Milan, the real achievement will be the renewal of Liao: selling him is better than losing him too | first page

It is great and true that Sandro Tonali joins Milan until 2027 and that he is making more money that he deserves on the pitch. Sandro is a real Milan player, and perhaps, if the club continues on the path of economic and technical growth, establishes itself at the top, along with the devil, he will be able to write an endless story, a story that comes from another era and that one. He has a brilliant record in AC Milan. Tonali renewed after those of Krunic, Pobega, Tomori and before Kalulu, the commercial deal.

However, the question all AC Milan fans ask themselves is: When will Liao renew? But above all: Leao renews? There will also be, in a small way, doubt regarding Bennacer’s new contract, which will also expire in 2024, but despite its importance, it’s not yet a story to impress (however, the Algerian has a market in the premiership). And if Milan does not raise the bid more than 4 million, there will be no renewal). Because it’s clear to everyone that Leao’s renewal is a bitch from whatever side you look at it.

Issuing compensation of $ 19 million to pay to Sporting Lisbon is an additional complication, because Leao will only pay it officially, and the money for this will have to be paid by the club, Milan or whoever succeeds in kidnapping him. from Milan. Liao is a player from another category, as there are none in Italy. Liao alone does not deserve the championship, but almost. Milan were very good at catching him in 2019 and even better at locking him in with a 150m clause if nothing else to defend his capital now.

Not changing the economic policy of the new ownership compared to the previous one, it is clear that Milan will never give Leao what it deserves in the European market: a minimum of 10 million, Every speech should start from there. The higher the compensation, the higher the commission. True or false, this is the truth. For months no one spoke to Leao and his representatives (two, and even that doesn’t help). Everything has stopped and nothing is supposed to move. We are very far from the issues Donnarumma and Casey, to whom Maldini had dozens of meetings, lifts, and meetings, before giving in and surrendering, surrendering their loss to zero.

Here, what Milan will avoid this time around is hitting the June 2024 deadline and seeing the capital fade away. No real Leao bid was delivered to Maldini in August, and Chelsea were just an idea. Next summer, if and when there is an offer, Maldini will sit at the table, negotiate and sell, and with that money he will make a much richer market. From the player who just finished, he lost his strongest player, but the ability to take other easier bets, such as De Ketelaere, to grasp, and pay off as a young star and not as an unknown, just like Leao 3 years ago. We’ve said it many times: the last Premier team earns 50% more than the Italian champions. It’s the same sport, but two different markets, one doped by television rights: competition on the field is tough, and doing it in the market, impossible. Then, get creative and imaginative.

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