New Canyon Ultimate 2023: Details and first impressions

In the post-Covid era, September seems to be launch month again and today is the time New Canyon Ultimate 2023This is the German brand’s most versatile and lightest bike.

The fifth generation of Ultimate, introduced for First time in 2004In fact, it’s not new anymore, since some pros have been using it since the start of the season. We’ve already seen it in Dauphinethen to Tor and Vuelta.
According to Canyon technicians, professionals played an important role in the realization of the final product, which thanks to their feedback has undergone some small changes compared to the initial project.

As you can see from the pictures, it is Evolution, not revolutionwith updates made in order to have a more modern and very well-balanced bike.
We had the opportunity to try it out for two days during the press camp organized at the end of August in France. In the video below we show you the main news and first sensations in the saddle.

The bike you see in the video is CFR stealth version Mounted on Dura Ace and DT Swiss Mon Chaseral wheels, this is the lightest.
On the other hand, the model in the pictures is the other best model in the range, which is CFR . cold crystal With Sram/Zipp components.

New Canyon Ultimate 2023: Main news

At first glance, the new Canyon Ultimate line isn’t much different from the previous one, but there’s still some big news.
The stated goal of the Valley Technicians was to obtain Very well balanced averageSuitable for any racing situation, without forcing your hand too much in a particular direction.

Here is a summary of the main news:

  • New tube shapes for improved rigidity and aerodynamics
  • New seat post and repositioned clamping system
  • Integrated cable routing, also thanks to the use of the cockpit CP0018
  • Improved comfort thanks to more abundant wheel traverse
  • 8 sizes, with progressive geometric shapes
New Canyon Ultimate 2023
In this picture you can clearly see how the tubes are more squared and with a truncated tail

Always light, but more aerodynamic

Lightness remains the backbone of the Ultimate, even if it isn’t taken to an extreme.
The CFR chassis (Most Valuable Edition) for example, weighs a little more than the previous model, but this allowed us to improve Stiffness and aerodynamics. In fact, the stiffness/weight ratio has been improved and only in the Canyon front axle area announces 15% higher stiffness.

The weight of the CFR Stealth tire, in size M, is 730 g The cold crystal color rises to 760 grams due to the weight of the coating.
Weighs CF SLX frame, also size M, painted 846 grams that CF SL 1.062 grams
The painted CFR fork has a declared weight of 320 gramsthis SLX from 350 gr.

Canyon explicitly explained that he added an additional 30 grams of carbon fiber at the most sensitive points, not only to increase stiffness, but above all Longevity and resistance in the event of impact.

New Canyon Ultimate 2023

New Canyon Ultimate 2023

The overall appearance of the bike has not changed, but almost all tubes have different shapes and shapes and are more generous square off. You can see it very well from the image below, which shows the evolution of some key points of the frame.

New formations allowed for an extension 10W aerodynamic gain at 45 km/h. Nothing exceptional, but still important when it comes to a car dedicated to the Pro, and that doesn’t make the aerodynamics its main advantage.

improved comfort

Comfort is not the aspect that professionals pay the most attention to, but it becomes paramount over long distances, especially if the same tire is for sale. Hence for use by enthusiasts.

The most significant improvement in this sense is attributed to increased wheel passing, Allowing tires to be accommodated up to 700 x 32, As per user needs.
All CF SLX and CFR models, as well as the CF SL8 Aero, are delivered with a different set of tires: 25 mm in the front and 28 mm in the rear, in an effort to find a compromise between aerodynamics, lightness and comfort.
On the other hand, other CF SL models are offered with 28mm tires front and rear.

In terms of comfort, it also plays an important role seat functionwhich can greatly absorb the roughness of the ground.
It’s a good idea to do some digging into this component, because there are differences between a CFR platform and others, even if the profile is always D-shaped.
On the CFR we find a straight seat post, designed for maximum lightness and to meet the needs of the Pro, who increasingly need a lot of pedaling. above the lower arch. The weight of the seat post mounted on CFR tires is 70 gr.
In the CF SLX and SL, on the other hand, we find a seat post with 20mm rebound, capable of flexing more and accommodating a less aggressive riding position. The weight in this case rises to 110 grams

On the left, the seatpost is installed on the SLX and SL, on the right from the CFR

Obviously, both are available for aftermarket purchase, so you can customize your bike setup.

New Canyon Ultimate 2023
In addition to the seat post, the installation position has also been modified, which is now located in the front and is no longer behind the seat post

Aeroad steering wheel and more integration

Full wiring integration is now a must for all high-end bikes, not just aero bikes.
The “old” Ultimate was a bit behind in that sense and with the new Canyon version it ran for cover.
Internal cable routing offers small advantages in terms of aerodynamics, but the main thing to gain is aesthetics.

Full integration is done thanks to the use of The cockpit of the Carbonio CP0018this is the thing (often discussed) that has already been seen on Irwad.
After the troubles that followed stopping in the race on Van der Poel’s bike, the question is now resolved: the handlebars weigh around 30g, but are more powerful (we talked about) Who is the).

The interesting aspect of the CP0018 handlebar is that it allows you to Change the width by 2 cm for each part without having to change the method.
Moreover, from Height change by 1.5 cm without having to see the fork stem.
To better understand how it works, take a look at the photos and videos below.
Along with the new Ultimate Canyon, a specific computer stand was also introduced, 3D-printed, weighing just 17 grams.

Eight sizes with progressive geometry

The geometry of the Canyon Ultimate 2023 has been slightly modified compared to the previous model and now They are (almost) identical to the Aeroad. Not quite identical, as we said wrongly in the video.

The setup is racing, but it’s not very robust. It should be noted that for the first time in the Canyon house Rear struts length varies by size This of course allows for more advanced and balanced geometries as well as similar behavior in every size.

The measurements are good 8from 3XS to 2XL It’s fair to note that there aren’t many brands that offer such a wide range of options.
Speaking of sizes, since Canyon only sells online, it seems important for us to remember that Engineering development is a bit different Compared to most competitors: Valley sizes wear a lot, so before ordering, analyze them carefully.

First impressions in the saddle

I had the chance to try out the new Canyon Ultimate for a few outings on the Côte d’Azur. To be clear, the classic Paris-Nice final stage streets.

I rode on one Size is L, maybe a little big for me (I am 183 cm tall and I am 77.5 cm tall.) If I had to buy it in all likelihood, I would direct myself to M.
The setup was the lightest, the one with Shimano Dura Ace and DT Swiss Mon Chaseral wheels, low profile and 18mm inner channel.
Weight without pedals is measured at just over 6.2 kg. With two bottle cages, a Garmin holder and pedals, we reach for it 6.7 kg.

New Canyon Ultimate 2023

Bike used for testing: Ultimate CFR Di2 with DT Swiss Mon Chaseral carbon wheels and Selle Italia C59 carbon saddle

The bike is actually well balanced and more balanced than the previous model.
Climbing remains the terrain of choice, especially when it comes to restart the movement standing on the pedals, When it looks like it’s running away from under your ass. Ease of acceleration which can also be appreciated in the apartment. In short, the stiffness/weight ratio makes the difference…

The first impression is that it is More comfortable and easier to drive (Maybe thanks to a stiffer front end), even if the standard wheels and tires, in my opinion, don’t help in that sense.
Let me explain: The very light wheels with a relatively narrow canal by current standards, combined with inner tube tires, enhance agility, handling and responsiveness, but sacrifice something in terms of comfort and stability. In short, they are the best choice for the Pro’ and advanced agonist, not for the average user.
On the other hand, here we are talking about an “extreme” assembly, dedicated to maximum lightness, but the settings to choose from are many more.

I can already anticipate that the bike will be the subject of a long-term test in which I will try to make some changes to the starting setup. We’ll talk about that in a few weeks.

Overall, regardless of the incremental differences, I can confirm that the new Ultimate performs as Canyon had hoped: it’s light, but very well balanced.
A good bike to enjoy on any terrain, whether in competition or in training.

New Canyon Ultimate 2023

New Canyon Ultimate 2023

Equipment and prices

The new Canyon Ultimate 2023 is available in the usual three platforms CFR, CF SLX and CF SL. The difference lies in the quality and lamination of the fibers which affects the weight (we talked about it in depth in This article).

In total, there are 11 models available, with a price range ranging from 2,699 € From Ultimate CF SL7 ai 10.999 € From the Ultimate CFR Etap.
The best model for the quality / price ratio? Take a look at the CF SLX 8 Di2…

Here you can find Equipment and prices in detail.

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