Mbappe and Galtier burst out laughing at the question about the climate emergency: PSG idiot

Paris Saint-Germain did not accept the reaction of Mbappe and Gallitier during the press conference on the eve of the Paris Saint-Germain-Juventus match. The question about the climate emergency was practically mocked by the striker and coach of the Parisians.

Paris Saint-Germain vs Juventus The 2022/2023 season will open in the UEFA Champions League for the French national team and the Bianconeri. At the classic Eve press conference, coaches, Christoph Galtier And Massimiliano Allegri talked about different topics. From the qualities of the opponent, to the various injuries that technicians have to contend with, there has also been talk of possible training options but also of a topic that has become less than essential all over the world. In fact, the climate emergency is increasingly high on the list of various global political agendas who consider this issue one of the most important issues that must be addressed.

But what does football have to do with tonight’s match? Paris Saint-Germain vs Juventus with this thread? basic. During Galtier’s press conference, a reporter asked the French coach a question about the reason for the club He decided that the guest team would travel to Nantes using a private plane. The distance between Paris and Nantes is actually only 340 kilometers from the capital and it was very possible to use other means of transport precisely because of the topic related to consumption, pollution and sustainability which has become very modern in France. The reaction of the coach of Paris Saint-Germain and Mbappe, also present alongside his coach? A laugh that bothered PSG, not a little.

“I guess we’ll have that question.”He said hilariously, smiling and pinching Galtaire’s nose during the press conference. At his side is also Kylian Mbappe who is struggling to hold back the laughter between the general desperation in the room and the disbelief of the reaction created in the Paris Saint-Germain champions. “Honestly this morning we spoke to the company that organizes our flights – Galtir replied – We are trying to see if we can’t travel with the land yacht….” An answer that almost seemed to mock the topic and above all the journalists’ intent to get an answer that would also make public opinion understand the importance of sustainable consumption. Instead, they had to accept such a vulgar response between laughter and jokes that it led to a certain dissatisfaction even on the part of the management PSG reacted poorly to this reaction from Galtier and Mbappe.

a few days ago, Alan Krakovic, director of TGV and Intercity at SNCF, a family of electric trains, challenged the club’s choice to go to Nantes by plane rather than by train. In a tweet he posted a video of the Parisians’ private plane trip adding his thoughts: “Paris-Nantes in less than two hours by TGV, I renew once again our TGV offer adapted to your specific needs, for our common interests: security, speed, services and environmental mobility”also received books As Transport Minister Clement Bonn That I spoke in the summer about a regulation on the use of aircraft.

So this topic is of great importance which should have only got a reasonable answer and can also raise awareness due to the importance in the public opinion of two prominent exponents in the sports field like Mbappe and Galtier. The echo of their thinking was very useful and instead in this case he ended up making fun of an argument which in France had become so important. Just about using the private plane too Lionel Messi was reprimanded for making 52 flights on his private jetor 1,502 tons of carbon dioxide since June. “He’s like the French from 150 years ago.” Attack France added in a tweet.