Monza – Atalanta 0-2, first in the standings. Target: Hojlund, Marlon’s special target

La Dia passes in the second half after a difficult first break: Hoglund and Marlon’s own goal sign their fourth win of the season.

Atalanta won 2-0 at Monza and is close to the top of the standings alone after five rounds. Bergamo team solves the Brianza obstacle in a few minutes in the middle of the second half with Hoglund’s own goal and Marlon’s own goal.

Monza shock

Giovanni Stropba, trying to break zero in the standings, initially aimed at the young pair in attack, Capari-Motta Carvalho. In defence, at 3-5-2, Calderola prefers Izu to the left of the center and Carlo Augusto goes to the midfield players’ midfield. Gian Piero Gasperini, without Zapata and Morell due to injury, chose Hoglund as the offensive reference and arranges the team with the defense at 4. Brianza starts strong and in 80 seconds breaks the calm sea for the first race with Capari, who inside the area forced Musso to a big save, then with Carlos Augusto who blocked him Demiral is an excellent center. At 4′ Monza still faces the Bergamo area: Sensi kicks and Musso swerves over the bar. After the initial turmoil subsided, Atalanta took action at Monza and the first half ended 0-0 without surprises.

Two goals and aims Bergamo

Gasperini attempts to move the exteriors by introducing Soppy instead of Zappacosta. The recovery begins decisively in favor of Atalanta who are upping the pace and putting the Brianza players in trouble. The Koopmeiners (Di Gregorio’s blocks) and Hojlund (also serving thanks to the goalkeeper’s deflection) in the first 10′ activate the receivers for Stroppa who must react. But in the 13th minute comes the goal of the Bergamo players. Hojlund’s deep Soppy crosses were captured who stunned the opponent’s defense and bags. Quick Var target scan and validation. And he reaches the goal 2-0 in the 20th minute with a quick action that Monza cannot and cannot face. Ederson-Sensei jumps, the Brazilian runs along, and a low cross passes the Walkman who kicks toward the goal from the other side and finds Marlon in a slide that pulls her over the goal line. Monza lying under Atalanta’s two goals still showed his limits and Stropba immediately changed only one man in attack, removing Caprari and entering Betania in an attempt to alter the attack method. Instead, he replaced Gasperini Hojlund and inserted Pasalic into the center of the attack. Monza’s coach is touched by about half an hour when he inserts Colpani and Molina. The former becomes the right midfielder by moving Pesina as manager and Rovilla as the left midfielder. However, the trio is very streamlined, with Pessina and Rovella swapping positions quite often. Atalanta continues without shaking, and they do not need to reclaim the victory, which deserves only first place after five rounds of the championship. Gasperini caresses the 13 points and looks at all the others sitting on the top of a chair. The exact opposite of Giovanni Stropba, who is still unable to take anything after five bouts and at least his future remains uncertain.