Naples and Liverpool, a dangerous city? Reply to Salvatore Esposito

Salvatore Eposito responds to Liverpool

Salvatore Espositothe Neapolitan actor known for playing the character Jenny in the TV series Gomorra, posted a tweet in response to warnings of Liverpool For their fans during the Champions League match between Napoli and the Reds.

Controversy over the Napoli-Liverpool match

In light of the match held in Diego Armando Maradona Stadium in Naples, the British company had suggested to supporters of the British to adopt a series of guidelines to avoid unpleasant accidents in the capital, Campania. These notices sparked various controversies on the network, as they are considered harmful to the city and the Neapolitan citizens.

Aye fans From Liverpool FC the club recommended staying in their hotels to eat and drink, and strongly advised them not to wear the club’s social-coloured shirts or scarves so that they would not be recognized.

One of the tweets, in particular, sparked a lot of controversy: the one in which Liverpool advised fans not to gather in public places in the city, and called on them to avoid self-isolating. at the same tweetFor fans who were planning to visit the city, the English club advised caution as they could be “targeted for robbery, robbery or assault”.

Liverpool’s notifications to fans who flew to Napoli to attend the match were in effect for the first day of the group stage. Champions League They have generated the most mixed reactions on social networks and have been heavily criticized.

Napoli – Liverpool, Salvatore Esposito’s answer

Salvatore Esposito’s reaction was one of the most well-received by network members. Without wanting to provoke further controversy, the representative Gomora TV series I decided to respond calmly, advising Liverpool fans to enjoy the trip to Naples and eat a lot of pizza in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Always Napoli fanSalvatore Esposito made no secret of his faith in blue. When he is not busy on the set, the actor is often invited to various TV shows dedicated to football, where he comments with great irony on the events of his favorite team, Napoli.

Salvatore Esposito wrote on his official profile: “Liverpool fans, we highly recommend you to eat plenty of pizza and enjoy in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.” Twitter. The publication was received with great enthusiasm by users of the social network, buying likes and shares.

For the record, the match played on Wednesday 7 September 2022 saw Napoli’s victory over Liverpool. Men led by Luciano Spallettione of the The highest paid coaches in the Italian leaguea harsh lesson for European runner-up Jurgen Klopp, with a 4-1 victory.

The dance was scheduled to open Zelensky Who about the penalty kick. Later, the Napolitans had the opportunity to double again from eleven metres, but Usimin missed the penalty. The double brought in Anguisa’s signature, while it was Simeone who signed the trio in the first half. In the second half, Zelensky signed his personal double, before the goal scored by Colombian Luis Diaz.