Milan: Dest is incomplete, but could inspire Pioli | first page

“At Ajax I played as a winger, and then also as a full-back,” says Dest. Relegating to full-back was a good idea that allowed me to show my qualities both in the defensive phase and in the offensive phase. “There is something wrong with the words of Serginio Dest, the new signing of Milan, if we take into account the last two years at Barcelona and Pioli’s post-match statements against Salzburg (” He has good qualities, especially in the push stage.”) Well maybe The destination is not complete as you paint. On the other hand, he is only 21 years old.

Soto Coman – Wanted by Koeman in Barcelona In 2020, the American slowly moved forward, even playing a few matches as a thin winger in the trident, as happened at Barcelona-Real Madrid on October 24, 2021.

Of course, this was not the initial idea of ​​the Dutch technician. Also because in the season 20/21 There was still Messi, and a system had to be found that he could “support”. Thus Koeman opted for a 3-4-2-1 game, with Dest serving as a side player in midfield. Here he is against Real Sociedad: on the one hand and On the other Jordi Alba, three axles in the rear and the imaginary triple in the front, they are free to innovate. It’s no surprise that Galtier’s team is in Paris Saint-Germain too Take this route…

But perhaps this wasn’t a system designed just for Messi. It is clear Koeman saw Dest as more of an all-around striker than full-back. But with Pedri exploding and Messi leaving, the following year he felt compelled to get back to the 4-3-3 النتيجةCatalan brand. At this point, however, we might as well bet on it Xavi, and so did Barcelona. Then Dest, which was part of the previous “Dutch” project, ended up on the sidelines; Partly for tactical reasons caused by the substitution on the bench, partly for the injuries that plagued him in the second half of the season.

in Milano Pioli – So Will he reach Milan as a full-back? Are you back to being a back? I would say yes for the time being, and as a vice Calabria, there is no rain on this. she was Good operation on the siren is dictated only by necessity: Florentine injury. However, given the characteristics of the former Barcelona, ​​it cannot be excluded that Pioli will not think of something new tactically, perhaps in a while, when the class of 2000 is decided. I do not mean a lot of changes in the system, even if nothing prevents it (Actually, who knows…), I am thinking of certain arrangements and developments, which could put the American in positions favorable to him. Milan, among other things, sometimes finds itself building with threes, pushing the fullbacks a lot, as if they are in fifth. Here you can see an example taken from the last derby.

In short, we will be vigilant: Match by match, Pioli used us to understand the new nuances of Milan, development variables, specific changes with which he surprises his opponents. A player like Dest vows to inspire him with something offensive on the less cheerful side of the Rossoneri.

The debate in Champions vs Salzburg – Tuesday evening Dest made his debut against Salzburg. Just over half an hour In them, through thick and thin, we have already found some confirmation. For example, here he is doing a sophisticated play.

If he moved it inwardly against him, then From outside suddenly he makes a discount tunnel for De Ketelaere’s service and proposes to one. Bravo in the strait, So. He’s coming from Barcelona, ​​it couldn’t be otherwise.

But unlike Barcelona, ​​where I repeat that he has often played as a fifth or even high winger in the recent period (while essentially remaining an ‘almost’ full-back), In Milan, if he misses the touch, he is less protected, and he plays with the Rossoneri with a 4-2-3-1 result. And in fact in this other situation, in which all of them were affected He exchanged it with Tonali, and ended up losing it, Pioli rightly took it.

Dest will also have to get used to a dirtier and more cautious defensive phase in Milan. More aggressive, with a strong reference to human.

In Milan it is not the same to make the opponent turn or not allow it. In some cases, a certain kind of severity on a person masks potential imbalances that can seriously surface. on this Dest will have to improve and adapt to the defensive style that Pioli demands.

Also because if a man turns around, On the defensive, face an irresistible oneNo matter how fast, fast.

This strong acceleration Okafor who cuts it Without much difficulty.