“Milan is a great club. I will do it to impress Pioli!”

Malik Thiaw He introduces himself to the Rossoneri people. Arrived from Schalke 04 for 7 million euros (about 5 fixed parts plus 2 bonus), made the same defender immediately available Pegs.

with many Close matchesThere are great chances to see it take the field Already in the upcoming matches, starting from Saturday night’s match in Genoa against Sampdoria.

as well as for franksObviously, it will take some time before you see him at higher perfect shape built in With the rest of the team.

These are his words:

Since you were little, what has Milan been like for you?I started playing very early, football was immediately born as a passion and is now a profession. Being here gives me a lot of happiness and I live it with honor and pride.”

What are your goals now that you are in Milan?I always set myself goals. Being at this important club is already a big goal for me, but I want to keep growing. I know I have one of the best coaches and excellent teammates here. I want to learn language and culture, as well as play as many games as possible“.

thiaw conference presentation

Tactically, what features would you add to this team?I consider myself a strong player, I am good at tackling, in moving the ball, in aerial fencing, I have good speed and a physique that helps me. These are my strengths.”

What inspires you to be in close contact with history-making defenders like Paolo Maldini?It is a slogan. After all, Milan have always had great defenders, even Nesta for example. When I was a kid I watched a bit of football. In the past few years I have watched Serie A a lot and I know enough about this tournament.”.

I bought you Milan directly, what effect does that have on you?I understand that it was an investment by the company and for that I am very grateful. I have to prove myself in every training session or match. I realize it depends on me, but it’s already proof of recognition of me“.

Who helps you the most in the locker room to settle in?I must say that the whole team welcomed me very well. I don’t speak Italian yet, but I will try to do so as soon as possible. Aster speaks German, but with my English I get along well with everyone”.

thiaw conference presentation

What do you think of Pioli exercises? “For me everything is new. It is intense training, maybe not very long but full of tactics. I have been here for more than a week and I think I have learned a lot already. Everything is very different from what is happening in Germany and I am striving to improve it day by day.”

You are not included in the Champions League, how do you think you will be able to impress Pioli in the future? “It is not enough to find a compelling reason. I have to be able to deliver a complete quality package in every training session or match. I have to show my strength and my strength and put myself at the service of the team.”

Milan has followed you for a long time. Does this make you proud? It is a good sign for me, there have been meetings in the winter and I see it as further confirmation of my good performance and the hard work I have done.”

What effect did the San Siro have on you during the Milan derby?I definitely made my first game at the San Siro against the worst opponent. Great atmosphere, it was a huge experience. I can’t wait to play it again.”

How do you pronounce your name exactly? Since I was a kid, my name is always mispronounced (laughs, editor). We actually say Malik Thiaw (pronounced Ciao, editor), like the Italian word. My teammates call me Malik so there are no problems.”