the ball is out.

46′ Double yellow and red for Leo. The opposite of the Portuguese who hits Verratti in the head.

45 & # 39; Recovery begins.

Milan closed the first forty-five minutes ahead thanks to Messias’ goal after six minutes. In general, the Rossoneri dominated the match, and had more than one chance of finding a double. To report a goal canceled by De Ketelaere due to an offside that Giroud considered active.

48′ end of the first half. Sampdoria 0 – Milan 1

47′ Nice play from Messias for Giroud but Odeto expects a low exit.

45′ Three minutes of recovery.

42 & # 39; Another chance for the Rossoneri. Leao opens the gas on the left, a lane for Giroud who tries to anticipate Ferrari but does not find the door.

41′ AC Milan chance! Pobega finds Theo Hernandez on the left, cross for Giroud who turns left and Odero very good at dispersing the result of the nine Rossoneri from the mirror.

40 & # 39; Cross by Leao to introduce Theo Hernandez, but the Frenchman’s left hand ends up too high.

39′ Liao accelerated from the left and earned a corner kick.

38′ Sampdoria free kick: Saberi finds Rincon on the near post that serves as a bridge but Kabuto does not arrive in time on the ball.

32′ A very physical match in midfield. It’s not nice to see it either because of the many whistles of Fabry referee.

28′ Liao wraps up at the end, the ball that finishes way too high.

25′ De Ketelaere goal disallowed. Gyro intrusion is considered active in the course of action.

24′ VAR! Fabry goes to the screen to assess a possible intrusion.

21′ GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLL!!! Leao cross, Odero misses out and Di Kitilari throws it into the goal with his shoulder. Here is the first goal of the Belgian talent!!!

16′ Leo Bracciata, yellow card for the Portuguese.

14′ inaccuracies in the set-up stage by Calulu that led to Sampdoria’s restart with Leres, but Calabria are good at closing everything in.

11′ Sampdoria Cross! Caputo finds a Djuricic on the rim, a sharp right imprinted on the long post of Maignan’s goal.

6′ GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLL!!! Action soccer textbook! Pobega kicks off the restart, Leao Bereszynski gets burned quickly, Giroud is found deep, De Ketelaere heels the Portuguese first, and Messias helps open the dish and does nothing wrong!

4′ Sampdoria tries: A cross from Augello, Leres on the fly but Theo Hernandez makes a crazy close. When recoiling, Saberi’s shots are very high.

3′ cross from Messias to Giroud, but the French player only managed to pinch the ball. The possession that remained from Milan.

2′ The Rossoneri’s first chance: De Kitleari finds Leao at the rear, Portuguese kicks but Ferrari deflected for a corner kick.

0 ‘We’re out! Milan’s first ball!

Teams enter the field: Milan in the classic Milan uniform, and the same applies to Sampdoria with white shorts and a blue shirt.

Friends of Welcome to the live text of Sampdoria – Milan, the sixth day of the tournament. The Rossoneri came from a draw against Salzburg in the Champions League, despite a not very impressive performance, with the aim of making up for the championship and achieving the top with Napoli. On the other hand, Giampaolo’s team wants points to move up the standings. Stay with us and live our texts so you don’t miss any feelings from the first division match!

Official lineups:

Sampdoria (4-1-4-1): Odero; Berezinsky, Ferrari, Murillo, Augello; Villar. Reiss, Rincon; Sabri, Djuric; Caputo. Available: Contini, Ravaglia, Amione, Conte, Moro, Vieira, Yepes, Gabbiadini, Pussetto, Quagliarella. Coach: Giampaolo

Milan (4-2-3-1): Mignan; Calabria, Cageer, Lottery, Theo; Tonali, Bubija; Christ, de Kettleri, Liao; Jerrod…..dis: Tatarusano, Meranti, Tomori, Dest, Palo Toure, Bennacer, Thiao, Gabia, Bakayoko, Franks, Brahim Diaz, Sailemakers, Adly. All: Bioli.