LIVE TMW – Juventus, Allegri: “Excuse me? I missed it! I’m in charge, the staff is doing well”

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13:45 – Massimiliano Allegri presents Monza – JuventusThe race is valid for the seventh day of the Serie A championship, scheduled to be held tomorrow at 3 pm at the U Power stadium in Monza. provides you with Press Conference From the Juventus coach, scheduled for 2 pm, live.

14:02 – Allegri takes his place in the press room: the Juventus coach’s conference begins now.

What reaction do you want to see?
“More than just reacting, you need a lot of respect for Monza. In the matches he played at home he was always good, scoring the first point in Serie A in Lecce. She has good personalities, we should pay more attention than those who suffer from Deficient situations. We could have avoided the goals we scored. Marks and readings should be done better.”

Do you think we should question the work that has been done in light of the injuries?
“Compared to what was written this morning. That was a conversation set up as an interview. It’s not a question of a hypothetical Juventus, if the best team played on the pitch, we wouldn’t have it. One thing is clear to everyone. I did an injury report: compared to last year we had 11 injuries. Muscles, last year 10. We played 8 more games and we had McKinney, Pogba, Kiza and other players who played more. We are always in the debate, definitely we were wrong. I am the first and I am more wrong than the others. In these moments it takes a lot of clarity. If we win with Benfica What were we going to say? I think there are some things to improve. At the moment, it is pointless to give explanations. We lack results and are behind in the Champions League and lost to Benfica. We are four points behind in the championship. We can’t see everything negative, we should To try to finish well tomorrow and then after the break we get some players back. We should try to go to Lisbon to play the final. What’s negative now can be positive in 20 days. Last year we had problems with flexors, this year with close people. We try to give Us an explanation of the injuries, but no Doubt the fact that the staff are doing well.”

Don’t you think there is a need for a clear choice in terms of tactical deployment?
“I don’t want to get bored, but to give continuity to the playing system you have to have players available. So far, Di Maria has been out since August 20 and apart from him, Cuadrado who can play on the right wing and no longer does the same as he was from Before due to characteristics and age issues, I had to change. But the playing system is not the problem, we have to limit the mistakes we make in Benfica’s first goal. It’s not the penalty kick itself, we had our own ball in the opponent’s area and we lost any mark on the ball. That’s out. That should be avoided, we take too many goals too easily. I said it in Paris straight away, sometimes it seems like I’m just seeing things and so I worry about myself. Maybe I’m wrong and questioning myself above all else.”

Tomorrow will leave Di Maria and Chezny as key players?
“Locatelli, Alex Sandro and Rabiot are not there. Teck is there but he’s not at his best, he still has some discomfort in his foot, Perin is playing. Di Maria will be back from the first minute, I have to evaluate if Kane or Kostik is playing. They change with some The players, then I have to decide who to play in defense. Tomorrow is a nice game to play, I meet my dear friend Galliani, with the president I am always happy to see them. They did something extraordinary to bring Monza to Serie A. But we need to win to get a good stop.”

Do you think you did something wrong?
“I might have missed the changes, the training, the preparation… a lot of things.”

Do you feel disconnected from the team in perceiving its dictates?
“The only thing I am sure of is that as usual in these moments there are those who see it as negative and who don’t like me, I always see an opportunity for improvement. If we win I see room for improvement, when we lose it will be easy to see them instead, they are more messy. We are not talking about The problems but about the solution. There is just what needs to be done, and play. I am sure the team is fine. Even the physical condition, after the goal we scored in the first half, we started running again with a reaction. We started well in the second half, Then we didn’t get in the middle of the field and conceded the goal. We should feel a little more in danger when we don’t have the ball. I’ve already been through these times, the more we cry if you really see things proactively, I think you do better. Then the results give you more Peace of mind The results give you more peace of mind, I always give an example when we fell out of the newspaper after the loss in Sassuolo. The next day or I smiled at all the criticism and smiled at Juventus who “played poorly”. If you have time, see those The match there: Juventus suffered a shot with Sanson and then missed Goals, the day after being criticized with the nicknames “the coach who doesn’t understand anything”. After a round, the funny thing was this, pay attention: we play here with Sassuolo, a terrible match, we win 1-0 together and risk the impossible. We were at the top of the table and I wrote: What a great Juventus! On the other hand, I told the boys: We sucked! But that’s what you see and perceive from things, it’s not that everything was OK to win and top the rankings because the performance is still the same, and this is the moment that makes you lean from side to side. That’s why we need to be calm, the team that made mistakes is doing well and we have to prepare well for the break. I told him: Don’t spoil my stop, it’s important. Prepare the second part of the matches before November. This is football, this is life. Now we have to shut up and try to win tomorrow.”

Have you spoken to management in recent days?
“I missed the fact that Allegri was acquitted, I felt inferior. I am very happy about this. With the club we talk every day in a calm manner, we analyze. I always owe clarifications to the club, you have to think about work and do the cause but we can only improve.”

Do you feel responsible for this situation?
“I’m responsible. But you read it wrong. You see it upside down, on the contrary. Did I have all the players available before? No. Is the team doing well? Yes. In the conditions we are in. In football if you win, do you win?” You are a good man, if you lose? Then….”

Why did you miss the exemption status? Some fans are wondering if you’re ready to back off… what do you think?
“Since there is a half result, Allegri is under discussion. I enjoy it, and I understand you very much. I seem to be speaking Italian correctly, and said I am confident in what we are doing and what it will be. It is normal for the results to judge my work and the work of the staff, that is normal. I would To say we need to be confident about this and I’m convinced and calm.”

Is the moment more complicated after you talk about the players playing?
“We talked to the team. We can’t concede goals easily, we have to take them if the others are very good. We talked a little bit with the team because at the moment we have to think about doing it. Tomorrow it will be difficult, Monza have changed coaches and in Lecce. They played a good game. They We have seen so many matches and we have to make the right smart game and through performance we take down the score.Then face the pit stop in the best way and face the second tranche of matches with more players hoping those who go to the national team will come back well.Confidence to continue the tournament and meet this challenge Which is temporarily impossible, but it must be done and it is not impossible. He will be in a different position in the tournament.”

14:20 – Massimiliano Allegri’s press conference is now over.