Milan, Cardinal 4 key points: not to let others escape from Vlahovic | first page

Waiting to find out the value of the first point in the Champions League at the Salzburg Stadium, we already know that Jerry Cardinale, the new owner of AC Milan, has serious intentions about the future of the club. After four years of frugal management, Elliott The fact that we are talking about ambitious programs on a sporting level, beyond the commendable standardization of accounts, is good news for the Rossoneri fans who, like all fans in the world, are more interested in the results of the field than they are. budget. Now, however, It is necessary to move from words to deeds, and from advertisements to reality. So let’s try to anticipate what Mr Cardinale’s four key points should be to bring Milan back, not only in Italy but also in Europe and the world.

Stronger club – To get north of all ratings, it is not enough to keep accounts under control. We must also spend on investment, thinking about the present as well as the future. A strong Milan must have strong players, and they are instant certainties and not just promises, or worse bets. To improve the team that deserved to win the Scudetto, There are two priorities: strengthening the right wing and looking for a reliable scorer, for physical, personal and technical reasons. For someone like Vlahovic, for example, it was worth breaking the rules, as in diets, because the investment would have paid off over time. Milan is stronger on the pitch then, but also in society because Relationships with the league and the federation are important, which needs an expert manager who speaks Italian and knows the mechanics of our football.

The new stadium The passion of the Milan fans, which was not only discovered when the team won the Scudetto, should make Cardinale think of those who were not impressed by the crowd frame in the derby. As time passed and nothing happened, Cardinale can and should give a strong signal by endorsing a project for a new stadium, no longer shared with Inter, and which has become the real home of did then-President of Milan, Piero Pirelli, in 1926, who wanted to build the San Siro where only the Rossoneri played at first.. A special stadium for Milan and above all, not with a capacity of 60-65 thousand seats, but at least 80 thousand seats like the San Siro Precisely because no new stadium has been built in any European city smaller than the previous one, from London to Madrid.

youth sector The idea of ​​creating a new stadium for Milan should not overshadow the importance of it young growth. Calabria and Tonali cannot remain the last of the Italian veterans From the team, also because when thinking about the rosters that will be presented to UEFA for the Champions League, it is important to include a certain number of players who grew up at home. The times when Baresi, Maldini, Costacurta, Galle and Ivani were a source of pride for the youth sector may never come back.However, this does not mean that the youth sector should be neglected either because those who have grown up in Milan pass on a spirit of belonging to their new teammates.

Mr.’s voice The fourth basic point indicates the importance of The presence of the new owner of the Rossoneri, who should make the owner’s voice heard closely and not through third parties. So he must be a cardinal, as he did immediately after taking office, to speak to the team at key moments, with charisma and an attitude that Scaroni couldn’t have.Even if he was officially, he would still be president. It is true that Cardinale does not live in Italy and does not speak Italian, but we are sure that his greater proximity to the players will be beneficial, making him indirectly appreciated even by fans who will hear him as one of them. Berlusconi and Galliani’s passion will remain unique, but between their presence in Milanello and San Siro, and the recent assignment of Elliott Fund representatives, the middle ground will be a welcome and beneficial one for all.