New stadium in Milan, Sala: “San Siro? Maintenance costs a lot”

“Even the committees did not give an idea to manage two stadiums. Demolitions? As a result of reducing the sizes,” the mayor of Milan said at a state university meeting. Antonello: “Renewing the infrastructure is necessary”

Milan Mayor Giuseppe Sala takes care of this issue and speaks clearly to his compatriots during a meeting at the State University. The topic, of course, is the city’s new stadium, especially after rumors spread that Milan and Inter wanted to demolish Giuseppe Meazza. The mayor explained that the choice of clubs is due to the municipality’s request to reduce the size of the project: “The teams replied that they should use the space now occupied by the stadium. This is what the clubs are proposing and this is also why. It is important. to discuss it.”

the point

Now it’s time for public debate and for this Sala leaves the possibilities open: “Let’s see what comes out. Let’s let the city debate, I understand that the project makes sense for the teams. I say to all those who defend San Siro: what do we do with it?”. Words that are straightforward, but illustrate the problem that would arise in the municipality in the event of a dual system: “Even the committees defending San Siro did not come up with an idea to run two stadiums – he added -. From here my point of view I think it will be an economic burden, unless someone steps forward during the discussion public to say, “We manage and rent it for a number of years.” It is still a long process, but at this point Giuseppe Meazza’s life seems short, except for new turning points that cannot be foreseen at the moment. The ball is in public debate.

in between

Meanwhile, the CEO of Inter, Alessandro Antonello, spoke of the MilanoParigiCapitali 2022 review: “The clubs presented a plan three years ago, and today we have resubmitted the feasibility file to the Milan municipality while reducing the volumes to follow up on the indications given to us by the management at that time.” A question not limited to the stadium: “We are not only building a stadium project, but also a multi-purpose center of attraction that the city of Milan should benefit from. It will be a very environmentally sustainable project, with the latest technology. The developments that can make us available.” According to Antonello, this is the ideal way to take the clubs to a more advanced level: “In the absence of new infrastructures and stadiums, it is unlikely that Inter, Milan and Italian football will return to competition at high levels. The stadium can guarantee additional revenue thanks to the additional services that would You push the club to invest more than the team. There will be a public debate, after which the board will express its opinion and hopefully proceed with the drafting of the executive project, before starting the works. Unfortunately, the average age of Italian stadiums is between 60 and 70 years, so it is necessary Proceed with the renovation of the infrastructure.