LIVE TJ – JUVENTUS-SALERNITANA: The warm-up is over, the teams are back in the locker room

20:32 The warm-up is over, the teams return to the locker room

20:15 Teams on the field to warm up

19:55 –

19:50 – Formal training These are the official formations chosen by the technicians:

Juventus (4-4-2): Perrin. Cuadrado, Bonucci, Bremer, De Sciglio; McKinney, Paredes, Meriti, Costek; Kane, Vlahovic

Salernitana (3-5-2): sippy; Bron, Danielluc, Fazio; Candreva, Coulibaly, Maggiore, Vilhena, Matzucci; Diya, Piatek

19:48 –

19:40 –

19:34 – TJ Video – Arrival of the difference (Protect)

19:10 – Soon the teams are on the field.

18:58 –

18:50 – before the match – Juventus will face Salernitana tonight at Allianz Stadium. After a draw in the first leg in Florence, the Bianconeri cannot afford any more errors, which is why they will try to win the match. Numerous absences for the Allegri team, the latest of which is Locatelli and Rabio. Totogov will follow the live match.

17:14 – The bean holder Against Salernitana Fagioli he will play his first role as a player.

15:33 – Cats next to Bonucci – Bremer will not be on defense tonight and will enjoy a rest session. In his place, it will be up to Gatti who will join Bonucci.

13:05 – Solo overloading of robots – Adrien Rabiot was not called up by Massimiliano Allegri for the match against Salernitana due to an overload in the sole of his left calf.

12:47 – Believers – Juventus has released on its official website the list of players called up for the match against Salernitana:

36 hereditary

23 Pensulio


2 de chileu

3 primer

6 Danilo

12 Alex Sandro

15 gate

19 Bonucci

24 Rojani

8 McKinney

11 square

17 Kostik

20 Merity

32 paredes

44 beans

9 Vlahovic

14 owned

18 ken

30 soles

shook junior

12:27 – Allegri will bet on 4-3-3 – In the morning, Juventus performed the process of finishing the match against Salernitana. Massimiliano Allegri, tonight, it will depend on 4-3-3: Perin will be in the door. De Sciglio will play the right defense, in the middle of the Gatti and Bonucci space, while on the left will be Alex Sandro. In midfield, it will be up to Fagioli, Paredes and Meretti. However, in the attack, there will be a trident consisting of Kane, Vlahovic and Kostik.

Juventus (4-3-3): Perrin. di Siglio, Gatti; Bonucci, Alex Sandro; beans, paredes, meretti; Kane, Vlahovic, Kostik.