MN Exclusive – Jorgensen: “Kjaer will be back on top, Milan from Scudetto. Maldini? Every time I found him in front of me, I changed teams”

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Before Leicester City – Manchester United, interviewed the former midfielder exclusively Martin Jorgensen About current events in Rossoneri but also in the past.

Martin Jorgensen, you have met Milan 19 times in your career, and you scored two goals against the Rossoneri. Do you think Team Pioli can repeat themselves and win the Scudetto again?

“Yes, Milan can even if it is very difficult. Inter started well and then you never know with Juventus. And I am curious to see if Mourinho can have a great trophy with Roma.”

Who is the defender who annoyed you the most in Serie A in his day? He has challenged sacred beasts like Nesta, Maldini, Cannavaro, Thuram, Samuel….

“I played Thuram several times and every time I thought I missed him, he would show up again. Then there was Javier Zanetti and it was almost impossible against him. The Inter captain didn’t stop racing and he was physically strong. When I was playing against Milan I sometimes got Wrong wing and when I found Maldini in front, I immediately turned back to the left (laughs).

What do you think of the transformation of the former Rossoneri captain-turned-world-back to a top-level manager? Maldini, with Massara’s help, buys almost only small players.

“Paolo is doing a great job as evidenced by the fact that the Rossoneri won the tournament with a different policy than the others. Milan spend less than the competition, focusing on youth. This is proof that the Rossoneri have more patience than their competitors to develop talent. Last year and this season, This policy is paying off.”

I was in Serie A for seven years when Zlatan joined Juventus from Ajax in 2004 and was a contender for five seasons before the then Inter striker accepted Barcelona. Surprised you are still playing?

“Yes, if he continues to play at the age of 40, that is a surprise. But not much because Zlatan has always been strong both physically and mentally. As long as he wants to, he can always give something to the team. Even if he is no longer the player he was 10 years ago, he still scores Objectives “.

His compatriot Simon Keir is back after a severe ACL injury that kept him out of the house for nearly nine months. Will your former teammate be able to get back to his level?

“I think so. But he is also struggling a little bit with age now. He is back on the pitch but it takes time to see him one hundred percent again.”

With Pierre Kalolo on the launch pad and well past Stefano Pioli’s hierarchy, will Kjaer be able to take back the reins in the center of defence?

“Yes, if Kjaer returns to his old levels, I have no doubt he can become the owner again. And then Milan plays every three or four days and there will be matches for everyone.”

What do you think of Liao’s rise?

“I saw him play a little bit. But at Milan-Liverpool last year in the Champions League it disappointed me. He is a good player but maybe he needs to be more consistent in his performance. Even on bad days it should make a bigger impact.”

What does continuity depend on? Is it a physical, tactical or mental factor?

“Continuity depends on the head. You have to feel comfortable off the field and feel good with your teammates and coaches. There are many factors that can affect whether you do well or badly but peace of mind is essential. I am sure that with age, Leao will learn to let go of unimportant things.”