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The Swiss-Emirati rider beats Al-Azraq, who will compete in the Australian World Cup in ten days, at the finish line in Pontedera. The third is Daniel Martinez, who faded for several kilometers, before being picked up, the idea of ​​being able to win on his own. Among the top ten, two are Movistar riders: who bring heavy points to the Spanish team for the three-year team classification, aiming for redemption.

Here are the top 10 in GIRO DI TOSCANA 2022
1 – Mark Hershey (United Arab Emirates)
2. Lorenzo Rota (Intermarchè) + 0:00
3. Daniel Martinez (INEOS Grenadiers) + 0:00
4. Augusto Rubio (Movistar) + 0:00
5. Stephen Keys (EF Education-EasyPost) + 0:00
6. Alex Aranborough (Movistar) + 0:13
7. Andreas Kron (Loto Soudal) + 0:13
8. Paul Double (Mg.K Vis-Color for Peace-VPM) + 0:13
9. Guillam Martin (Cofidis) +0:13
10. Andrii Ponomar (Drone Hopper-Androni Giocattoli) + 0:13

16.26 Lorenzo Rota in second, then Martinez in third.

16.24 Begins to fly: MAAAAAAARC HIRSCHIIIIIIIIIIII! Wins Giro di Toscana 2022.

16.24 There are 500 meters at the end: practically very still.

16.24 They frown at each other.

16.23 The last kilometer! Practically all five are in space.

16.20 There are 2 km to the end! Pick up a person or a five-man enemy?

16.18 These are the men who will play for the Giro di Toscana 2022 victory: Chaves (EF Education-EasyPost), Rota (Intermarket – Wanty – Gobert Materials), Rubio (Movistar Team), Hirschi (UAE Team Emirates), Daniel Martinez (INEOS Grenadiers).

16.17 Martinez resume!

16.15 Watch out! There are 6 kilometers to the finish, the second advantage is reduced to 6.

16.13 Daniel Martinez loses in seconds.

16.10 Less than 10 km to the end!

16.08 The chase group eats a few seconds off Daniel Martinez: Now 24 seconds separate the tread for Chaves (EF Education-EasyPost), Ruta (Intermarché – Wanty – Gobert Matériaux), Rubio (Movistar Team) and Hershey (UAE Team Emirates).

16.04 The INEOS Grenadiers rider’s advantage over his pursuers remains stable at 28″.

16.01 The decline phase ends. Now only the plain remains, with the last 15 km, towards Pontedera.

15.58 There are 20 km to the end! Martinez increases his lead to 30″.

15.56 Meanwhile, Daniel Martinez is trying to relax his muscles.

15.55 Continue down the slope: Martinez has increased the advantage a bit. Now the gap is getting bigger to 25.

15.52 There are 25 km to the end!

15.49 Martinez is about 20 ahead of Keves (EF Education-EasyPost), Rota (Intermarché – Wanty – Gobert Materials), Rubio (Movistar Team) and Hirschi (UAE Team Emirates).

15.46 go down! Daniel Martinez (INEOS Grenadiers) went to Monte Serra. Now it is downhill.

15.44 Lorenzo Rota Excellent in the group of the best!

15.43 Chavez tries to set the pace.

15.40 Zana’s exit.

15.37 3 more kilometers of climb before reaching the eyebrow.

15.35 Batistella comes! The group that becomes compressed again.

15.33 gave birth to a rampage! PONOMAR (Drone Hopper Androni Games) comes out of the set.

15.29 There are 35 km to the end!

15.25 We are going up Monte Serra.

15.22 between the race head and the group a distance of just over 300 metres.

15.18 The group is at 36 at the moment.

15.13 The fugitives are: Javier Romo (Team Astana Kazakhstan), Gorka Izagiri (Team Movistar) Humberto Marengo (Drone Hopper Androni Games), Andre Bonomar (Drone – Androni Games) Mirco Maestri (EOLO-Kometa), Christian Rodriguez (Total Energy and Fior) Edoardo Faresin (Zalf Euromobil Fior)

15.09 In Pletina, the fugitives still had a 50-degree advantage over the group.

15.05 Heading towards Monte Serra.

15.02 Drone Hopper Androni Giocattoli and Zalf Euromobil Fior, with two racers at a time, try to keep this attempt by their healers alive.

14.56 The group must retrieve 58″ for the eight fugitives.

14.53 Pass the finish line!

14.49 In a few kilometers the riders will cross the finish line: from there it will be possible to detect the various gaps.

14.44 per head eight! The five before, plus the three who left the group. Here is the list of steps: Javier Romo (Team Astana Kazakhstan), Gorka Izagiri (Team Movistar), Humberto Marengo (Drone Hopper Androni Games), (Andre Bonomar »Drone Hopper) – Androni Games Mirco Maestri (Iolo-Kumeta), Christian Rodriguez (Total Energy) Euromobil Fior ), Edoardo Faresin (Zalf Euromobil Fior)

14.41 75 km to the end!

14.38 Average run after three hours: 41,100 km/h.

14.35 Three are eliminated from the group. We’ll get to know them soon: the hot competition stage.

14.32 Rodriguez resume! Now I’m 5 in the lead: Humberto Marengo (Drone Hopper Androni), Mirco Maestri (EOLO-Kometa), Christian Rodriguez (TotalEnergies) Andrea Guerra (Zalf Euromobil Fior) and Eduardo Farcine (Zalf Euromobil Fior).

14.27 The group is trying to get close to Defect 3.

14.23 86 km missing from the finish line! Cristian Rodriguez (TotalEnergies) holds a 50-point lead over Humberto Marengo (Hopper Androni’s drone), Mirco Maestri (EOLO-Kometa), Andrea Guerra (Zalf Euromobil Fior) and Eduardo Farsin (Zalf Euromobil Fior).

14.18 The group travels fast: now 3’45” from the race head.

14.15 The group portrayed Daan Hoeks (Mg.K Vis-Color for Peace-VPM).

14.11 The four stalkers attempt to organize deliveries to Rodriguez.

14.06 Rodriguez continues his individual attempt in front of everyone.

14.02 The group at this point wants to go under 4’30”.

13.58 Update on group distance from race head: 4.’52”.

13.54 Daan Hoeks struggles and moves away from Rodriguez’s five-chasing group. Four of them are still in pursuit of the TotalEnergies feud.

13.50 Cristian Rodriguez has already managed to gain about forty seconds against his former escape companions. The five hunting him are: Umberto Marengo (Drone – Androni Giocattoli), Mirco Maestri (EOLO-Kometa), Dan Hooks (Mg.K Vis-Color for Peace-VPM), Andrea Guerra (Zalf Euromobil Fior) and Edoardo Faresin ( Zalf Euromobil Fior)

13.46 At the 93rd kilometer, Cristián Rodríguez (TotalEnergies): The Iberian began searching for a solo sanctuary.

13.42 There’s a reunion between the group and the two: this is Broggie and Stokely.

13.39 Brogi and Stöckli will resume soon.

13.34 This is the summary of the fugitives: Humberto Marengo (Drone – Androni Giocattoli), Mirco Maestri (EOLO-Kometa), Christian Rodriguez (TotalEnergies), Dan Hooks (Mg.K Vis-Color for Peace-VPM), Andrea Guerra (Zalf Euromobil Fior) (Zalf Euromobil Fior) Fior) and Edoardo Faresin Zalf Euromobil Fior)

13.31 In addition to the jockeys from Astana Kazakhstan, at the head of the group is also the INEOS Grenadiers team.

13.29 Jan Stokely (Koratek team) and Adriano Bruggi (Jyoti Victoria – Savini Deo) are overdue in 4 minutes.

13.27 tracks 75 km of race so far.

13.23 Here are the six fugitives:

13.19 Meanwhile, the fugitives crossed the finish line for the first time.

13.15 The two pursuers, Jan Stokely (Koratec team) and Adriano Bruggi (Jyoti Victoria – Savini Deo), increased slightly, but slightly, 3’28”.

13.11 Group delay reduced slightly, now 7’20”.

13.07 We remember the six riders at the helm: Simone Ravanelli (Drone Hopper – Androni Giocattoli), Mirco Maestri (EOLO-Kometa), Cristián Rodríguez (TotalEnergies), Daan Hoeks (Mg.K Vis-Color for Peace-VPM), Zalf Guerra (Zalf Guerra) Euromobil Fior) and Edoardo Faresin (Zalf Euromobil Fior).

13.03 Group delay is 7’50”; instead, Stöckli and Brogi stand 3 feet 20 inches behind the six fugitives.

12.59 56 km routes of competition so far.

12.55 As a group active Astana Kazakhstan.

12.52 Increased margin now touching 8′.

12.49 Soon on the first climb to Monte Serra, there will be no attacks from the group.

12.44 group chase at 7′.

12.40 Behind them are Jan Stokely (Koratek Team) and Adriano Bruggi (Jyoti Victoria – Savini Deo), 3′.

12.37 Six Always In Drive: Simone Ravanelli (Drone Hopper – Androni Giocattoli), Mirco Maestri (EOLO-Kometa), Cristián Rodríguez (TotalEnergies), Daan Hoeks (Mg.K Vis-Color for Peace-VPM), Andrea Guerra (Zalf) ) Fior) and Edoardo Faresin (Zalf Euromobil Fior).

12.33 The escape of the six continues the group that runs.

12.30 The runners traveled about forty kilometers.

12.24 Feature that increases: Now I’m 7′.

12.20 platoon 5’10” late from the top.

12.17 There are six athletes in the leading group: Simone Ravanelli (Drone Hopper – Androni Giocattoli), Mirco Maestri (EOLO-Kometa), Daan Hoeks (Mg.K Vis-Color for Peace-VPM), Andrea Guerra (Zalf Euromobil Fior) and Christian Rodriguez (TotalEnergies) and Eduardo Farsine (Zalf Euromobil Fior).

12.14 In the meantime, Mattia Gardi (Beltrami TSA – Tre Cole), Jan Stokely (Koratek team) and Adriano Brugi (Giotti Victoria – Savini Deo) also moved on.

12.10 Four of them are trying to get back to the attackers: Simone Ravanelli (Drone Hopper – Androni Giocattoli), Mirco Maestri (EOLO-Kometa), Daan Hoeks (Mg.K Vis-Color for Peace-VPM) and Andrea Guerra (Zalf Euromobil Fior).

12.07 is about 20 inches of margin for fugitives from the group.

12.03 20 km race tracks.

11.59 Double Attack: Christian Rodriguez (TotalEnergies) and Eduardo Farsin (Zalf Euromobil Fior) leave.

11.53 Continuing shots.

11.50 after the first 10 km of the race.

11.47 group, however, is still compact.

11.43 Riccardo Verza (Zalf Euromobil Fior) was among the first to escape from the group.

11.39 Obviously, many straight shots in this first part of the race.

11.35 Yes the part!

11.30 Fancy Riders on the Starting Roster: Space for Egan Bernal who wants to get back in shape after a very bad fall at the start of the year. There’s also Gianni Moscone, another man looking for the best case. Also in attendance were Zanna, Ruta and Batistella, who were called up by Daniel Banati for the World Cup.

11.28 For the starting runners (total 197 to be exact), there is a 199.2 km route with start and finish that will coincide in Pontedera, with the Monte Serra rupture (11.1 km at 7.0%) having to be faced twice, only the difficulty in rising in the program.

11.25 The race will start in a few minutes, the runners who started the transfer section.

11.22 We come to the 94th edition of the Italian classics dedicated to the late Alfredo Martini.

11.20 Hello and welcome to the Giro di Toscana 2022 live broadcast.

friends and friends OA SportsCycling lovers, good morning everyone and welcome live text From Tour of Tuscany 2022! The Italian cycling calendar is back with the aforementioned version 94 of the Giro.

after experience Tour of Spain 2022 And before we head towards cycling world championship (scheduled for September 18-25 in Australia), today an interesting race has been scheduled with a good starting slate of which, above all else, stands out. Egan Bernal. Attend the Gianni Moscone e Filippo Zanna.

For beginning runners (total 197 to be exact) there is a track 199.2 kilometers With departure and arrival that will coincide in it Pontederawith tearing Monte Serra (11.1 km at 7.0%) must be tackled twice, which is the only hike difficulty in the program.

Cycling, World Championship 2022: road test and time trial methods. There is no shortage of pitfalls on Australian tracks

a Tour of Tuscany 2022 All thanks to us live text start in hours 11:00 With continuous updates in real time so you don’t really miss a thing. See you later, don’t miss it!

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