LIVE TJ – Pogba, quite successful intervention. Juventus has arrived in Paris. Agnelli current. summoner from Maria. There is a Rabbit. Allegri is about 3-5-2

22:59 – JUVE press release: POGBA’s intervention fully successful – “This evening, Paul Pogba underwent a selective endoscopic meniscus resection. The surgery, which was performed by Professor Roberto Rossi in the presence of the Director of Health of Juventus, Dr. Luca Stefanini, was completely successful.” Juventus conveys this in a note

21:18 – maybe 3-5-2 – Juventus is at the hotel in Paris and is preparing for the Paris Saint-Germain match. Massimiliano Allegri, in this match, looks destined to pick 3-5-2: Perin will be in the door. Danilo, Bonucci and Bremer must act in defense. While the replay between Cuadrado and de Sciglio is open in the midfield on the right, in the half space of Meretti, Paredes and Rabio, on the left, on the other hand, there will be a Costique. Milik and Vlahovic will act offensively.

Juventus (3-5-2): Perrin. Danilo, Bonucci, Bremer; Cuadrado, Meretti, Paredes, Rabiot, Costic; Vlahovic, Milik.

19:09 – Juve arrives in Paris – Juventus arrived in Paris a few minutes ago.

18:36 – Pogba Sea Opera – Paul Pogba will undergo surgery on his right knee. The Frenchman is expected to stop for six weeks. Only now the press release from Juventus awaits.

16:26 – Watch On The Go – Juventus began the journey that takes them to Paris.

16:01 – Di Maria can’t make it for the Race of Champions – This morning, Angel Di Maria took a test to see if he could take part in the trip to Paris, but in the end he didn’t make the Argentine available for Allegri.

15:42 – Juve arrives in Kassel – Juventus have just arrived in Kassel to leave for Paris.

15:41 – Lamb in boxes – Andrea Agnelli has just arrived in Caselle waiting for the team to arrive.

15:37 – the masked one – Juventus, through their official website, released the list of the squad for the Paris Saint-Germain match:

36 hereditary

23 Pensulio


2 de chileu

3 primer

6 Danilo

12 Alex Sandro

15 gate

19 Bonucci

24 Rojani

5 locatelli

8 McKinney

11 square

17 Kostik

20 Merity

25 ruby

32 paredes

44 beans

9 Vlahovic

14 owned

18 ken

30 soles

14:11 – 18:45 Bianconera Conference – At 6:45 pm, the Juventus press conference will take place and Leonardo Bonucci will speak with Massimiliano Allegri.

​​11:47 – Alex Sandro longer warm-up – Did Alex Sandro do a longer warm-up while the team was playing with the Bull? The Brazilian was a little uncomfortable on Saturday so he will probably start tomorrow from the bench. Juventus, for now, is still training and will leave the Bianconeri at 16 for Paris.

11:46 – Second day on the field for POGBA – Paul Pogba worked on the field today and this was the French player’s second day on the field.

11:35 – Clean weather in Bait Al-Jouf – The atmosphere at Juventus is very calm and the team seems very calm.

11:19 – Workout in progress – Juventus on the field and training for the Champions League. Massimiliano Allegri has all his players. So Di Maria, Alex Sandro and Danilo who have been accused of some illnesses in Florence are fine. Rabiot was also cured. Moreover, in the stadium next to the stadium where Juventus works, there is Paul Pogba who works with and without the ball.

11:15 – Soon JUVE will be on the field at JTC – Soon Juventus will be on the field at JTC to practice for the Champions League match against Paris Saint-Germain.