Locatelli saves, Allegri’s words spark criticism

interview with Massimiliano Allegri chest Mario Sconcert on poles Corriere della Sera Makes people argue For several reasonsbut among the various points that raise some controversy, there is what was revealed by a technician Juventus be Manuel Locatelli.

Locatelli, from important share to reserve

The building: The European champion midfielder arrived in Turin last season on a free loan from Sassuolo, with a two-year formula and a commitment to redeem 25 million plus 12.5 in any bonuses. In the 2021-2022 championship, the 1998 class played a total of 43 matches between the first division and cups for 3 goals, while this season we have 6 matches and did not witness any injuries.

But Locatelli’s presence on the field is in fact also the result of Juventus who at the start of the season had to contend with a series of unexpected events that undermined Allegri’s tactical plans, first and foremost the injuries of the valuable pieces rented this year. Pogba. Indeed, the Tuscany coach’s goal was to exploit Locatelli as a first reserve in midfield, as suggested in an interview with Sconcerti: “Juventus was conceived in another way. With Rabio-Paredes-Pogba in the midfield plus Locatelli to be the first to take charge. Di Maria and Chiesa on the wings, Vlahovic in the middle. Juventus is now a default.”

Tactical doubts in Juventus “hypothetical” from Allegri

At the moment, Rabiot has a muscle problem in his left calf, and Locatelli himself suffers from a physical headache (he missed matches against Salernitana, Benfica and Monza, and we will see him again on the pitch after the national team break.). But Allegri’s words make clear that the European champion in the original plans was a backup, instead at this tournament start, due to the other absences of his teammates who ended up in the dispensary (First of all Pogba), covered the midfield defects in the three-man midfield – as we saw against Sassuolo, or against Roma – and in the central squad in a four-man squad.

So Locatelli had his place in the sun before the injury, but it is remarkable that it was the last resort exploited by Allegri who had no intention of considering the Italian as a mainstay, despite the investment Juve made (and of the consideration we have for the young players in our home country).

Chorus criticizes Allegri’s words in relation to Locatelli

On the Internet, comments were wasted, mostly criticism. Jacopo Azolini tweeted: “The part about Locatelli is still hallucinating. Both because he prefers Rabiot, and because he publicly tells the world that he is a reserve, which insults the player.” Giuventinismo adds to the potion: “Take Pogba and Di Maria (35) and then complain about being hurt. You complain about a lack of imagination in the last 30m and you don’t renew Dybala – you complain about the lack of thrust on the wings and you renew De Sciglio. You’re making fun of Locatelli by belittling him,” she concludes with an insult to the technician which we obviously omit.

Gabe analyzes: “Bought Locatelli for 40 million, a year later he became a player whose value had completely decreased and Allegri himself today classified him as a reserve. On the other hand, fate can only be in his hands that there is nothing he could exploit since his return.” Sophie is bitter: “Imagine Locatelli reading the interview where his coach tells the whole world that he does not consider him an owner, having himself made him devalue him by making him always play outside his role, and not put him in a position to improve.” B. replies, expanding the discussion: “If only Locatelli. He said he lost 5 key players and added, “There are no players on the field.” Practically speaking, with these words and defining Juventus as “virtual”, he said that the materials at his disposal were nonsense. For heaven’s sake, many don’t tell Sconcerti.” Finally, Valerio Amadi argues, “I don’t know and I don’t even want to know what Locatelli is thinking now. She paid 40 million, also at Allegri’s behest, only to be told a year later he was a reserve. Not many realize how much Allegri devalues ​​every player in the team.”