Mihajlovic’s outburst about his exoneration

Made a big fussSinisa Mihajlovic acquittedHe is the technician who in the past three and a half years has won the passion and full support of the field in Bologna He became a symbol of the Rosobly team.

Exemption Mihajlovic, a talkative option

But two days ago, the owners, also in view of the unhappy start to the season, decided it was time to make a change by announcing the dismissal of the Serbian technician.

Obviously, given what it represents Mihajlovic for every Bologna Also considering the time of year, the company’s action has raised many of Interactions Between insiders and beyondWith the coach who initially preferred to remain silent.

Mihajlovic out after being exempted from Bologna

Today, however, once the incident was fully absorbed, Mihajlovic appeared out in the open with one message appearance on Gazzetta dello sport Not only did he rearrange his emotions, but he also gave, above all, his opinion on the dispensation which remains difficult for him to understand.

“I was not a hypocrite once, nor will I be a hypocrite this time: I do not understand this exemption. I accept that, as a pro I have to do, but I felt there The situation is completely under control and can be improvedMihajlovic’s words.

“The company was not of the same opinion as me. We are only on day 5, I find it hard to think that it’s all just based on the latest results or ranking and not one The resolution hatches for the longest time. Pity”.

Mihajlovic’s clarification on the exemption

Mihajlovic next wanted to make clear that his clinical picture could not influence the decision made by Rosobli’s property because recent improvements have always allowed him to follow the team more closely.

“My health is good and constantly improving. I don’t care about myself anymoreI’m just doing more and more spot checks. I followed on Castelldibol All training these weeks: My only temporary drawback is the inability to expose myself to strong sunlight for many hours. But I never missed a day. Nothing stops me from working and going on the benchThe Vukovar native explained firmly before thanking all those who were close to him during the past difficult years.

“My adventure in Bologna wasn’t just football, it wasn’t just a sport… It was a union of souls, a walk together in a dark tunnel to see the light again. I felt the coach’s appreciation and this for the man. Your warmth warmed me in the most difficult moments. I tried to return all that affection. With my full commitment and my suspension in the jersey: I don’t spare myself on the field or from the hospital bed. […] I will never forget your processions to San Luca sanctuary for me, the cheerleading, “the unrequited force of Senisa” when you met me on the street, in Casteldepol, in the stadium. And my feelings when I got honorary citizenship I feel like a Bolognese among the Poles,” Mihajlovic wrote enthusiastically.

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