LIVE TJ – ARRIVABENE: “Today we present the fruit of a lot of work done by the youth sector.” Sole: “I want to play and only think of Juventus.” Meriti: “Being here is a dream.” Fagioli: ‘I could have taken out a loan, but I’m glad to be here’

Niccol Fagioli, Fabio Meretti and Matthias Sole spoke at the press conference. Maurizio Arrivabene and Federico Cherubini will also be present. will be following the event live:

Maurizio Arrivabene starts to speak

“Hello everyone. It is a pleasure to be here on this occasion, because we are showing the fruits of so much work done by the youth sector that finally made it to the first team like Niccol, Fabio and Matias. This is an important occasion and a project started. And it was very much desired by Federico Cherubini. Then the project was carried out by the supposed father of Fagioli, Gigi Milani, then Massimiliano Scalia and Giovanni Manna. We thank them for the great work done, if these three are the first team, it is thanks to their work and faith in this project. Welcome to our three players.”

Word goes to Federico Cherubini

“I thank Maurizio for this introduction and for the words of the working group that I have been leading for a few years. Being here makes me happy that the children work every day in the youth sector. This presentation represents a moment for us to reflect on our project. Four years ago we started with the second team, but ten years ago Years we were already talking about how the Italian training system did not bring players into the first team and our ideas started much earlier. We tried to solve it with the coaching side: making strong investments in structures and coaches, the numbers they are in with the boys, methodologies. We moved to Continassa but the club continued Investing heavily in Vinovo We put the boys in the right conditions to grow in the best conditions Then we took up the topic of the course: Before the end of the Primavera championship they got into a dilemma, namely the loan We list the stats of the Spring Championship which unfortunately are fixed and no more than 3% of the spring players Then we go To the first division.Since 2018 we had the opportunity to register the second team and we started a good relationship with Lega Pro and I take this opportunity to thank President Girelli.We play to compete but to train for the first team.Today, our three boys participated e We have already been in over 100 matches with the second team and in Nicolo’s case, he has also appeared with overseas teams.”

Can you tell us your way?

Soulè: “I got into the Under 17 team and had some injuries and then I went to Primavera and the epidemic arrived. Then Mr. Zauli arrived and when it came time to play the youth league, I was injured again and resumed with Mr. Bonati making his debut in 2020. I’ve done everything from There, then I had no problems and played all year. Then in the second season I found Mr. Zawley I was playing all season where we got to the quarter-finals of the play-off and now I’m here.”

Merretti: “I joined Juventus when I was eight and did the whole process here. Since last year I started being called up, I participated in some matches and now I’m settled here in the first team.

Fagioli: “I started with a very young Juventus, then the whole process, two years with Juventus U23, then on loan to Cremonese, and now I’m here.”

Sulley Why did you choose Juventus? Some background instead of Gigi Melanie…

Sully. “I was having dinner with my agent and my father. I had to choose between 3 clubs. I chose Juventus right away because I dreamed of such a big club and I like challenges. I knew how difficult it would be to get into the first team. I dreamed of a team as a kid. Great.”

Meriti: “I arrived at the age of eight and was a fan of Juventus. In the beginning there was Toro, but Juventus offered something more.”

Fagioli: “It was easy to choose Juventus thanks to Gigi Milani. He took me to the stadium to watch Juventus matches and I’m also a fan so it was easy.”

What can you offer to Juventus?

Merretti: “Being brought up in the youth sector makes us ready, we know our duties towards the club. This is a question of identity that we have been living with for years. In the context of the first team, my job is to learn from the most experienced players. Don’t pass on the values ​​they already know.”

Fagioli: “Being here for a long time is an advantage for us because we know what is required of us. We can set an example for the youngest of them.”

What effect does defining Di Maria have on you as being very strong?

Sule: “I’m always calm and trying to learn everything. The relationship with Di Maria is beautiful. We share the fact that we are Argentines, we drink mate and then he will definitely come to my house to eat.”

How important is a Serie B loan?

Fagioli: “I was fortunate enough to train with Ronaldo. I started at 17, my first round was with Allegri and then 6 months with Pirlo. The loan option was good because I found time and continuity.”

Your child’s idol?

Merit: “The most difficult thing I faced last year was physical adaptation, strength, speed. What put me most in difficulty was the psychological aspect, that is, adapting to different rhythms and difficulties. My idol was Nedved then. I grew up and changed roles and now my idol is De Bruyne.

Could you go on loan?

Meriti: “Being here is a dream. Over the years it has become a goal, and after achieving all this is a source of pride. Sometimes you do not notice how lucky you are and everything that society provides for you and you underestimate it. Being here is a source of pride. Loan? I don’t know, I stayed, my strength and my thoughts Focused on Juventus. I’m happy to be here.”

Fagioli: “I went up and down for 4 or 5 years, with the club we decided to stay and I’m happy. There was a possibility of getting a loan, but I stayed.”

Soule: “When the moment you’re here comes, it’s an incredible feeling. They give me the number in the locker room, the room number and tell you you’re here: it’s all beautiful. My parents told me, sometimes I don’t ‘I realize the things I’ve done.'” I didn’t think I could be here. Now I’m here and I want to think about this, to be able to play here and have minutes. “

What impressed you about Tuesday’s match?

Merriti: “I was amazed by the quality and speed of every leveling process and the passing of everything in high quality. This impressed me greatly.”

Questions for Federico Cherubini

While transitioning to the next generation…

“We changed the format from the U-23 to the next generation. The next generation includes the U-23 team but also the path they will eventually take on loan. Now we have players like De Winter and Ranocchia playing in Serie A. Today’s men in the conference have more From 100 games with Juventus U-23 we are satisfied with them and the fact that Mr Allegri said the club made the transfer market by promoting young players.

About changing the project…

“In terms of the team project, it is very recent and we hope that there will be other clubs. When we meet with the other management we try to get people to understand the added value of the experience. We thought the loan area was important, then we understood the transfer and if we are able to do that thanks to the tremendous resources that we have invested in the club. We try to give back something compared to what the club believed in our words. It is not a change of project. We reconsider it, we look at it in a modern way. Regardless of the champion, the purchases, those players who are and represent the icons of the Juventus shirt. But in a ball Sustained foot, the youth sector is not only imposed by regulations, but it can become a resource. No change: there is just an idea of ​​a new identity, with the creation of heritage.”

Is there a stadium project for the second team? How do you explain the isolation of Juventus in the second teams?

“There was a clear project before the pandemic and now it has been put on hold. When the conditions are right, it will be an added value and we must respect the moment we are in. We must ask them that we are all seven convinced clubs, but I don’t know what has hindered others on this path and hopefully someone else will follow us.” “.

Maurizio Arrivabene speaking

“I would like to focus on the definition we give to under 23, The Day After for the Next Generation. It is not just by name that expresses what is initiative from a sporting point of view. It is a broader term. Every day we read facts about certain behaviors that are not pleasant. It does not mean The next generation is not only football, it is an example that these young people have to set to others. And it doesn’t just mean football, Merretti knows that very well, because we are also talking about taking maturity exams because they have to set an example. A very specific path of examples to follow that is The will of the company. And in terms of the market, there is a very specific choice associated with these people, because they need a mentor and he will serve them Take an example and become like the heroes they train with. I thank Gianluca Pessotto because he is a very humble person and I love humble people very much. He makes an essential contribution to this project” .

Press conference ends