LIVE TJ – JUVENTUS WOMEN-INTER 3-3 Ends Here: Equally daring between the two, a point of interest for Montemoro

90′ + 6′ – ends here. Women’s Juventus and Inter eliminate each other in a bold draw.

90 + 4′ – Cernoia tries to upset Durante with a great show but is good at deviating from a corner kick.

90 + 1′ – Inter Adel with Karchouni: his right from the edge penetrates an immobile Peyraud-Magnin.

89 & # 39; – Cristiana Girelli puts the Bianconeri forward with a right through the net.

82′ – Red for Sembrant: The Swedish quarterback crushes Polly in the area. He will miss the Roma match

77′- we try again baby walkers His head hits the first post, and the ball ends at the top of the crossbar.

76′- Karuso Very close to scoring a shot, turned into a corner.

74′- A new change for the Bianconeri: Inside Duljan, outside Nilden. The Nerazzurri also made a substitution: inside Robustlini, outside Merlo.

67′- . yellow card The Nile River. Montemurro makes a double swap: Cernoia (outside Gunnarsdottir), Bonfantini (outside Cantore).

60 & # 39; – Inter tied in the accounts with Chawinga, the protagonist of the parentheses. It all started with a cross from Santi from the right, Rosucci interferes and lengthens the track, but Nerazzurri No. 11 is good at preparing and throwing under the bar. Meanwhile, the third alternative to Inter: Bole inside, Bonetti outside.

56′ Cantor Pulls a large cross from left to top Karuso, Able to attempt a head lunge. Unfortunately, the ball ends high.

54′- big intervention by Berod Magnin So Ajara Ngoya.

47′- Yellow card for Barghetti.

46 & # 39; – Chawinga shortens the distance: No. 11 nerazzurri cuts through the black and white defense and penetrates with his left hand Peyraud-Magnin.

46 ‘ – The second half of the match is underway with the Nerazur at the service point. Meanwhile, a double replacement for the Nerazzurri: the Barghetti (outside van der Gragget), Santi (outside Bandini).

the other half

45′ + 3′ The first half is over here – Juventus women in armor and with Cantor and Berenstein.

43′- Karshuni tries to alarm the defense with a left-footed shot from the edge that comes out.

38′- Rescue Boatine On Bonetti’s shot.

35′ – Juventus Ladies’ Couple! It all stems from a solo action by Berenstein who, between dodge and bluff, puts the Nerazzurri’s defense in jeopardy and stabs Durante a legendary right under the crosshair.

21′- trying again le juventus women Deceive Nielden, He tried to shoot with the right foot but the ball went wide.

13′ – Juventus women take advantage! Everything happens quickly and first on the Girelli-Grosso-Caruso triple axis: it is the latter that redefines Sophia Cantor, able to dislodge Durante and score the goal that opens the game.

10′- Inter try the first high score with Merlot’s shot from a distance, Baird Magnin deals with the situation.

3′- Risk Juventus! Christian baby walkers Beats a malicious penalty rejected by Durante.

1′- The Bianconeri won the first ball of the match. Started!

first half

14.15 – Pre-match

14.00 – Official Lineups

Juventus Women (4-3-3): Perod Magnin ; Nielden, Rusucci; Sembrandt, Poatin; Caruso, Gunnarsdottir, Grosso; Cantor, Girelli, Berenstein.

AvailableApril, Forcinella, Doljan, Lundorff, Salvai, Zamanyan, Cernoia, Bonfantini, Arcangeli. everybody. Montemoro

between (4-3-3): during; Sønstevold, Van Der Gragt, Kristjánsdóttir, Black; Bandini, Qarashouni, Mahashi; Happy birthday Bonetti, Shawinga.

Available: Piazza, Santi, Marinelli, Prostia, Poli, Ropostellini, Fordos, Alberghiti, Colonna. everybody. Guarino

13.55 – Great Sunday and good evening friends Tuttojuve.comWelcome to the live text of Juventus Women-InterMatch of the second day of Italian Women’s League. Mr.’s daughters MontemoroReturning from the victory they achieved in Como on their debut, they want to increase the positive vigil against the Nerazzurri side of Mr. Rita Guarino, the former Juventus coach who is facing his past in this way. the master. Simon Gallebo From the Florence division, he is assisted by Marco Tos of Florence and Simone Piazini of Prato, while the fourth official will be Francesco Ennio Gallo of Bologna.