Maryland Classic, Vanmark Smiles. Fifth small Andrea

Sep Vanmarcke puts his signature on the first edition of the Maryland Cycling Classic, presented by UnitedHealthcare which takes place at night starting at Sparks and ending in Baltimore 196.9 km away. Belgium’s Israeli premier tech ran teammates, Canadian Zukowski from Supported Human Health, American Neilson Powless from EF Education Easypost and Estonian Toms Skuijns from Trek Segafredo.

Fifth place Andrea Piccolo, who was one of the great race champions, closed in and in the final, after being forced to put in extra effort due to a mechanical issue, made himself available to his teammate Powless. However, in the sprint race, Vanmarcke started long and gained that slight advantage that allowed him, thanks to the thrust of his kidneys, to overtake his ninth victory of his career.

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1 VANMARCKE Sep Israel – Premier Tech 4:34:45
2 ZUKOWSKY Nickolas Human Powered Health,,
3 POWLESS Neilson EF Education-EasyPost,,
4 SKUJINŠ Toms Trek – Segafredo 0:01
5 Piccolo Andrea EF Education-Easy Boost 0:06
6 CORT Magnus EF Education-EasyPost 1:06
7 BIERMANS Jenthe Israel – Premier Tech,,
8 Simmons Queen Trek – Segafredo 1:11
9 BALMER Alexandre Team Bike Exchange – Jayco,,
10 OYOLA Róbigzon Leandro Team Medellin – EPM,,
11 SCHULTZ Nick Team Bike Exchange – Jayco 1:32
12 LOZANO David Team Novo Nordisk,,
13 Carpenter Robin Human Powered Health 6:47
14 Niland Christs Israel – Premier Tech,
15 Gallopin Tony Trek – Segafredo,,
16 FRAYRE Eder L39ION of Los Angeles,,
17 MURPHY Kyle Human Powered Health,,
18 KEUKELEIRE Jens EF Education-EasyPost 7:25
19 CARR Simon EF Education-EasyPost,,
20 VERGAERDE Otto Trek – Segafredo,,
21 BOIVIN Guillaume Israel – Premier Tech 8:40
22 Williams Tyler L39Yon from Los Angeles 9:54
23 MATTHEWS Michael Team BikeExchange – Jayco,,,
24 GREEN ROADS Dylan Team BikeExchange – Jayco,,
25 NIZZOLO Giacomo Israel – Premier Tech,,
26 Grannigan Noah US 9:58
27 Foley Michael Toronto Hussell,
28 THE KLEIJN Arvid Human Powered Health,,
29- Andersen Kasper Huggins Berman Axion,
30 KEOGH Cian EvoPro Racing,,
31 MONTOYA Cristhian Team Medellin – EPM,,
32 STEHLI Félix EF Education-EasyPost,,
33 Min Kent Pro Touch,,
34 SEVILLE Oscar Team Medellin – EPM,,
35 MAAS Jan Team Bike Exchange – Jayco 10:03
36 Moscow Jacobo Trek – Segafredo 10:12
37 TEWELDE Mehari ProTouch 15:03
38 WAR Sandi Panama is the culture and values,,
39 GÓMEZ Yelko Panama is the culture and values,,
40 BRAND Sam Team Novo Nordisk,,
41 Welch Patrick United States,
42 AMELLA Matteo Team Corratec,,
43 COTE Pier-André Human Power Health,,
44 VARGAS Walter Team Medellin – EPM,,
45 Rafferty Darren Hagens Bermann Accion,,
46 Ormiston Callum Pro Touch 21:17
OTL ROLDAN Weimar Alfonso Team Medellin – EPM 25:1
OTL DAL-CIN Matteo Toronto Hustle,,
OTL HOWSON Damien Team BikeExchange – Jayco,,
OTL WADE Aaron EvoPro Racing,,
The skyline of the OTL CONLY Lukas team,,
OTL DUARTE Fabio Team Medellin – EPM,,
OTL DE LISI Nicolò Team Corratec,,
OTL KAMP Alexander Trek – Segafredo,,
OTL Williams Cory L39ION of Los Angeles,,
OTL FRANCK Eamon EvoPro Racing,,
OTL RIDOLFO Filippo Team Novo Nordisk,,
OTL HENTTALA Joonas Team Novo Nordisk,,
OTL DA SILVA Tiano ProTouch,,
OTL OVETT Freddy L39ION of Los Angeles,,
OTL WALSH Edward Toronto Hustle,,
OTL MCDUNPHY Conn EvoPro Racing,,
OTL JOYCE Colin Human Powered Health,,
OTL TRAVIS Clayton Team Skyline,,
OTL ANDERSON Edward United States,,
OTL DRAGE Jack Hagens Berman Axeon,,
OTL HAMM Emile Toronto Hustle,,
OTL RAISBERG Nadav Israel – Premier Tech,,
OTL MCGILL Scott United States,
OTL CORELLA Rene Team Skyline,,
OTL SÁNCHEZ – EPM (Official Music Video)
OTL BALDACCINI Davide Team Corratec,,
OTL EGHOLM Jakob Trek – Segafredo,,
OTL MAGNER Ty L39ION of Los Angeles,,
OTL AUGUST Trevor Team Skyline,,
OTL JURY Christopher Robin is Panama’s culture and values,,
OTL STRAH Alex Antonio Panama is the culture and values,,
OTL HAIDET Lance L39ION of Los Angeles,,
OTL SITTLINGTON Ethan Toronto Hustle,,
OTL MORIARTY Tom EvoPro Racing,,
OTL PERON Andrea Team Novo Nordisk,,
OTL Jones Crown of Israel – Premier Tech,,
OTL KALICHMAN Daniel Toronto Hustle,,
OTL RICCITELLO Matthew Hagens Berman Axeon,,
OTL BOARDMAN Samuel L39ION of Los Angeles,,
OTL SCULLY Tom EF Education-EasyPost,,
OTL SCALA JR Hugo United States,,
OTL TURMON Chaz Team Skyline,,
DNF FLANAGAN Liam United States –
DNF PHIPPEN Logan Novo Nordisk Team –
DNF IACCHI Lorenzo Team Corratec –
DNF PINCUS Michael Team Skyline –
DNF DE VOS Adam Health with human energy –
DNF MCLAUGHLIN Mitchell EvoPro Racing –
DNF CASTELBLANCO Jorge Panama is culture and values ​​-
DNF VARABEI Anton Toronto Hustle –
DNF Gary Dillon Pro Touch –
DNF BARBOSA Diogo Hagens Berman Axeon –
DNF MILLER Spencer United States –
DNF THE EMPEROR GERD Team Novo Nordisk –
DNF OLIVERO Simone Team Corratec –
DNF KLEBAN Nick’s horizon –
DNF REINDERS Elmar Team BikeExchange – Geico –
DNF Rajović Dusan Koratek Team –
DNF BOUSSAER Bryan EvoPro Racing –
DNF ESPINOZA Bolivar Panama is the culture and values ​​-
DNF GARRISON Michael Haggins Bermann Axion –
DNS Mugisha Samuel Pro Touch –