Naples Spezia: Spalletti Conference

Naples: Spalletti Conference

“Napoli-Spezia is like Napoli and Liverpool, wrong? No, he’s right. On the contrary, he shows us what the goal should be. Beyond the name of the opponent. Knowing how to win a race, albeit prestigious, means doing things well for 100 minutes because they are now They last 100 minutes, but to write important pages and have ambitions for fourth place, ambition in our championship, means doing things well along the way. That’s what makes the difference.”

They are handsome

“I stick to the official note, sorry, but this is something that can happen and put into the budget, we have equally strong elements to replace it. For the role of Simeone or Raspadori … He will be one of them, to be more precise we have to wait tomorrow. This is how it works in Close matches you have to take your time, but both are good.”

So Guti

“I respect him, I know him very well, I know how he prepares for matches, I know the football he plays, we have already seen him, he has done well all around. If you analyze the last few matches, you can see that he is good at creating intensity on the human, To start strong on the counterattack with these two complete teams that always create difficulties. I don’t know what he will organize, but we should know that what happened last year is something that can happen again if we are not perfect. I hit the game, but there is one chance Enough, and therefore we shouldn’t even give him a chance, we have to be perfect. It’s 3 equal key points, like when we play with a famous team. They are ambitious and we have to get past the opportunism of a confrontation with the lights.”

on the model

“For those we have, the premise is to play 4-2-3-1 even if Zelensky or Elmas play 4-3-3 even if Raspadori and Simeone are there, we go from there, attacking midfielder Raspadori can do behind the striker. , the one who starts as a midfielder and ends up behind the striker and attacks the defense with Osimhen, he doesn’t change much. Ndombele has done both roles, you can ask him about the two. The best, he is inside the group, he jokes and does everything the others do, and he accepts decisions with pleasure. , and it shows now and then the quality of plays, and pockets because it’s often looking ahead and not very close.”

Ali Zerbin and Gaetano

“Gaetano is also one of those noodles out there. They did a very good job where they played, they have the eyes of the best players in the market. They asked to keep them we decided to keep them. The transition is tough, he always trains well with availability, but at this age it can be easy if You could have taken advantage of those possibilities. Zerbin did well when he came in, he’s strong and jogging. Gaetano has extraordinary quality, and he’ll be comfortable too. Now he has to bite the brakes, but he knows how to do it.”

Sue Zelensky

“He, Lubotka and Anguise played a great match, the midfield should manage 70/80% of the playing positions. They were excellent at recovering the ball and the quality of dribbling. I had little doubts about Zelensky, the player is easily recognizable because of the qualities he possesses, and what We said in retirement he did well, that we were going to organize him a different turn, 10m behind and without playing from behind.He imagines himself differently, but in the end it’s the same because he still catches the ball with him, but that way he has more range of movement here.He has this Input, this long term continuous and then it is someone who has a certain confidence in the door.”

Penalty kicks

There is also Zelensky, and not only him. We have 3 or 4 hit them. I can intervene, but if they agree on themselves that would be better. The second was picked up by Osimhen. He was convinced, she must be left alone, and it becomes difficult to take that punishment away from him. In the past he kicked them and also scored goals. Raspadori and Simeone know how to beat them very well“.

So Sirigo

“A great personality in football and the dressing room, as well as being a top-notch goalkeeper. A voice and character who knows football. It wouldn’t be hard to draw on his qualities, but so far you told me I was confusing (laughs, editor). Let’s leave Alex alone. Also, if he’s not, he thinks he’s not really the owner yet.”