Mourinho and judging the journalist in the press room after the defeat of Roma

It’s always a defeat, and only one defeat, but it carries a bang from broken glass. The landslide of Rome at the Arena Among the insulting “olé” to the rowdy Udinese fans. It finished 4-0 and perhaps, if referee Maresca had not stopped the destruction for so long, the gap would have been even worse. It is a crude awakening for Jose Mourinho, who So far he has only scored one goal from a free kick Instead, in one night she completely loses stability and surrenders herself to the opponent. The coach looked nervous on the benchindeed, he is warned, but at the final whistle he is not looking for an argument: “We cannot say that we lost to the referee, after this result, even if Maresca did not have a suitable profile for our characteristics. It’s perfect for anyone who plays at home and performs to their own standards, without making a mess. We already knew this when we saw the appointment. In a physical match, with many fouls, he gave the first yellow card to the artist of the evening“. Back to Dybalawhich – that “He was the best on the field, greatBut that was not enough for Rome. “The explanation is simple – Mourinho points out – We threw two goals marked the match. the first and the second. Too bad, because the start was good and Paulo came close to 1-0. Unfortunately, we had the misfortune to make individual mistakes which are collective mistakes for all of us. starting with me».

Mourinho’s omen

He feared a complicated away match, and he talked about it to the players. Also by Maresca: «Udinese is a team that can do everything if it takes the initiative. He defends himself with low mass, begins the counterattack with high quality, wasting time when needed. In addition, he knows how to educate ball boys who at the age of 12 do not return the ball quickly. This thing doesn’t happen to us… They were good tooA controversial paragraph then moves on A reporter from Friuli asks him for an account of the changes chosen for the periodactually not very fruitful: “This is a weak reporter’s question. It’s so easy to talk later, even if maybe I’m the poor guy. I happen to work as a TV commentator, damn how fun it is. But when you sit down on a bench, I assure you that everything is much more difficult».

Mourinho’s optimism after Roma defeat

Having said that, Mourinho prefers to look forward: “I’d rather lose 4-0 once than 1-0 four times. I also told the team that, in fact, now I want to get back to my players who need me. I understand it’s hard for our fans but we’ll start over right away: on Thursday there is a Europa League game and we have 10 points in the league. We can continue our way, we are all in order. And with Udinese we will meet again in Rome.Encouraging news concerns lbrahimcame out with a shoulder problem: “It shouldn’t be something as serious as Zaniolo. I’m not worried about Tammy».

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Roma collapses in Udine: Mourinho 4-0 win

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