Milan, Rebek and Origi are also with Napoli. Ante . herniated disc

In light of Sunday night’s big game, Pioli will have to dispense with both. The Belgian striker will be taken care of by the medical staff of the national team, in agreement with the Rossoneri doctors. The Croatian needs time to fully reactivate

This time, it will not be necessary to wait until the evening, or perhaps even anti-breeding, to understand what role the situation will take. But this is not good news in this case. Unfortunately in Milanello, the picture that is taking shape in the infirmary, with the exception of unexpected miracles, is already unfortunately clear: on Sunday evening against Napoli there will be neither Rebic nor Origi. And if it was already clear in the first Pioli (“He has a lot of pain, he takes care, but he can’t move”), in the second it was reasonable to expect at least a reasonable dose of hope (“It’s a small thing and I don’t think it’s Wednesday, But let’s hope for Sunday.”). No nothing. The white flag is for both of us, and the Sunday issue is now approved.


In fact, this morning came with bad news. In fact, Rebek, who suffers from severe back pain, did specific tests that showed a small herniated disc. Actually, the problem is no longer in the acute phase, but in the process of being resolved, but Ante has been off since the end of August. And by firm we really mean firm, for evil has prevented even light activity. This means that by the time the treatments are over (soon), a vigorous re-workout phase will be required. Translator: We’ll see him again after the break, which is a shame because before this problem the Croatian looked particularly inspired.


For Origi, there are no particular injuries or problems. But the Belgian is suffering from post-injury effects at the end of May in Liverpool, from which he had arrived at Milanello (but is still clinically recovering). Pioli had to take it carefully in the early part of the season, precisely to avoid an overload. Now it happens that at the end of the training, Divock feels pain in the tendon, and therefore its presence cannot be imposed in any way. Today, the striker will travel to Belgium to receive treatment, at the hands of the health staff of his national team, in agreement with the Rossoneri. He will return to Milanello next week, and Pioli hopes to be available to resume after the break.


The problem, however, is that the absence of Rebek and Origi with Napoli is joined by the absence of Liao, who is ineligible. Therefore, in front of the left, there are no players available for Pioli, but only arrangements. Three, in particular. One leads to Krunic (who has now recovered from a strain in the rectus muscle), one to Diaz (who sometimes played in the first season with the Rossoneri in those areas) and one back to the Saelemaekers (also for him it wouldn’t be a baptism on the left). From whatever side you look at it, there is a huge problem with such an important game.