LIVE TJ – BONUCCI AT THE CONFERENCE: “Tomorrow is important, but we will play the playoffs against Benfica.” Allegri: “Pogba won’t be back until January. Bonucci, Vlahovic, Rabiot and Perin are playing”

Massimiliano Allegri and Leonardo Bonucci spoke on the eve of the match against Paris Saint-Germain. will be following the event live:

Leonardo Bonucci begins to speak

What game do you expect tomorrow?

“Tomorrow it will be an important and beautiful match. It will be a complex challenge and after that I feel like smiling. We all know how the coach made and his words are aimed at easing the tension in the match. It is a match that is preparing itself. An important match is tomorrow’s match, and in the long term we will play the qualifiers against Benfica.” Playing here with these heroes is great.”

About Mbappe?

“He is a stratospheric player. He has everything and he has shown that he can become the best in the world. The future and age are on his side. I am sure he wants to grow because of his mentality and the way he speaks on top of that. Playing against him, Messi and Neymar will be difficult. It takes collective action to stop them.”

In France, there is a lot of talk about Pogba…

“He is a world star like many PSG and Juventus players. His events are not about me. I saw Paul focus on his recovery and then there was a change of plans. We miss him and hope he will be soon.”

Have you played a little this season?

“Tomorrow it will be a great pride to do so. Playing the Champions League at the age of 35 is a huge motivation. I want to set an example, this is my first year as a business leader for Juventus and I want to take Juventus where it deserves. The coach made me do specialized jobs before Fiorentina., but We have to be prepared. It will be a beautiful and complex challenge, these competitions can be met with proper fun. We dreamed of playing games like this as children, and we have to catch the ball and chase the opponent as we were children. I wanted to put this in my head. If there is good fun and an important team spirit “

Would having former players at Paris Saint-Germain be an advantage?

“Not having Di Maria would be an important loss for us. Not only at the player level, but he is important in the locker room for his enthusiasm and energy. Not to suffer a loss is important. Paredes has just arrived but he has character. It gives us international experience and increases the character of the team.”

What is Juventus missing?

“I’ve preferred to see it from the inside. We’ve changed so many players. We need to rediscover the mentality and genes of Juventus. It’s not easy, nor is it quick to take for granted. The coach is doing a great job with our team. Brains to understand what it means to wear This shirt. I am convinced that we will take Juventus back to the top.”

Do young people understand the messages?

“There are a lot of young people here, if they are there, it is because they deserve to play at Juventus. We have all gone through this path of professional and human growth. They learn a lot. Merretti? He grew up here, he knows what Juventus is, yes. Always made to be ready “.

Have you heard of Chiellini?

“Last week: we played together a lot of games like this, luckily we also won a lot. But that’s part of the past, now we have to think about the great performance to do against great PSG, against great players, and we’re here consciously of desire.” to do something important.”

Leonardo Bonucci’s press conference ends

Massimiliano Allegri begins to speak

What can Paredes and Di Maria offer you?

“Paredes and Di Maria are two exceptional players who will give us a great hand technically and professionally. I am very happy.”

Months ago there was talk of his meeting with Luis Campos…

“There is gratitude and friendship between us, but Cherubini, Arrivabene and Nedved took care of the transfer market. With Campos there was only a discussion about some players. He is very good at recognizing their qualities.”

How is Di Maria?

“With hindsight, we’re not going anywhere. I made him play for Spezia because he needed a shock. Sunday was better, but take him with us to Paris and risk him in a match with many other important matches between now and November. No. Otherwise, he will lose his physical condition and it will be of no use.”

Which match will be against Paris Saint-Germain?

“The Champions League starts tomorrow, but you need 10 points to qualify. It’s a good match to play against an exceptional team and we’ll be a good match. Then you have to score 10 points, whether it’s 3 tomorrow or the next 3, they’re always 10 points. Tomorrow is fun, because my league Champions give different feelings. For us, being there is a pride, because this is the most beautiful playing slot. Paris Saint-Germain is among the strongest teams, for me the number is one of the favorites to win the match. Champions. For us we have to be up to that. We have to go through. Then a new Champions League starts. So we need one step at a time and we have to improve. Stop there and that’s why we have to improve. Now nothing has been decided, we just need to improve and work.”

Pogba vera has been run…

“Pogba made a conservative choice, and now we’ll bring him back in January. He won’t be there before November and we need to be realistic. Even if we don’t like things. From Friday we’ll be thinking about Salernitana.”

Do you not agree with the process that Pogba will undergo?

“This morning he went out to the stadium for the second time, stopped and then decided to have surgery. I hope he will come back with us before the World Cup, but 45 days are left before the World Cup starts. The World Cup is not my problem, the problem with Juventus is that they came back in January.”

Who is re-entering?

“Bonucci, Velhovic, Rabiot and Perin are playing. Then I have to see the conditions of Alex Sandro and Paredes. I have to understand who is playing up front.”

Is there any irritation in wasting time with Pogba?

“From now on, you look forward. The past cannot be changed: if you make a decision, it is right, you have to see whether it was made well or badly. We don’t think about whether we did it or not… now We just think we can play a good game tomorrow.”

What is the value of Juventus in Europe?

“It’s not Juve with a ‘wrong’ value without players, I’d say if we do things the right way we can create risks at PSG. We have to do well from now until November 13 and then try to get to the recovery in January. With everyone in good shape. Paredes played a good game in Florence but in the previous months he only played 45 minutes. I didn’t bring Di Maria here because he trained a bit and made him stop playing for a while that was not the case. Now we need to work well to create the different conditions for this season, but the seasons To be decided in March. But tomorrow is not final.”

What will the match be tomorrow?

“I said it would be an important test in a big stadium. Tomorrow the match will go through ball management, because they have a lot of techniques. We will need some precautions and when we have the ball we should not concede, because they are stronger in the open field.”

What is the religion against Messi, Neymar and Mbappe?

“Regardless of the position, they are extraordinary players. We have to be good at curbing them when they have the ball and especially when we have the ball.”

The Allegri conference ends here