Napoli – Liverpool 4-1, Zielinski Super in the Champions

Three to zero at the end of the first half (Zelensky, Anguise and Simeone), with Osimhen penalty saved by Alisson. The second half again, Zielinski closes Diaz

A magical and unforgettable evening for Maradona fans: four against one and Liverpool sent home after Napoli dropped a poker game from one that will remain in the history of the Blue Club in Furigrotta Park. A victory, is Spalletti’s victory and signed by Zielinski (prop author and Anguissa assist) which attests to the value of the blue team, who has also shown to have a level spare (first and foremost, Simeone, Moment 3-0 author).

The start of the race

The ‘champions’ shriek was missing at San Paolo from February 2020 and you must have already heard Anfield – as Spalletti predicted – because the Reds at first seemed so distracted that after 44 ‘a stunned Osimhen’ firing Di Lorenzo bypassed host Alisson’s defense and then hit the post. From a tight angle. At 4′ Kvaratskeleia took Alexander-Arnold from behind and offered Zelensky a chocolate to unwrap: a Poles shot topped Milner’s hand in the center of the area. Zelensky transformed himself safely sending the audience into rapture.

Zillow paints

Spalletti, who replaced Mario Rui – one of the victims of gastroenteritis – with Oliveira, often managed to bypass Klopp’s midfield, in which Captain Milner appeared with difficulty, especially in the presence of Anguisa. Only the Cameroonian in the 15th minute caught Osimhen in a confrontation with Van Dijk, and the Nigerian quickly overcame his opponent and fell clearly (even if del Cerro Grande needed the support of Var) but hit the penalty kick with a half height. Which Alisson rejected, Napoli was denied 2-0 at that point. Slowly Liverpool tried to get back to the top (starting with a toxic free kick put in by Alexander-Arnold in a corner kick by Meret) but behind Gomez often broke through, and in 28 minutes Osimhen practically sent into the goal that sent Kvaratskhelia well, which was his first touch. Doubled by Van Dyck practically on the line.

two and three

Then Gomez also launched a counter-attack to double down: Kvaratskhelia burned him and found Anguisa in a tug of war: one – two sexy with Zelensky helping the former Fulham kiss beat Alisson. Salah, dangerous only in half an hour, struggled and, ironically, Liverpool witnessed in parts of Merritt with Van Dijk (the good blue goalkeeper with the visiting defender’s head) and with baby Elliot, a bit of a default before their ‘period. Substituting in the 42nd minute for Osimén (the close-up issue) with Simeone seemed to be a negative omen but not three minutes later Choleto made three of a kind after a thrilling play by the duo Anguisa Kvaratskhelia (with the Georgian author of an amazing double dribble).

all in four

It wasn’t until two minutes into the second half and Zielinski dropped Poker: Anguissa for Simeone behind the quarterbacks, and a assist for the pole who in two attempts outperformed Allison in a character double. Luis Dias allowed Liverpool to raise their heads a bit as Napoli fell mentally and so the 4-1 goal came thanks to half the uncertainty from Di Lorenzo. Then Dias himself put Merritt and his co-workers on the whip, before Lozano made Napoli breathe a bit in the latter part of the match when he pushed Liverpool in search of a ring that could scare away 50,000 Furigrotta. On the other hand, Kim and his teammates held out until the end of the four minutes of stoppage time and came home with a success worth more than the three points that led Napoli to the top of the group with Ajax.