Loyal old man, sari starts off well

At Olympique Luis Alberto, Felipe Anderson scored two goals from Uruguay. The Dutchman Jimenez from the penalty spot

Start with the right footEuropean League subordinate Lazio This is in the opening match in the Olympics beat Feyenoord 4-2. Sarri’s team dominated the first half, opening the position 3 minutes early with the inclusion of Louis Alberto Just in front of the goalkeeper. fifteen minutes Philip Anderson led to a lightning fast reboot e neighbor In the 28th minute, the three of the same type were dropped by repeating a ball rejected by Bello on the net. In the second half, Vecino again knocked down the poker with a pass from Luis Alberto before Jimenez’s Pillar In the last twenty minutes for Feyenoord.

the match

Once that was enough to Lazio, in fact less than that, to rival Feyenoord and forget the insidious defeat in the league with Napoli. Sarri limited Duran realizing the importance of winning a set European League Thus, from the three points against Feyenoord. Getting close to the race did the rest. a Lazio Cannibals devoured the Dutch team with a practically perfect half hour leading to a 3-0 Biancocelesti achievement without leaving the opponent right of reply.

An hour with the best players available and then contemplating the tournament, a reaction on the pitch to the first indignation that put the last Conference League finalists on the corner. Heading, dribbling and technique led to Lazio gaining an instant advantage with Ficino’s invention sending the goal from outside. Louis Alberto To get 1-0 comfortable. The doubling came in a quarter of an hour with the Lazio brand, the quick restart in portrait mode, which wrapped up Philip Anderson Return from the right and kick the first surprise post Bigol. Not only that, even half an hour ago neighbor At first he was denied a goal by chance “Dodek-style” by the Feyenoord goalkeeper, and then repeatedly found it on the net, the goalkeeper rejected Zakani’s cross.

Before and after many other occasions for Lazio from Sarri, who slipped physiologically only at the start of the second half with a gentle approach to the second half infuriating the Biancoceleste coach. rather bad, neighbor He confirmed the evening of grace and as the protagonist by first signing two goals with the perfect pass from Luis Alberto in the 63rd minute, then causing Tighten your Gimenez Which started Feyenoord’s quick comeback ended with two goals from the Mexican three minutes before the end after Al-Idrisi’s cross.

report cards

Neighbor 7.5 – Inspired by the game from the start. First he sends Luis Alberto to the goal to open the match, then he touches and finds personal happiness. In the middle of the field, he controls the duels and ends the match with two goals and one assist, not bad. Not to lose anything, however, he naively throws Feyenoord’s penalty kick Jimenez into the area.

Louis Albert 7.5 Talent is at the forefront, but that’s not new. In front of the ice keeper after coming in at the right times in the Feyenoord defense, he then drew a soccer ball that also made it easier not to stifle the Dutch. Help with the Ficino prop.

Felipe Anderson 7 – Like colleagues, he was dominant throughout the first half on the right and left. Target is a pearl that surprises the imperfect Bigelow, but completes an excellent restart of Lazio.

Zaccagni 6.5 – On the left he does as he pleases, but is frantic at the last choice that costs him some excellent missed opportunities. With Marosic, he does what he wants.

Lazio Feyenoord 4-2
Lazio (4-3-3):
Providel 6 Hisage 6, Gila 6, Romagnoli 6.5 (27 Patrick Street 6), Marosic 6.5 (30 sv. Radu Street); Vecino 7.5 (25′ st Milinkovic-Savic 6), Cataldi 6, Luis Alberto 7.5 (25′ st Basic 6); Felipe Anderson 7, Building 6 (25′ st Cancellieri 6), Zaccagni 6.5. Available: Maximiano, Magro, Marcos Antonio, Casale, Romero, Lazzari, Bertini. Coach: Sarri 7.
Feyenoord (4-3-3): Bigelow 5; Pedersen 4, Trauner 4, Hanko 4, Hartmann 4.5; Timbers 5 (41′ st Paixao sv), Kokcu 5.5, Szymanski 5 (1′ st Jahanbakhsh 5.5); Walemark 5 (25′ st Idrissi 6), Pereira 5 (19′ st Gimenez 6,5), Dilrosun 5 (19′ st Wieffer 6). Des: Marciano, Willenrother, Bjorkan, Rasmussen, Lopez, Benita, Taboni. All: Aperture 5.
Rule: de Burgos (Spain)
Signs: 3′ Luis Alberto (left), 15′ Philip Anderson (left), 28′ Ficino (left), 18′ St. Ficino (left), 24′ rig. Gimenez (F), 43 ‘st Gimenez (F)
ammonite: Philip Anderson (left), Idrissi (female)
Fired: no one