Napoli – Spezia 1-0, Rasbadori sends Spalletti to the top in the 89th minute

A goal from the former Sassuolo takes the chestnuts out of the fire for the coach. Atalanta Temporarily Bypassed

In the sixth round of the Italian Serie A, Napoli defeats Spezia 1-0 at the extreme and temporarily beats Atalanta at the topOn Sundays, she works with Cremonese. Spalletti’s powerful spin does not reward the Azzurri in the first half, dangerous with only Kvaratskhelia. In the second half, the pressure increases and when it looks like 0-0 in the safe at 89 minutes comes a claw raspaduri With a shot in the corner. In the end, they were expelled Spalletti.

the match
After Lecce, once again, the high turnover risks costing Napoli dearly, as he saved them in the final with Raspadori’s first goal in the blue jersey. Three sweaty points, worthy at the end, completing a week to be framed, which started with the win in the Olympique over Lazio, continued with the football lesson in Liverpool and ended with a less exciting performance but it was enough to achieve. At least for a moment at the top of the rankings. Today’s race once again confirmed how Napoli can’t do without key players like Lobotka and Zelensky who have given the team another step. La Spezia rocked the dream of snatching a punch from Maradona for nearly 90 minutes, but in the second half suffered a lot of pressure from the Azzurri as Drajowski’s goal became a goal practice.

Spalletti has a great turnover rate after the feat against Liverpool: in Juan Jesus, Mario Rui, Ndombele, Elmas, Politano and Rasbadori, who won the poll with Simeone. In the pits Osimene and Diem. Two changes for Guti compared to the team that drew with Bologna: In the first defensive appearance of newcomer Ampadu, in the midfield he favors Agudlu over Kovalenko. The plot of the match was clear from the start, with Napoli playing the match and Spezia defending himself and trying to unnerve his rivals by restarting. Kvaratskhelia, awarded by Lega Serie A as the player of the year in August, is the most active and in the first quarter of the hour scares Dragowski twice: at 6′ the Georgian frees himself with a double tunnel from Ampadu and Holm but his conclusion is answered by Nikolaou in the 15th minute his shot is rejected Low by the Polish goalkeeper. The Ligurians defend themselves with the regime, but they never manage to leave. At 29′ Juan Jesus blocks the way down, it is much more dangerous at 41′ Jeyassi, which forces Merritt to take cover in the corner.

Spalletti leaves the fleeting Ndombele in the locker room and inserts Lobotka. The Slovakian immediately gave order and dynamism to the midfield and with Zielinski entering an hour before the game in place of Anguisa, Napoli changed their fixtures once and for all and attacked La Spezia’s goal. Always careful, the Kiwior seems to be an impassable wall, and lacks a bit of subtlety up front. The Ligurians rarely leave their half, but they never pass in the 72nd minute: Mario Roy’s back pass from Merritt’s header is short, Keuyure fit between the two, but Rahmani breaks up close to the line. The visitors wall resists until the 89th minute: newly entered Gaetano shoots a shot into the area that Simeone hits, but behind him Rasbadori does not make any mistake and finds the winning corner. Maradona celebrates and has every reason: At this rate, the tournament is destined not to remain a simple dream.

report cards
Raspaduri 7
– Under difficulty throughout the match, also because he is not the first striker, he has the advantage of finding the winning match in the final and giving Napoli three golden points.
Kvaratskhelia 6,5 – In the first half he tested his qualities and he is the player who tries it with the greatest conviction. It falls in the second half and is directed by Spalletti to enter Simeone.
Lobotka 6.5 Entering the field brings order to the team. Bravo both in the recovery phase and in preparation. At the moment it is irreplaceable.

Qiuure 7 – After a season in the midfield with Thiago Motta, Guti brought him back to the defense and the Polish confirms that he is a defender. In his never-passing parts, he even touches the target in hesitation between Mario Roy and Merritt
Dragovsky 6,5 – The Polish goalkeeper takes the loaf home, fails every attempt until 89 minutes when Raspadori can do nothing.
Embad 5.5 – The first season of the ex-Venice who immediately faces a complex opponent such as Kvaratskhelia. In the first half, the dynamism of the Georgian was affected and his performance improved in the second half.

Napoli Spezia 1-0
Naples (4-3-3)
: Merit 6; Di Lorenzo 6, Rahmani 6.5, John Jesus 6, Mario Roy 5.5; Anguissa 5.5 (12′ st Zielinski 6.5), Ndombele 5 (1′ st Lobotka 6.5), Elmas 5.5 (30′ st Gaetano 6); Politano 6 (17′ st Lozano 5.5), Raspadori 7, Kvaratskhelia 6.5 (22′ st Simeon 5.5). dis.: Marvella, Sirigo, Kim, Oliveira, Ostegaard, Zanoli, Zerbin. everybody.: Spalletti 6
Spice (3-5-2): Dragovsky 6.5; Ampadu 5.5 (25′ Hristov Street 6), Keuyure 7, Nicolau 6; Holm 6, Agudelo 6.5 (36′ st Sala sv), Bouurabia 6 (25′ st Ellertsson 6), Bastoni 5.5 (17′ st Kovalenko 5.5), Reca 5.5; 5.5 petrol, 5 wheels. dis.: Zoet, Zovko, Caldara, Sher, Strelic, Beck, Sanka. everybody.: GUTI 6
Rule: Santoro
Signs: 44′ Raspadori Street (North)
ammonite: Gyasi (S), Elmas (N), Dragowski (S)
NB: Spalletti (n) was booked in the 38th minute for protest, then sent off in the 91st minute

Napoli have gone unbeaten in their first six Serie A matches this season for the sixth time in the last 11 leagues, having always lost at least one game in all of the previous 12 seasons in the competition.
Giacomo Raspadori made six shots against Spezia: only against Lazio in December 2021 (eight) tried more in one Serie A match.
Giacomo Raspadori has become Napoli’s eighth different scorer in the current Serie A: no opponent is more important (Inter are eight too).
Six of the 19 goals (32%) scored by Giacomo Raspadori in Serie A have come against Liguria teams: three against Spezia and many against Genoa: no other opponent has scored in the extreme tournament.
Napoli have won six clean sheets in their last nine Serie A matches: a period record in Serie A (since last May) – five times in Milan and Rome.
Napoli won a home match against Spezia for the first time in Serie A, having lost both of their previous matches in the competition.
14 of the last 15 times Napoli have scored at least 28 shots in a Serie A match have been in home matches (two of the last three were against Spezia).
Spezia has not found a goal in three consecutive away matches for the first time in Serie A.