Motogp motog-podcast pernat talks about bastianini and bagnaia

Enea Director, Episode Guest: “We didn’t like Ducati’s words after the Misano race. He tried to win but Pico was perfect and now Quartararo is scared. Next year, Rigamonti comes in instead of Giribuola”

Paulo Ianieri

It was a day full of great emotions, a Sunday that saw Misano Adriatico, opened by Denis Foggia, and he was fantastic going for his third straight win on the track named Marco Simoncelli in moto3, then going on with a fourth straight win for Francesco Bagnaia. (We are at 6 per season) At the end of a duel in the last meter with Enea Bastianini. These two Ducati are in front of everyone, closely followed by the Aprilia Maverick Vinales and the other red, albeit in yellow and blue, by Luca Marini, reminding us once again of how big Italy is with the bike this season. .

Those words against Ennis

But before that arrival in the race, that call almost on the last lap due to the rather generous braking from Bastianini, who wanted to prepare for the attack on Bagnaia, also raised some tension in Ducati, with .d. From red, Claudio Domenicali, but also DG Corse, Gigi Dall’Igna, who criticized the gambit. “These words did not appeal to Enea or me, because you can implement strategies, but the win is worth 10 liras and second place is 5, and at the end of the season even the global podium is worth the awards – says Carlo Bernat, who runs Bastianini, guest of Paolo Ianieri and Zoran Felicic in the MotoG episode -Podcast -. We’re professionals and finances too. On Sunday I would have preferred to hear happy pronouncements, for a Sunday like this. Then Enea ran home in Gresini’s livery, and there was something romantic about what he was trying to do.”

Bajnaya is a hero

Anyway, Bernat Bagnaia’s race was great: “On Sunday the strongest won. Enea tried, and these fast laps that the two of them took make you realize how strong they are. Pecco wins a lot because he’s strong, he’s got four wins in a row, one more beautiful than the other, what can he do?” Do more, fly to Mars? If people didn’t understand he was a champion, they didn’t understand anything. Anyway, having said that if I were a Ducati, I would strategize that there would always be two riders playing for the world championship, then if I needed to play As a team in two races from the end, you help each other out.” For Bernat, however, “the needle has now moved a lot towards Bagnaia, and now you see Quartaro has a bit of a fear against the Ducati, also because he’s alone. Aragon will be key to him.”

Marquez, back to Australia

Focusing on the return of Marc Marquez (“If I were him in these weeks I would have gone to other tracks and then I would be back racing in Australia. He should take his time, it would be a mistake if he came back to Aragon. But next year with his return it will be a Super Championship” ), applause from Luca Marini (“Finally he’s there too”) and Viñales (“Rivola made the right choice with him, I criticized him but he was right”), Bernat also reveals who will be the new track engineer Bastianini instead of Alberto Giribola, who will go to KTM: “Sometimes you build a bell tower, then you open the church door and the altar escapes from you. If your pajamas went to manage another driver we would have been angry, and instead he would take a good role. He will be replaced by Marco Rigamonti, today with Zarco, who worked in the past with Capirossi and Iannone.”