Midtjylland-Lazio 5-1, what a disaster for Sarri

Sarri’s men collapse without the resistance of the Danes, who broke out in the second half. Milinkovic’s goal was useless. Rebus group: after two games all teams to 3 points

A nightmare evening in Lazio. At Herning, Surrey’s team is plunging under the blows of Midtjylland. The match ends with a score of 5-1 for the Danes, a match that never started with the Biancoceleste. Too many defensive mistakes, a cumbersome maneuver with no outlets. In the second round of the Europa League, Sarri’s side lost much of the certainty they seemed to have gained lately, even in the wake of last week’s 4-2 win over Feyenoord. The first half already by two goals. In the second half, Milinkovic’s goal could shock 3-1. But Capellas’ team hits two more times. Lazio without escaping is among the many mistakes on a tactical as well as personal level.

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Lazari and Zakani are not available, Saree applies a massive turnover rate. Eight changes compared to the squad with Verona. In defense, enter Hysaj, Gila, Romagnoli and Radu. In the middle space of Ficino, Cataldi and Luis Alberto. Striker here Pedro, recovered at the last moment. Midtjylland immediately puts pressure on defense and midfield, focusing on pressing to stifle Lazio’s prep stage. Thus, Sarri’s team is accused of having difficulty turning the game into a vertical one. An immobile glimmer, however, does not take advantage of it. The 26′ is a deadly restart for the Danes. Paulinho throws Isaacsen, who hit the crossbar. The action continues: Evander serves Paulinho, who flips between the oblivious Lazio defenders and sets Providedel. Referee Dabanovic awaits Var’s check to validate the goal: Isaksen’s position on the offside boundary is questioned. Lazio feels the blow, and the team looks broken in two. Four minutes later, Midtjylland took advantage of another blackout on the back biancoceleste: Kaba, inspired by Dreyer, colluding with a slip from Gila, once again Provedel and signed 2-0. Immediately after the new excitement of Biancocelesti: Provedel sends a corner kick at the intervention of Gila who risks his goal. Lazio trying to restart. In 36 minutes, a good chance with Pedro: Barra Lussel.

Illusion, then the Qur’an

At the start of the second half, Lazio tries to change the pace. Beautiful mix Immobile-Luis Alberto. who then hits the post directly from a corner kick at 5′. But at seven, the Danes are still scoring. Cataldi’s prison sentence against Isaacsen: Lazio players’ competition. Evander eliminates Providel with a penalty kick and scores 3-0. Sarri made three substitutions: Milinkovic, Marusic and Cancelleri for Vecino, Radu and Cancelleri. And it’s the censor’s entrance that immediately leaves a mark on the game. In 12 minutes, a shot from a distance by the Serbian who mocked Losel. The first goal of the season for Milinkovic. Lazio believes they can resume the match. Substitutions in Midtjylland: Martinez and Dreyer leave and Charles and Sisto enter. In the 22nd minute, the Danes scored again. Again a penalty was awarded for a knockout by Marusic on Isaksen. Evander tries again from his spot: Provedel answers, Isaken pounces on the ball and signs 4-1. Lazio in full tilt. Cataldi was replaced by Marcos Antonio. And in the 27th minute comes the fifth goal of the Danes. From the right long cross from Evader, Lazio’s defense in the counter time, behind Cancellieri comes out Sviatchenko making 5-1. Romero took over from Immobile, and Chilovia took over from Isaacsen. The last tremors of Lazio, close to scoring with Felipe Anderson and Milinkovic and above all with Cancelleri. Peskov seizes Kappa. Three minutes of recovery. Midtjylland is celebrating its well-deserved victory. Miserable Sarri: There is a lot of work to be done to see Lazio grow.