Messias and Giroud sign success of Ferrari cars

A challenge full of twists that the Rossoneri won in ten of them to dismiss Liao in the 46th minute

vince Milan In the third progress of the sixth day of league And he does so by imposing himself, outnumbered in the entire second half, 2-1 on the field Sampdoria by Giampaolo. Match unlocked 6 inches from The messiah With a less than perfect intervention by Odero, then to the Rossoneri to double the chances, Durićic responded with the crossbar in the 11th minute. In the second halfImmediate expulsion of Yu And the equalizer at 57 minutes of the same thing Djuric Shuffle the cards. The decisive episode came in the 67th minute of the penalty kick that he got and turned in Jerrod. in the end Ferry pole for SAMP.

the match

A challenge in a challenge quickly became a series of battles within other battles. Sampdoria-Milan narrated many facets of a challenge full of twists, moves and counter-moves to win the match. Milan won the title at the Ferraris, betrayed by Leao (dismissed in the 46th minute) but not by Giroud, who increasingly became the cover man in key moments of the season, always crucial when needed.

However, the building looked different. At 6′ Milan found themselves ahead at the first real scoring opportunity, taking advantage of a restart executed by Leao and finished at the near post by Messias with the complicity of Audero. The immediate advantage sparked a Sampdoria reaction that produced a Djuricic cross, but before the first half there were almost all chances of finding another goal. Especially Giroud in the 42nd minute who reinforced Odero’s reactions by awarding compensation to the Sampdoria goalkeeper.

But in the second half, everything changed. Liao in the 46th minute when he attempted a shot over the head on the edge of the area hit Ferrari and took the second yellow card that strangled Pioli. In a quarter of an hour of tactical adjustment, Milan ceded the field to Sampdoria, where it fell in the 57th minute due to the inclusion of Djuric in the near post on a cross from Augello. But in the most difficult moment, Milan gave the decisive step to win the match. Turning to a three-man defense, the outsiders got up to find the procedure that led to the new – and definitive – feature: Hernandez’s rhythm earned him a corner kick in developments that came from Villar’s penalty foul. . From the site, Jiro was icy and decisive.

In the final, Sampdoria tried in every way, but collided with the rescue of Mainian, closing Kalolo and the unfortunate pole of Ferry. Too little, however, for a team that had to win and numerically excel for a while.

report cards

De Ketelaere 5.5.0 Update – Var robs him of the joy of the first goal in the Milan shirt, but even if he gets more into the heart of the attacking maneuver, it is always confusing. He reveals high-quality glimpses, but he often quarrels with the ball due to frenzy.

lion 5 Destructive as it is naive, as destructive as a weapon in the first half for Milan as it is harmful in the second. The two yellow cards that were repaired could have been avoided, but they upset the challenge by removing the big match against Napoli.

Jerrod 7 – Scores on a penalty he gets – with a little luck – with a header. Very good at moves without the ball, definitely not his strong point, and he’s always in the center of dangerous business.

Christ 6,5 – Opens in the league with Audero’s dashing but sarcastic shot. In the first half he was in the middle of a maneuver and with that extra courage Pioli demanded of him. He has difficulty with numerical inferiority when he has to chase often in the defensive phase.

Durich 7 An evening as a hero expected for months for the Serbs. In the first half he hit a great cross, then found the equalizer with a beautiful header in the penalty area.


Sampdoria 1-2 Milan
Sampdoria (4-1-4-1):
Odero. Bereszynski (14′ st Gabbiadini), Ferrari, Murillo, Augello; Villar (41′ Saint Viera); Leiris, Rincon; Sabre, Djuric (33′ St. Ferry); Caputo (33′ St. Quagliarella). Available: Ravaglia, Amion, Morro, Yepes, Pussetto, Conte. Coach: Giampaolo.
Milan (4-2-3-1): Minyan. Calabria, Poll; Keir, Hernandez; Tonali, Pobega (33′ st Vranckx); Christ (14′ St Tomori), De Ketelaere (15′ Bennacer Street), Liao; Jerrod. Disp: Tatarusano, Mirante, Gabia, Thiao, Dest, Palo Toure, Bakayoko, Adli, Diaz, Sailemakers. All: Beoley.
Rule: blacksmiths
Signs: 6′ Messias (M), 12′ st Djuricic (S), 22′ st. Jerrod (middle)
ammonite: Ferrari, Villar, Quagliarella, Augello, Leris (S)
Fired: 1’st Leao (M) for total yellow cards; 51 ‘st Giampaolo (S) for protests

Opta Statistics

Milan won three consecutive games against Sampdoria in Serie A for the first time since September 2016.

Milan scored four consecutive victories in Sampdoria in Serie A for only the second time in history (after a run of four in the 1960s).

With two points, Sampdoria equaled their worst result after their first six Serie A matches this season (also two points in 2013/14).

Sampdoria failed to achieve success for seven consecutive Serie A matches for the first time since May 2017 (eight matches on that occasion).

Stefano Pioli (652) became the eighth coach to win three points to reach 650 points in Serie A.

Sampdoria hit six woods in six days of this tournament, at least two more days than any other formation.

50% of the goals Junior Messias scored for AC Milan in Serie A came at the Ferraris stadium in Genoa (3/6): two against Genoa and one against Sampdoria.

Junior Messias’ goal in the sixth minute is the fastest goal for Milan in the first division since February 19 against Salernitana in the fifth minute, also signed by the Brazilian.

Filip Djuricic found the Serie A goal he lost for 363 days: September 12, 2021, against Roma in a Sassuolo shirt.

Olivier Giroud has scored all three penalties in Serie A – the most recent being on January 6 against Roma.

The 150th presence in all competitions in the Sampdoria shirt for Emile Audero, the most used player among Sampdoria since his arrival at the club (in 2018/19).

The first red card in the Italian league for Rafael Leao, number 101 in being in the competition.