15:51 – Triple whistle, ends here!

93′ – Saint-Germain’s chance! Great free kick from Pensola, but the ball only touched the post. Paris Saint-Germain is very close to the sixth goal.

91 ‘- Hasa warned! Late letter for the number 10 in a penny.

90 minutes – 4 minutes of recovery reported.

85 & # 39; – Change in Juventus: Mulazzi leaves, Dellavale enters.

84′ – Doratiotto was ejected. The second yellow for the captain of Juventus. Juventus in ten.

83 & # 39; – Doratiotto looks for the cross towards the center of the area, takes out the Mouquet and collects blocks.

81′ – Great intrusion from Scalia! Tchicamboud runs to the left and looks for a shot at the near post. Juventus answers #1 are out there.

79′ – Jules della Juventus, Hogsen! Juventus defender does not miss from eleven meters.

79′ – A penalty kick for Juventus! Turkish landed in the penalty area.

77′ – tally, great goal! The perfect penalty for a 10 slipping under the cross, nothing to do for Bouquet.

75′ – Hanash warned! The Parisian captain rejected Mancini’s shot. Penalty from the edge to Juventus.

74 & # 39; Juventus’ chance! Strijdonck’s personal single player entering the area, marries the ball on the left hand and kicks towards the near post. Moke is attentive and refuses.

73′ – A double change also in PSG: the departure of Bagbema and the West, the entry of Mbappe, Luten and Pensola.

72′ – The change in Juventus: Bwindi leaves and Pisapia enters.

71′ – Western cramps, race stops.

69 & # 39; – Doratiotto trial with the left, Mouquet blocks without problems.

69′ – very low cadences at this moment in the race. Juventus don’t seem to have the strength to look for a goal.

67′ – The match resumes.

65 & # 39; – Mancini on the floor in pain after a struggle with Lamy. The game has stopped.

64′ – Scalia is a miracle! Bagpima frees the Westerner head-to-head with Scalia, but the Juventus goalkeeper is very adept at resisting the exit.

62′ – Juventus’ chance! My soul frees Toriko in the area, the number 9 moves the ball left-handed and throws a big left to cross. Moquet is good and turns the ball into a corner.

60 & # 39; – Bagbema tried his left foot from a distance, the ball abundantly to the side.

58′ – Bwindi warned.

57′ – First change in PSG: Lemina’s exit and Chickhambod’s entry.

56 & # 39; Montero is trying to raise the pace, but the Bianconeri are unable to make themselves dangerous in attack.

53′ – A change in Juventus: the exit of Yildiz and the entry of Mancini.

52′ – Lamy’s low and tense cross towards the center of the area, Huijsen clears the Juve area.

50′ – Lamina and Al Gharbi try to have a dialogue on the edge of the area but are unable to complete the triangle. Ball recovered from Juventus.

49′ – Bagpima Warning! Late intervention in Doratiotto.

48′ – PSG again! On corner developments, Scaglia doesn’t move well and Bagbema tries over the edge. His conclusion was rejected by the Juventus defense.

47′ – PSG started strong in the second half, the Parisians just winning with a corner kick with Lamy.

46′ – Juventus double change: Valdesi and Mbangola leave, Sensual and Strijddonk enter.

15:02 – The shooting begins!

14:49 – There is only PSG on the field in the first half. The Kamara boys dominate at great distances, concluding with a four-goal lead. In the goal, Hosni (dual), Zaire Emery, Gharbi and Lamina. For Juventus, the goal bears the signature of Mbangola.

14:47 – First time ends here.

47′- Fifth goal for PSG and Limina. Another mistake in the withdrawal of Juventus, the West leads the counter-attack and serves Limina, the 11th controller, enters the area and beats Scalia.

45′ – There will be two minutes of recovery.

44′ – Paris Saint-Germain’s fourth goal was also scored by Western. Big ball in the rear to look for the Parisian No. 10, Scalia is reluctant to get out and the West overtakes him with a very soft kick.

43′ – Doratiotto warned for protests.

42′ – As the corner kick develops, Mouquet comes out in desperation and manages to take the ball out.

41 & # 39; – Mulazzi throw deep and take a corner kick. Try to get Montero’s team back forward.

38′ – Saint-Germain’s chance! A large ball vertically for Montu wa Mongo, the Paris Saint-Germain winger enters the penalty area and seeks to help Hosni’s rush, but the ball is inaccurate and the Parisian player No. 9 fails to carry it.

36′ – PSG’s third net, Hosni. A deep throw from behind by Fernandez who finds Hosni behind the defense, the number 9 from Paris Saint-Germain enters the area and beats Scalia.

35′ – Juventus’ chance! Mbangula stroke toward the middle of the area where Hoysen found his header, but his shot hit the side just a little bit too far.

33′ – Lamy warned! The intervention is clearly late on Boende and a free kick from the left for Juventus.

33′ – When developing a free kick, Doratiotto tries to hit from the edge but doesn’t hit the ball well.

32′- My mother’s fault on my soul. The trocar penalty for Juventus.

31′ – The race resumes!

29′ – Trouble for the Westerner after the match clash. Number 10 from Paris Saint-Germain on the ground in pain. Gaara paused for a moment.

28 & # 39; – Juventus tried to raise the pace, and Montero’s men were stationed for a few minutes in the Paris Saint-Germain half.

25′- Penalty hit by PSG towards the center of the area, Valdesi is free.

25′ – Mbangula warned. Late letter No. 11 on Zaire Emery.

23′ – Limina! Replaced with speed No. 11 with Western and Lamina controls and looking left from twenty metres. high ball.

23′ – Dratiotto seeks the score at the far post, but the ball ends directly at the bottom.

22′ – A late tackle on Mulazzi by Bitshiabu, penalty by the short side of the penalty area for Montero.

20′ – Turco hasn’t entered the game well yet, Juventus’ No. 9 has yet to touch many balls.

17′- GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL, LA RIAPRE LA JUVENTUS: BANGULA! When developing a free kick, PSG’s defense made the mistake of moving the ball away from the penalty area and Mbangula was ready, scoring 2-1.

15′ – Go vertical to search for Western, but the clip is inaccurate and becomes Scalia’s prey.

12′ – Juventus’ chance! A big ball vertically for Ylds who freed up head-on with Mukeh, the Turkish striker looks for digs at the exit of the goalkeeper who, however, opposes him in the most optimal way.

11′ – Saint-Germain’s Chance! Lemina receives on the trocar, brings the ball forward and looks for the right, but the ball ends on the side.

11′ – Team Camara continues to hold the ball, Juventus tries to press forward but fails to recover the ball.

7′- Double PSG, Zair Emery. A stunning lead for the Parisian midfielder entering the penalty area and a header over Scalia. Juventus is in great difficulty.

5′ – PSG again! A cross pass from the right to Lamy to search for the Western, and the Parisian No. 10 tries the hemisphere, but his conclusion is rejected by Huygsen.

3′ – Paris Saint-Germain feature, Hosni. Western enters the area and equalizes the interference Muntu Wa Mungu, No. 3 of PSG skips low towards the near goal where Hosny is free to carry.

2′ – Juventus tries on the spot: Turco sends Mullazzi deep, No. 33 is looking for a cross towards the center of the area for the next Bungola but a wrong cross pass and intercepted by the Paris defence.

1′ – The first ball of the match was transferred by PSG.

14:00 – Paris Saint-Germain-Juventus begins!

13:57 – Teams in the field!

13:53 – The warm-up is over, soon the teams will be on the field!

13:38 – For the Bianconeri, this is the first appearance of the season in the youth league.

13:30 – Teams on the field to warm up.

Official lineups

Paris Saint-Germain (3-4-2-1): Moke. Fernandez, El Hanash (centre), Pichiapo; Lamy, Zaire; Imre, Bagpima, God’s Man; Lamina, Al Gharb, Hosny.
Available: Laurendon, Zague, Mbappe Lottin, Diawara, Bensoula, Tchicamboud, Mukelenge.
Coach: View the camera.

Juventus (4-4-2): Scale; Waldensian, Nzuango, Hogsen, Rouhi; Mulaze, Bwindi, Duratiotu (centre), Mbangula; Turkish, Yildiz.
Available: Daffara, Dellavale, Strijdonck, Pisapia, Hasa, Maressa, and Mancini.
Coach: Paolo Montero.

Rule: Sven Jablonski (Germany)
helpers: Christoph Jonsch (Germany) and Eric Müller (Germany)

Fourth officer: Roman Lessorge (from)

13:15 – Hello and welcome to the live broadcast of Paris Saint-Germain – Juventus PrimaveraThe match is valid for the first day of Group H of the Youth League. This afternoon, at 14:00, the boys of Coach Montero will make their European debut on the Place de Paris. Last season, the Bianconeri, who was coached by Bonatti at the time, fought in the semi-finals with Benfica, and lost on penalties, while the Parisians were eliminated from the quarter-finals at the hands of Salzburg.