LIVE TJ – PAReers: “I’ve always wanted to come to Juventus. I hope to convince Di Maria to stay for another year”

Leandro Paredes spoke at the press conference. followed the event live:

First impression on the team?

“Impressions are always good. I’ve come to a very strong team with a strong coach. I am very happy to be here and I hope to give my contribution in all matches.”

What can Paredes do for Juventus?

“I will try to give 100% of myself. I want to make myself available to the team to know what they need and be ready to help, help the central defense.”

Can you tell us about the summer you spent with Di Maria?

“Since I knew he could come here, I started talking to him about the possibility. I talked to my family as well as his family because they are friends. After a few days I immediately decided to come here and did whatever I came by.”

Have you noticed any differences in the Italian league?

“I only played one game, I don’t know how it changed. Personally I’ve grown a lot. I’ve been here recently, and I hope to keep seeing things here and the whole first division. We’ll try to give our best. And find results. We haven’t had positive results in matches.” the last few.”

Could your column help the team?

“Yes, that’s something the coach has also asked me to play vertically. It’s something I’ve always done and hope to be able to give to the team.”

What made you choose Juventus?

“I chose Juventus because it is a team that I have always wanted to come to. I had the opportunity to come a few times and I think it was the right decision. I wanted to play, I wanted to go back to Serie A. I wanted to come here. I am very happy.”

Did Allegri ask you anything in particular?

“To go and find the ball close to the midfielders and get the ball, I like that. It’s my role and I’m going to try to do it better and better.”

What can be improved in the euvi?

“You can always improve, even when things are going well. I played better in Paris than in Florence and we can certainly do better. We have many strong players.”

I have opened a wine line in Argentina. Can you and Di Maria compare each other to an Italian wine?

“I don’t know much, I can’t compare.”

Given the length of the negotiations, were you afraid to jump in?

“No, I’ve always been very calm, I had a lot of faith in myself and in the club. We talked a few times, they were almost convinced to make this decision. Now I’m very happy.”

In Zenit I met Marchisio …

“He is one of the many who wrote to me before I came. He wanted me to come here. I had a good relationship with him and I always thank him for the words.”

What did you miss against Paris Saint-Germain?

“I think after the first 20 minutes we played a great game, we showed that we are a great team. We showed that we can play against everyone. We keep improving and we will get positive results.”

Which match will be on Sunday?

“For us all the matches are important, the matches in Florence and Paris were complicated. It will be a difficult match at home against Salernitana. We hope to do better and win which is very important.”

Did you actually ask Di Maria to stay for another year?

“I hope. I’ve already said twice that he should stay with us again. I hope we can make him stay.”

What are your goals for this year?

“Before I do well at Juventus. Then when the time comes I will think of the national team. I have to do well here and achieve our goals and after that I will think of the national team.”

Closing of the press conference by Leandro Paredes