MagicShine, the high-performance bike lights now distributed by Ciclo Promo

Official information

Components of the course promotion He is the official distributor Magic ShineThe brand for high performance bike lights.
MagicShine has been designing and developing technically advanced, high-quality lights since 1999 and offers a wide range of products that vary in power, battery, and duration. Below you will find a selection of the most interesting proposals, with features and prices.

mountain chain

Monteer headlights series available with 6500 o 3500 lumens It allows maximum brightness and is suitable For both road cyclists and motorcyclists.

The lamp body is made of aluminum alloy and equipped with a temperature control system that ensures high cooling efficiency and maximum resistance to all kinds of weather conditions thanks to the IPX5 certification.

Magic Shine

Maximum battery life is 75 hours for the Monteer 3,500 lumens model and 40 hours for the 6,500 lumens model.
3500 lumen model compatible with both handlebar and helmet.

Magic Shine

the prices: 422.90 € (model 6500 lumens) e 229.90 € (3500 lumens).

Siri Ray

Ray 2100 The headlight is a dual-LED configuration for a maximum power of 2,100 lumens, along with an optimized precision focus and scattering lenses, that form an ideal beam of light for road and mountain biking.

Magic Shine

Equipped with two smart cards: A brightness sensor It monitors the level of ambient light and switches from day mode (40 lumens) to night mode (full brightness at wide range), while vibration sensor Instead, it puts the light to sleep after 3 minutes of inactivity and reactivates when motion is detected.

Magic Shine

Ray 1100 Designed for those who need a long-range spot light and a short-range diffused light, it offers a maximum battery life of 37.6 hours and is compatible with a variety of handlebars and helmet mounts.

the prices: 149.90 € (Ray 2100) H €79.90 (Ray 1100).

Allty . series

Equipped with an anti-glare lens, the Allty series headlights feature a cut-out Maximum output 800 lumensWhich makes it ideal for road cycling at night.
The seamless aluminum body provides a durable IPX7 waterproof housing and excellent heat dissipation.
Maximum battery life is 11 hours.

Front light is also available Alte 600 and copy Allty mini da 300 Lumens are ideal for occasional cyclists who want to be visible in traffic.
Allty series taillights are also available in combinations with Seemee taillights.

the prices: €65.90 (Allty 800); €49.90 (Allty 600) e € 30,90 (Ulti mini).

Seemee . series

Seemee series of tail lights Equipped with a special car Sensitive to environmental conditions Thus able to adjust light intensity automatically.
Seemee 200 and Seemee 180 are also equipped with motion detector Integrated is able to respond while braking, increase brightness and put rider safety first.

looks 200
It has a cube-shaped design and is able to withstand heavy rain and pressurized water.
Maximum battery life is 50 hours.

As for the model looks 180 Maximum battery life is 18 hours.

the prices: €54.90 (looks like 200) e €46.90 (It seems 180).

Me 1000 . series

For e-bike lovers, the front light about me 1000 1000 lumens, first E-bike specific lightwhich is battery/motor powered and does not require additional batteries.

Brizzo: €74.90

For some MagicShine models, it is possible to purchase a file Optional wireless remote control To control the light from a distance.

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