LIVE TJ – PORDENONE-JUVENTUS NEXT GEN 1-1, Cudrig gives the Bianconeri equal to the last breath

90′ + 6 – ends here!! Juventus Next Gen found a draw at the last second against Pordenone, and were undefeated two days later, just like the Friulian. The hosts who, on points, deserved to win, but to admire the position of the Bianconeri, never interfere.

90′ + 5 – Goal the net!! Codig!! In the last minute, the Bianconeri found an equal goal thanks to a header from the striker that Besso pushed in. 1-1!!

90′ + 1 – 4 minutes of recovery.

89′- Little was played in the final minutes, and many errors break the rhythm of the game.

87′- Andreoni warned in the ranks of Pordenone.

86′- Yes Grassa!! An attempt from within the region, he did nothing for Juventus.

83′- Barrenechea was warned.

82′- The change for Juventus: Cersante’s exit, Seri’s entry.

79′- Pirillo’s beautiful finish on da Graca, holding 1-0 to the hosts.

78′- Change to Pordenone: Biondi replaces Deli.

73′- Codrigue!! Serious score from inside the area, the ball touching the shaft.

70′- Pordenone’s second coach, Mezzanotti, was expelled due to the protests. 2 yellow him.

68′- Argeti warned.

68′- Two changes to Juve: Rafia and Bezu replace Elling and Zuelle.

66′ – Biscopo!! Pordenone is still dangerous in the corner, this time Cinco manages to come to the rescue.

61 & # 39; – Pirlo!! Pordenone goal!! Burai’s corner finds Pirlo’s head able to beat Senku. 1-0!!

59′- Change for Pordenone: Magnaghi exits, Piscopo enters. Benato also enters, to give him the place is Torrasi.

56′- Candeloni!! Conclusion from a narrow angle, Senku is ready and paragraph.

52′- Pirello warned.

51′- Corner for clubs that have no influence, it is always 0-0 between Pordenone and Juventus next generation.

49′- Bray!! Conclusion from afar, paragraph Senku.

46′- At Juventus Iocolano did not return to the field, and Codrigue replaced him.

21:05 – The shooting begins!!

45′ + 2 – Halftime over: Both teams go to the locker room at 0-0, even if the hosts, who have bumped into two bars, probably deserve the favour.

45′ + 2 – Bendetti searches for Candellone in the area, and nothing Pordenone does.

45′ + 1 – Two minutes of recovery.

37′- Zamarini tries the shot towards Senko’s goal, but this time the Juventus defense manages to close in the last minute.

34′ – Candeloni!! Pordenone Cross!! Nzouango allows the ball to slide captured by the black-and-green tip: his shot hits the crossbar, the second for the homeowners.

33′- Juventus must also resort to a change: Polly leaves, Nzuango enters.

30′- Change to Pordenone: Bassoli exits due to physical problems, Pirrello in his place.

28′- Juventus is progressing with Turicchia, but the work does not find serious outlets forward.

25′- Candeloni!! Conclusion by Pordenone striker.

24′- Amonetto Iokolano: Free kick from the ledge into the building.

22′- Pordenone win the corner.

21′- Juventus is struggling to contain the opponent’s attacks now.

19′- Pordenone is pushing for the advantage, but at this point in the game the chances are not coming from the goal.

12′- Zweli!! Try from the edge on the development of a high corner ball.

9′- Defensively neglecting the Green and Black, Iling was about to take advantage of it, then stopped.

5′ – Traversa del Pordenone!! Magnagy’s header hits the wood with Senku now hit. Great opportunity for locals.

5′- The lights on the field went out because of the water bomb that hit Pordenone before the match.

3′- Pordenone on the pitch in his classic black and green jersey, Juventus in classic black and white.

20:01 – The match begins!!

19:49 – A few minutes into the match, we are just waiting for the two teams to enter the field.

19:40 – Official line-ups for the challenge:

PORDENONE (4-3-1-2): party; Andrioni, Ajeti, Pasoli, Benedetti; Zamarini, Boray, Torrisi; delicious food; Candelon, Magnaghi. Available Martinez, Torchito, Giorico, Dubecas, Pescopo, Masset, La Rosa, Pinato, Biondi, Ingroso, Pirlo, Baldassar, Botani. Carlo’s patron

Juventus Next General (4-3-3): Cinco; Barbieri, Polly, Stramaccioni, Turicchia; Cersante, Parencia, and Zoely; Ealing Jr., da Graca, Ioculano. Available: Raina, Rati, Moharmovic, Nzuango, Sikulov, Codrigue, Mullazzi, Bonetti, Rafia, Cotter, Lipari, Palumbo, Siri, Besso. Brambilla herds.

19:10 Two teams who want to stay at full points in the standings face each other. Both teams, in fact, won on the first day: Juventus beat Trento (2-0 at home), while Pordenone beat Triestina (2-0 away).

19:00 – friends, good afternoon and welcome to the live text of the Pordenone-Juventus Next Gen, match valid for day two of Group A from Serie C.