“My mythical reason is inappropriate behavior.”

professionals | 09/09/2022 | 22:07

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He let a few days pass to heal the wounds of the body but even more of the wounds of the soul and then he pulled out what was oppressing his chest. Primus Roglic attacks Fred Wright frankly He accuses him of causing his downfall in the Vuelta.

The three-time winner of the Vuelta a España reported being “a little bit better” this morning, but didn’t want to say if he would be able to continue the season. “I can walk a bit and at the moment I am happy with it. After the accident, it took some time to sort things out. I asked myself: How did this happen? My conclusion is that the way this accident happened is unacceptable. Not everyone saw it properly. It was not the cause of the accident It is bad choice or lack of security but because of hostile behaviour. I don’t have eyes on my back, otherwise I would have stretched. Wright came from behind and the handlebars got out of hand before I knew it».

e In the article published on Jumbo Visma “It’s not good,” Roglic continues. “It shouldn’t have happened. There are people who go on fasting as if nothing had happened, for me, this is not true. This is not how I want the sport to continue and I want to make it clear.”

Then add Jumbo Visma Richard Plug’s interventionCEO of Jumbo-Visma and currently AIGCP Head on Safety: The Dutch director was at Aigle last week to talk about safety: Plugge co-founded the Safety Working Group, set up after the horrific accident in Poland that involved Fabio Jacobsen and Dylan Groenwegen .

Belge explains: “Various racing accidents have been researched. They have been mapped into a database. The causes have been categorized. We are right to talk about dangerous points on a cycle, such as Burgos bumps. However, research shows that cycling is the behavior of cyclists that is responsible. In about half the cases. Don’t brake, you push, for example. I would say to passengers: Brake and use your brain. This requires a change in behavior, guided by awareness and coherent judgment. Shortly afterwards, the accident occurred in Poland, something similar happened in Milan. “Sanremo finished third and fourth. Fortunately it ended well, but this behavior was not punished, and we have to face it well.”

Beljej continues: “Ten years ago, the older riders sounded the alarm because the younger ones showed less respect, took irresponsible risks and fought their way through everything. Young people in the past are older today, but we still hear the same discussion, even if we are a next generation. This needs to change. I am happy that Primus is speaking and looking in the mirror and questioning the riders’ behaviour.”

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