LIVE TMW – Galliani: “Palladino is a brave choice as Sacchi. Stroppa? This is football”

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Adriano Gallianito del Monzawill speak during the press conference for The Palladino Show.

14.03 – The Red and White CEO’s intervention began: “I wanted to hug Stroppa, just over three months ago he took us to Serie A. It’s a result that makes us proud: thinking about playing on Sunday against Juventus. Did Stroppa ask me a legitimate question: why did you exonerate me?” Football is this, when the results do not arrive the game expects that you can acquit a coach. There is no point in making moral speeches, Monza is the last in the ranking and he has decided to change the technical guide, we chose Rafael Palladino, he is not a navigator. He is the coach of the future, because it is very simple He started his career very well.”

Many names were shot. Was it your first choice?
“We thought for a long time with President Berlusconi about what to do, we also thought about other coaches, we thought about others, but we chose Rafael for many reasons. We are convinced that he can perform well, he has the stigma of a great coach inside him. In these years The four, I saw what happened to the structures, we do a lot, and we found that Monza you all know, we brought it to A as promised. Then I covered all Monzello with a sentence: “It took 112 years to go to Serie A, we can’t take 12 months to get back into Serie B.” Thinking of Monza Juventus excites me, I am a fan of Monza far from the blogosphere. Brave decision, I did not run for Senate because I want to devote myself to Monza full time. I want to make my contribution to maintain the category. I add that since yesterday the new goalkeeper coach He is Alfredo Magni, he brought up Gigio Donnarumma. In Milan, it was a choice shared with the technician, I respect him a lot.”

Is Monza still aspiring to the tenth place after the transfer market?
“Berlusconi or I teams provide more news, but the new rookie changes a lot. It is clear that one has to enter the market massively when you are promoted to Serie A. 16 players have arrived, we must make an effort to maintain the desired goal. It’s not the eighteenth, nineteenth, or twentieth.”

Did the relationship with Stroppa fall apart?
“There was a difference in performance in the second half in the first six days. However, we did not do anything new in football, I say this with the emotion I have with Giovanni Strupba. Thank you for the promotion, but we have considered a change of technical guide.”

Is it the bravest choice to manage it?
“Coming here, Sacchi called me: ‘I read about a brave choice, but you did it with me too,'” he told me. We brought in Milan a coach who was not a great player and never coached in Serie A. I would like to compare this a lot to Sacchi’s choice.

Will the Juventus and Salernitana controversy affect Sunday’s match?
“In old football it was said they did you a favor after a foul. I didn’t believe it at that moment, let alone now. The VAR has greatly reduced fouls, technology has to be used, and all sports do it. Nothing,” Monza says. As for the referees, I don’t want to join the chorus of protesters: the Monza-Juventus referees will not be influenced at least by the fact that Candreva kept Bonucci in the game or not.”

This Monza is similar to the 2008-09 Cagliari. Did you talk about it with Allegri?
“With Allegri I remained in great relations, when I went to Cagliari, I told him that he had a role in fitness to be Milan coach. Throughout four autumns and three springs, he has always achieved great results, then in football you win and you lose. However, the club wants to keep the category, we believe That Palladino can perform well, the confidence is long-term. I asked him if he wanted to play for Juve right away or wait for the break: he decided to leave immediately.”

Have you spoken to President Berlusconi? (Question directed to Palladino)
“I answer this. I suggest and the chief acts. When there is a suitable person, he takes her to dinner at Arcore. On Monday evening, Mr. Palladino came with me to dinner, spoke to the chief and there he was. At the end of Sina became coach of Monza.”

14.45 – Adriano Galliani’s press conference ends.