LIVE TMW – Naples, Spalletti: “I had an operation yesterday. Osimene? Let’s decide tomorrow morning”

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Luciano Spalletti The coach will speak at a press conference on the eve of the Champions League match with Liverpool, which will open Group A. The coach will speak at 13.30 from the Konami Training Center in Castel Volturno to answer questions from the press, flanked by team captain Giovanni Di Lorenzo. It will suggest ads in real time

Luciano Spalletti explains that he had an accident: “I had an accident on Sunday morning while coming to Sirigu and Demme center. A broken collarbone was found, then through the doctors we called our referrer Castagna, in Milan they were very kind. 7 hours of travel, at 4, wait for me, they paid more From the checks, at 11 they found a space to work, I got out at 3 and they laid me off at 7. Through a friend, I’m back at Castel Volturno tonight, everything ok, I just jumped there for training yesterday, but I have my captain here to support me (laughs, Editor). I also thank immortal Castel Volturno who spread the news, there are some in every center and there are also here. Things are here otherwise they have no place in the newspapers.”

How excited are you to return to the Champions League?
“You’ll see me like this for a long time, and I’m going to have to wear it for a month, and they put a plate and seven screws on me. I’m so excited to be at the Football Festival, the music from the locker rooms is like in addition to the ones on the pitch. It’s already on mobile, it’s Joe Jamil, a prize in the great tournament that took place last year, and that’s what everyone is striving for. In the Champions League, the dead ball becomes alive in an instant and he decides the match, that’s a big difference compared to the championship.”

On the terms of Osimhen and Lozano.
“Lozano is available, he did all the training. Yesterday Osimin was this nuisance, zero training yesterday, differentiated today, with the group tomorrow morning, and if the answer is positive like today in the middle step, he will try to kick, do something stronger and if the answer is positive he can play” .

As for the characteristics of Liverpool and the way they handle the competition, do you think your Napoli can express themselves at their best?
“The differences are big, when you do everything perfectly, they take the game out of the hat and put you in difficulty, you always have to run it to the limit. Even when the ball is out of court, that ball can go anywhere. You have to anticipate all the action.” We said we didn’t know the team’s reaction after the empty pass with Lecce, but they showed it to us and so these players will make Maradona fall in love again because they train well and I have an unbridled passion for the game and the players. I am convinced by the colors that they will have a great race.”

On paper, Liverpool are the favorites in the group, but despite watching Napoli in Lazio would you sign for a draw too for the sake of self-esteem?
“That would limit what we saw, even Lazio knows the football they play and the players they have, we went there to win in a difficult stadium. The idea of ​​receiving praise, but with the idea of ​​winning, that is the signal, as happened in 2-1 in Rome by introducing attacking players. To get the third.”

Georgian journalist asks for continuous changes to Kvaratakhlia: When will the resistance be improved and can it be improved?
“In football, this can happen, out of state, with the five substitutions sometimes being left the best of them to use when they can make the decision. It seems to me in perfect shape, Napoli also has strong players and yes they evaluate everything. We are happy with the boy, especially As a man and a person, as well as a football player.”