MTB, World Cup: In Val di Sole Braidot challenges His Majesty King Schurter

From Friday to Sunday at Daolasa di Commezzadura, the finals with the blue running to win the cup against the ten-time world champion: “This year I found my balance and race after race I’m confident and now I’m here to play for absolute success”

The season can be decorated to be framed on Sunday. From Moses, at the gates of Gorizia to Val di Sol, 330 km away to compete for the World Cup victory in the final round of the season, the round scheduled at Dallassa de Comezadora, in Trentino. It’s the story of 31-year-old Luca Prideut in 2022: from his first two World Cup victories in Linzerheide (in Switzerland on July 10) and Vallnord (Andorra on July 17) along with a snowshoe third place (in the US on July 31). ) July) and the 4th of Mont-Sainte-Anne (in Canada on August 7). But the masterpiece finished him in the World Cup finals. On Sunday at Les Gates, France, Blue won the bronze medal in the Elite Tour behind Switzerland’s Nino Schurter, a 10th time world champion. Medal Braidot has brought to a small group of Italian champions able to climb to the world podium: Hubert Pallhuber (gold in 1997), Luca Bramati (bronze in 1997), Marco Aurelio Fontana (bronze in 2014) and Gerhard Kerschbaumer (silver in 2018). “I am third in the World Cup standings, the overall victory is not impossible but difficult, the first is Nino Schurter who has always been very strong here in Val di Sol,” said Blue on the eve of the weekend in Val di Sol.

One step away from a dream

To win the Val di Sole, Sunday 4th September you will need great legs but also a proper position on the starting grid which will be determined by Short Track tomorrow afternoon (6.15pm). In addition to the valuable points valid for the Cross Country Ranking, there is also the first Specialized World Cup at stake. The two days marked a new turning point for Luca Pradot. “This year I changed a lot of things in my approach to competitions, preparation and I started being followed up by my nutritionist and mental trainer. I found my balance and became confident race after race.”


The 31-year-old from Gorizia arrives for the rendezvous in Val di Sole after bids escalated at the World Cup. “At Lenzerheide I almost won by surprise. They touched the head and I found myself winning without realizing it. It was different for the second victory in Andorra. I worked on the heights, had a different awareness and raced from the start to try to win and it worked.” In total, more than 800 athletes will participate in the weekend between Short Track, Cross Country, Downhill and Four-Cross, coming from more than 50 countries on 5 continents. “I love the road. Part one is slow and hard at altitude, part two leading up to the end is fast. Tricky track to explain and I like it, but here I have had ups and downs with years I did well and years I finished the exam poorly. I find it hard to manage Myself is in Val di Sol but this season is almost magical for me and I hope it will be like this on Sunday as well.”