Napoli Liverpool Youth Club, follow the live match

Napoli youth club Liverpool

95′ – The end of the Azurini match against Liverpool 1-2

89′ – last changes to Liverpool: Out your medicine (Best of the Match) and enter number 15 Mclaughlin-Miles.

86′ – a new opportunity for Naples: Spavone accommodates mine Which is still very dangerous on the right exit and crosses in the middle Bisky. But the blue striker failed to put the ball into the net.

80′ – a great opportunity for Naples that touched Necktie Deceive from Pascual: Excellent work mine On the right wing who crosses and finds the head of the number 11 who finds great opposition to Davis. De Pasqual then found the ball at his feet in the rebound but failed to deposit it into the net.

71′ – Two more changes to Naples: Davino and Guilli exit, Barba and Acampa enter

68′ – double change for Naples and change Liverpool: The Azoreans replace Iaccarino and Rosso, and they are replaced by Spafon and Lytira. The Reds replace Kannier with Kumas.

67′ – Feature again Liverpool: irrepressible your medicine Piercing on the right, Giannini jumps, and lays comfortably in the middle canonner Supports on the network.

62′ – Still in attack NaplesBank Jewels for every Rousseau that comes off the edge.

59 – Gooooool del Napoli: Gennaro I love you He converts the penalty and signs 1-1.

58 ′ – Penalty kick for Napoli!

58′ – a great opportunity for Bisky: Served with a long pass bypassing the opponent’s defense, head-on with a goalkeeper Liverpool Which deviates in the corner after the right of crossing. from the corner cross Rousseauhead mine But the ball that ends high. The first signs of awakening on Naples by Nicol snow wolves.

55′ – A good potential chance for Napoli: Bisky It creates an excellent opportunity but fails to override or close the opportunity.

The second time started!

45′ – Referee Karadesier is given 4 minutes to recover.

36 ‘- Another chance for Liverpool: bad He does an excellent job on the counterattack, gets to the penalty area but his right ends up high.

29′ – Napoli substitution: exit from donnaReturning from a long injury and entering Lamine Gningue.

28 ′ – Liverpool’s advantage! English attacking wing your medicine He frees himself well in the midfield from the blue marks, reaches the penalty area undisturbed and places his right hand diagonally behind Toure.

20′ – A new chance for Liverpool: your medicine He enters the area and tries to harm the Azuri, but his direction has been immediately banned since 2005 Davino. Corner kick but there is no problem for Napoli to develop steady football.

10 ′ – Great opportunity for Liverpool! Cannonier is sent in the area and right-kicked with a sure shot, Tori’s madman saves with his right foot to deny the Reds an edge.

5′ – Good chance for Napoli with Pesce firing in the rear, Quansah closes with a shoulder considered a regular.

1′ – The match started, and Liverpool beat Liverpool.

first half

Teams in the field to warm up. The match is scheduled to start at two in the afternoon.


Naples (3-4-2-1): Toure; Pontillo, Nosegbe, D’Avino; Di Donna, Iacarini; Jewels, Giannini; de Pasquale, Rousseau; fish.
Available: Bovelli, Barba, Lamin, Acampa, Litra, Spafon, Maranzino. Coach: Frostalupi.

Liverpool (3-5-2): Davies. Mabaya, Kwansah, Chambers; Diack, Jonas, Cornice, McConnell, Connie Doherty; Frauendorf, Cannonier.
Decision: Hewittson, Comas, Onanoga, McLaughlin-Miles, Young, Osborne, Bennington. Allergens: Lewtas.

Napoli and Liverpool youth league squads

Napoli youth club Liverpool

Good morning, dear readers Space Napolis And welcome to the live text Napoli – LiverpoolThe first day of the group stage Youth League. azzurrini returned to play this competition three years after the last time. On that occasion the Neapolitans They drew 0-0 against Genk.

Even challenges in the youth league are not new between Napoli and Liverpool, as they have already met twice: while the Azzurri played their home matches at the Gianello Stadium in Fratamamaggiore and drew 1-1. But in Liverpool, Napoli suffered resounding defeats (5-0 and 7-0, editor).

Youth League, Players List

The rules of competition are expected Employing 20 players, of whom 14 have at least two years of fighting in the club. The same goes for Exceed Class of 2003: to be called They must have at least two years of fighting in the team. the reason Obaritain and Sahli cannot be used in the Youth League.

Until the new purchase leonardo russian، Because of the regulation that rewards the products grown in their youth sector, it does not appear in the List of those who have been summoned by Mr. snow wolves.

From our correspondent at the Arena Piccolo in Circola: Pasquale Giacometti.