LIVE MN Youth League, Salzburg-Milan (1-1): The Rossoneri came close to this achievement, but Konate denies joy. The first point in YL

An unimaginable result in Milan’s debut in the youth league. With a superb performance after nearly 100 minutes of the match, the Rossoneri returned to Milan with a point from Salzburg. Abate’s sons play against the finalist of the last edition of the Youth League: an outstanding performance beyond their means. To take the race as an example and be excused from coming back stronger than before in the championship.

98′ ends here: 1-1!

95 & # 39; Cobbs rocket on a free kick. Abstract that touches the intersection of the poles.

90′ eight minutes of recovery.

88 & # 39; opportunity for Salzburg. cross by yo that no one reaches.

80 & # 39; Change in Salzburg: Berkee comes out to give space to Trumer.

79 & # 39; Punishment from the edge of Begazek, conclusion.

77 & # 39; Another alternative among the Rossoneri: Bluvio Abroad, in Foglio.

71′ A change in Milan: outside Al Hilal and Gala, inside Zroli and Longhi.

70′ move made by Shaka Traore on the left, but the end of the lap ends outside.

69 & # 39; Konate exploits another foul by Nsiala, then attempts a knockout from outside the area that ends high over the bar.

65 & # 39; Salzburg goals. Berke enters the area, and finds Konate who only has to lean toward the goal. 1-1!

61′ Here’s the change: Partisaguy and Cuenca are out, Pozzolan and Scotty. Rossoneri on the field with two 2006.

60 & # 39; Partisagi can’t do that. Rossoneri momentarily at 10 waiting for change.

59′ Double change in Salzburg: outside Hofer and Lechner inside Zeteny and Reischl.

56′ Cups are reserved.

50 & # 39; Milan opportunity! A great move from El Hiali who got rid of two men on the trocar, helped Chaka who dodged Gevorgian in the area but at the moment of the shot slips.

47′ Bad foul for Gevorgian on Nsiala but the referee didn’t warn the number 35.

45′ We start over.

What a match at Stadion Grödig! Milan ends the first half with a 1-0 lead, deciding the penalty kick scored by Kubis after ten minutes. An emotional match between the Rossoneri and Salzburg, with the two teams close to scoring several times. Abate dominates in certain parts of the match the finalist from the last edition, but the quality of the home team can be felt, as they come close to a tie several times.

47′ end of the first half.

45′ two minutes of recovery.

45′ What a chance for Milan! Al-Hilali empties to Blovio, who opens the painting but does not find the door.

Free kick 44′ Salzburg: A great shot by Bejazic that hits the post.

42′ What a mistake Berki! Nsiala loses a poisonous ball, Konatè immediately shoots an incredibly wrong-footed Berki a few steps away from the goal.

40′ Mancino de yo off the edge, very high finale.

37′ crois!!! Cuenca’s cross shot, Gala deflects the ball hitting the longest pole in the goal. Incredible opportunity.

34 ‘U Punishment who found Konate’s head, the conclusion that shaves the column.

33′ Journey of the Crescent on the Gevorgian, in yellow for the 10th Rossoneri.

32′ Gevorgian cross, Kubis somehow rejects.

31′ corner for AC Milan. Kubis head misses the target.

30′ Fantastic job from Milan. Traore finds Gala at the finish line, cross for the awaited Hilal. In the second ball we get Bellevue who winds up the ball and gets a corner kick.

29′ Live by Konatè, epilogue ends at the bottom.

28′ Round of Flag to Milan. Salzburg’s defense refuses to the limit, Bellioux takes advantage of that and kicks the first intent. Krumrey paragraph.

24′ corner of Salzburg. Lechner takes the lead but does not frame the door.

20 & # 39; Salzburg’s attacks continue, but the Milan back guard is holding on for the time being.

12 & # 39; Salzburg Answers. Large drunk in the area, the defense of the Rossoneri was engulfed.


9 ‘Penalty in favor of Milan! Krumrey stende in Cuenca region.

3′ Another great opportunity for the home team: Nava rejects at my feet Berkey who shoots incredibly high.

1′ First great chance for Salzburg on a corner kick: a header and Bellevue save everything on the goal line.

0 ‘Yes part!

Teams enter the field. Milan in the Rossoneri shirt, Salzburg in a white suit.

we are here! Youth League is back! Milan Primavera in a few moments will face the under-19 team from Salzburg, who reached the final in the last edition, then defeated by Benfica 6-0. It will be a difficult but important test for Mr. Abate’s team, who, after three defeats in the first four games, want to reverse the first seasonal releases. As always, thanks to our live show, we will tell you all the emotions of this match, minute by minute, action by action, until the final whistle. stay with us

Official lineups:

Salisbergo (4-3-3): Cromary; Gevorgian, Mosswitzer, Molnar, Bejazic; Yu, Shaheen, Hoover; Berkey, Lechner, Konate. Dess: Toth, Richel, Trumer, Gertig, Zeytiny, Baumgartner, Bielich. Alice. English

Milan (4-3-3): Nava; Bacon, Kubis, Nsiala, and Bertesaghi; Gala, Marchage, Bluview; Cuenca, Hilali, Shaka Traore. Available: Torriani, Pozzolan, Foglio, Zeroli, Scotti, Balushi, Longhi. Apat’s flocks