49′- Bray!! Conclusion from afar, paragraph Senku.

46′- At Juventus Iocolano did not return to the field, and Codrigue replaced him.

21:05 – The shooting begins!!

45′ + 2 – Halftime over: Both teams go to the locker room at 0-0, even if the hosts, who have bumped into two bars, probably deserve the favour.

45′ + 2 – Bendetti searches for Candellone in the area, and nothing Pordenone does.

45′ + 1 – Two minutes of recovery.

37′- Zamarini tries the shot towards Senko’s goal, but this time the Juventus defense manages to close in the last minute.

34′ – Candeloni!! Pordenone Cross!! Nzouango allows the ball to slide captured by the black-and-green tip: his shot hits the crossbar, the second for the homeowners.

33′- Juventus must also resort to a change: Polly leaves, Nzuango enters.

30′- Change to Pordenone: Bassoli exits due to physical problems, Pirrello in his place.

28′- Juventus is progressing with Turicchia, but the work does not find serious outlets forward.

25′- Candeloni!! Conclusion by Pordenone striker.

24′- Amonetto Iokolano: Free kick from the ledge into the building.

22′- Pordenone win the corner.

21′- Juventus is struggling to contain the opponent’s attacks now.

19′- Pordenone is pushing for the advantage, but at this point in the game the chances are not coming from the goal.

12′- Zweli!! Try from the edge on the development of a high corner ball.

9′- Defensively neglecting the Green and Black, Iling was about to take advantage of it, then stopped.

5′ – Traversa del Pordenone!! Magnagy’s header hits the wood with Senku now hit. Great opportunity for locals.

5′- The lights on the field went out because of the water bomb that hit Pordenone before the match.

3′- Pordenone on the pitch in his classic black and green jersey, Juventus in classic black and white.

20:01 – The match begins!!

19:49 – A few minutes into the match, we are just waiting for the two teams to enter the field.

19:40 – Official line-ups for the challenge:

PORDENONE (4-3-1-2): party; Andrioni, Ajeti, Pasoli, Benedetti; Zamarini, Boray, Torrisi; delicious food; Candelon, Magnaghi. Available Martinez, Torchito, Giorico, Dubecas, Pescopo, Masset, La Rosa, Pinato, Biondi, Ingroso, Pirlo, Baldassar, Botani. Carlo’s patron

Juventus Next General (4-3-3): Cinco; Barbieri, Polly, Stramaccioni, Turicchia; Cersante, Parencia, and Zoely; Ealing Jr., da Graca, Ioculano. Available: Raina, Rati, Moharmovic, Nzuango, Sikulov, Codrigue, Mullazzi, Bonetti, Rafia, Cotter, Lipari, Palumbo, Siri, Besso. Brambilla herds.

19:10 Two teams who want to stay at full points in the standings face each other. Both teams, in fact, won on the first day: Juventus beat Trento (2-0 at home), while Pordenone beat Triestina (2-0 away).

19:00 – friends, good afternoon and welcome to the live text of the Pordenone-Juventus Next Gen, match valid for day two of Group A from Serie C.